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Okanagan Region (B.C.)

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Agriculture today : [items and out-takes]

The sub-sub-series consists of stories or items (and out-takes from items) dealing with various aspects of agriculture in BC, produced for television broadcast. Topics include: cattle, chinchilla raising, diseases of plants, fruit-growing, fruit ...

Agriculture today : [items and out-takes]

Television items. 1. Orchard views; apples; young tree trunk protected with wire mesh. 2. Winter landscape; creek, irrigation works; building a pipeline. Oyama Irrigation District. 3. Apple orchard; workers picking apples. 4. Harvesting grapes. 5...

Agriculture today : [items and out-takes]

Television items. Apples -- peeling and handling machinery, test-baking, canning. Home-preserving pears and green beans. Ripening green tomatoes. Irrigation system with sprinklers. Dammed lake, irrigation works (dam, canal, flumes, etc.) of Bla...

Agriculture today : [items and out-takes]

Television items. Picking apples; filling bins; bins to fruit processing plant. Apple juice production: floating, selecting, pulping, pressing, treatment, concentrating juice. Peeling and coring of apples; slicing; making apple sauce. Pressing ...

Agriculture today : [items and out-takes]

Television items. A man tells his retirement story and talks about his gardening and horticultural activities. Works on growing smaller fruit trees. No insecticides used. Grass growing in the orchard. His role in regaining U.S. market for B.C. ...

Anita Morgan interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1965-05-25 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mrs. Anita Morgan discusses life in the Summerland area, 1903 to 1914. She describes how she came to the Okanagan with her family in 1903; her first impressions; other early families at ...

Apple valley

Promotional film. The apple industry of the Okanagan Valley. Includes valley scenery; orchard cultivation and irrigation; pruning and spraying; blossom time; harvesting, sorting, packing and shipping of apples.

Bountiful Okanagan : [four parts]

Documentary. Part 1: Okanagan Fruit-Growing: fruit and vegetable growing -- irrigation, harvesting, packing and delivery, plus valley scenes. Part 2: Okanagan Livestock: cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, sheep; dairy products; Okanagan Valley Co-...

Desert garden

Documentary. "Before the installation of irrigation systems in the Okanagan Valley, the hillsides were a virtual desert. With the arrival of a steady water supply, however, the valley has been turned into a lush garden of orchards. The frui...

Ellison family correspondence and other papers

Price Ellison correspondence outward (1903); indentures and certificates re apprenticeship and marriage; letters to Mrs. Ellison from her sons serving overseas during World War I; miscellaneous correspondence and notes by various members of the fa...

Ellison (family)

Fifty million horses

Educational. An analysis of the Columbia River system in both Canada and the USA, with emphasis on hydro-electric power development and the reclamation of arid land in the Columbia Basin. Includes a mini-educational segment on forest fires and wat...

Government Information Service public information film and videos

  • GR-3435
  • Series
  • 1980-1986

The series consists of film and videos of government documentaries, television advertisements, and other promotional material from the period of 1980 to 1986. The Ministry of Government Services' Government Information Services (GIS) was the ...

British Columbia. Government Information Services

Growing Canadian apples

Instructional film. "Part One deals with the initial stages of growing and training an apple tree, and shows the steps taken from cross-pollination to seed selection and on to budding, pruning and top working. Part Two begins with bridge gra...

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