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[Herring harvest]

Footage. Footage from an unidentified film. Includes views of Vancouver [and North Vancouver?] from the harbour; many scenes of herring fleet under way; shots of and on board various herring boats (including "Norcrown", "Irana"...

No barriers : [out-takes]

Out-takes. The geographical barriers that once hindered progress in Canada, and the surmounting of those barriers by air travel. Filmed all across Canada (including Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto and Uranium City), with staged sequences on the ...

Miners with green thumbs : [out-takes]

Out-takes. "Current and projected activities in the field of pollution control and land reclamation . . . a factual presentation of the mining industry's concern for the environment and the methods it adopts to prevent pollution and to ...

[Mining Association of British Columbia : miscellany]

Footage. A selection of miscellaneous footage from various films produced by Parry for the Mining Association and some of its member companies. Includes footage of Boyles Brothers (manufacture of diamond drills); BC Research labs; Cominco labs and...

The Powell River story

Industrial film. The cultivation and harvesting of pulpwood, and the manufacture of paper at the world's largest newsprint plant. Includes new developments such as the self-dumping log barge and high-speed chipper.

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