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The checker

Training film. Introduces forest service reforestation methods, and demonstrates safe procedures, correct clothing, tools, tree stock, etc., for tree planting crews in the field.

British Columbia : nature's masterpiece

Travelogue. Highlights the Thompson and North Thompson regions, the Yellowhead and the Rockies, approaching from Vancouver via the Fraser Canyon. Footage includes white water rafting, Nicola Valley cattle ranching, fishing, Kamloops, North Thompso...

Energy : a strategy for survival

Documentary. "British Columbia is rich in energy potential, perhaps the brightest energy future in North America. But can this be achieved without environmental destruction? Will the benefits outweight the costs?" (catalogue descriptio...

Reforestation -- catching up

Promotional film. Uses contemporary and historical footage to show how BC's 1.8 million hectares of NSR (Not Satisfactorily Restocked) land is being turned back into productive forestland. Shows past and present reforestation work at the sit...

Transit on track : [original version]

Promotional film. Presentation about the new advanced light rapid transit (ALRT) system for Greater Vancouver, explaining its purpose and impact in a very positive light. Includes shots of Vancouver and area and of different phases of construction...

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