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Our time to shine

Promotional. A celebration of the B.C. Pavilion at Expo 86. Includes history and description of the Pavilion; flashbacks to opening day and B.C. Day; speeches by Premier Bennett; footage of the various exhibits, the theatre, an excerpt from the fi...

CN at Expo 86

Promotional. This is the first of a series of presentations about CN's participation in Expo 86; emphasizes employee participation. It begins with speeches by Ross Walker, the Vice President of CN Pacific, and others, followed by a film and ...

Expo progress

Promotional. Footage of public events and announcements related to Expo 86 between August and November 1984, compiled for informational and promotional purposes. 001.01: Expo Progress #2: Lord Mayor of London Unveiling, 1984/08/29. 001.02: Expo Pr...

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