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150 Mile House County Court index book

  • GR-0027
  • Series
  • 1919-1964

The series consists of an individual index book created between 1919 and 1964 under schedule "E", Partnership Act, by the 150 Mile House County Court.

British Columbia. County Court (150 Mile House)

Charge book

  • GR-0596
  • Series
  • 1887-1911

The series consists of a charge book created at 150 Mile House between 1887 and 1911. The book records details of individuals cases of criminal activity tried by the Indian Agent, the Justice of the Peace or the Judge. Details of each charge include date, name, age, calling (profession), place of residence, charge, sentence and other remarks. The book is not indexed.

British Columbia. Magistrate's Court (150 Mile House)

Charles George Cowan business records

Business records of Cowan and Penrose Land Agents (Kamloops), including office diaries, correspondence, accounts, and legal documents re property they handled arranged alphabetically under the names of the English investors. Papers of C.P. Cunliffe re his investments in Colonel James Baker's Cranbrook estate and the Cariboo Trading Company, 1913-1931. Papers of C.G. Cowan re acquisition of the Onward Ranch and the 150 Mile Ranch from the Cariboo Trading Company.

Cowan Family records

Ledger, 1887-1889, and daybooks, 1889-1892 and 1892-1894, Eagle and Paxton (Onward Ranch); reminiscences and scrapbook of C.G. Cowan re big game hunting, travel in the Yukon, Alaska, and British Columbia, and work as ranch manager and land agent, Kamloops and Cariboo; letters of his wife, Vivien Cowan to a friend, 1964-1970, describing life on the Onward Ranch, painting, artist friends, etc.

Day book

The item consists of a microfilm copy of a day book, kept by John Lyne, a blacksmith at 150 Mile House, Clinton, and Quesnel, between 1906 and 1914.

Diary and other material

"Diary of a trip down the Yukon River, 1905" by Evelyn Penrose, C.G. Cowan's partner (original and illustrated typescript); letter from Evelyn Penrose to his mother, dated Hazelton, British Columbia, June 17, 1906, describing his trip from Kamloops with Cowan and the murder of Max LeClair near Hazelton (typed transcript); offprints of two undated articles "from Rod and Gun in Canada" by C.G. Cowan - "Two thousand miles down the Yukon River in a small boat" and Caribou shooting in British Columbia"; photograph album with captions by C.G. Cowan entitled "Trip with the Honourable Maurice Egerton up McMillan River, Yukon Territory, 1907; "Early history of the Onward Ranch" by C.G. Cowan. Selected photos copied by Visual Records accession 198006-5.

Edward and Sandy Wright interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970 SUMMARY: Mr. Edward and Mrs. Sandy Wright discuss life near 150 Mile House; coming to the country in 1969; the people in the Cariboo; life in the backwoods; education; family and life on the homestead; personal comments on BC and Confederation.

Frederick Nassau Sutton interview

RECORDED: Williams Lake (B.C.), [196-?] SUMMARY: In an interview with Imbert Orchard, Frederick Nassau Sutton recalls how he came to Canada in 1906, worked as a ranch hand, and eventually bought a ranch at 150 Mile House.

George Bryson Patenaude interview

CALL NUMBER: T0364:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-07-24 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. George Bryson Patenaude was born in St. Andrews, Quebec in 1893. He discusses mining in Horsefly, the story of Bob Borland, the early history of Williams Lake, a distillery in Williams Lake called Pinchbeck Distillery, his early life, a description of the 150 Mile House, freighting on the Cariboo Road, famous Cariboo freighters, an anecdote about stealing whisky, early commercial travelers, a detailed description of the Cariboo stagecoaches, stagecoach schedules, and keeping warm in the winter.

TRACK 2: Mr. Patenaude offers more details about stage coaches, stage coach drivers, and the techniques of driving. Then he discusses the river boats on the Fraser River between Soda Creek and Prince George, fares and schedules, Klondike gold rushers through 150 Mile House, and freighting and ox teams on the Cariboo Road.

CALL NUMBER: T0364:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-07-24 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Patenaude describes Ashcroft and holdups of Cariboo stagecoaches. Then he discusses Chinese people in 150 Mile House, a story of "Calamity Jane MacKenzie" of Williams Lake and her courthouse appearances, the story of the Cedar Creek gold rush of 1921, and the aftermath of the rush.

TRACK 2: Mr. Patenaude concludes his story of the Cedar Creek gold rush of 1921. He discusses the Bullion Mine, survey trips to the Peace River country in the 1930s, a discussion of the declined economy of Horsefly, the early history of Horsefly, Chinese miners in Horsefly in the 1880s, problems encountered in gold mining, and the story of Alec Meese, a hotel keeper in Horsefly.

John Edgar Moore fonds

  • PR-0493
  • Fonds
  • 1904-1914 [Microfilmed 1980]

The fonds consists of correspondence and business records of Onward Ranch located at 150 Mile House, B.C. from 1904-1914, as well as account books, cash accounts and a journal.

Moore, John Edgar, 1853-1943

Mechanics' liens

  • GR-1961
  • Series
  • 1914

Mechanics' liens: 2/14, Frank Hiene v. John Steinbreckner and the Water Tight Dipper Dredge and Mining Company; 3/14, Otto Baer v. John Steinbreckner and the Water Tight Dipper Dredge and Mining Company; 4/14, Archibald Graham v. John Steinbreckner and the Water Tight Dipper Dredge and Mining Company.

British Columbia. County Court (150 Mile House)

People in landscape : Byways to Williams Lake

SUMMARY: This program presents a trip from Clinton to Williams Lake via back roads near the Fraser River. It includes descriptions of the landscape along the way, as well as recollections about gold rush days, people and events in the area, and early days of Williams Lake. Voices heard include: Phyllis Bryant Kellis, Elliot Weisgarber, Tom Carolan, Albert Drinkell, F.W. Pinchbeck, S.H. Patenaude, and Bryson Patenaude.

Sheriff's record book

  • GR-0571
  • Series
  • 1900-1904

This series consists of a sheriff's record book from 150 Mile House, Sept. 1900 - Jun. 1904.

British Columbia. County Court (150 Mile House)

Spencer Hope Patenaude interview : [Beck, 1974]

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Cariboo recollections RECORDED: Williams Lake (B.C.), 1974 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In an interview with Reg Beck, Spencer Hope Patenaude discusses early Williams Lake, Horsefly, 150 Mile, and 153 Mile House. Bullion Mine described. Telegraph lines in the Cariboo. Anecdotes about telegraphy and the life of a telegraph operator. 150 Mile House pioneers. Chinese in 150 Mile House. Ox teams and freighting on the Cariboo Road. Grist mills and grain growing. Sawmilling. TRACK 2: Description of the engines and workings of the Miocene mine. Anecdotes about maintaining the telegraph lines. [End of interview]

Spencer Hope Patenaude interview : [Bjornson, 1968?]

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): A Cariboo pioneer, 1895-1974 RECORDED: Williams Lake (B.C.), [1968?] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Came to Cariboo 1895 (age 8), from eastern Canada. Train travel, 1895. Education in Pavilion, 150 Mile House and Victoria. Joined telegraph service, 1902. Worked as a telegrapher in Horsefly ;and Quesnel. Quesnel described. Riverboats on the Fraser River. Transportation in the Cariboo. Returned to 150 Mile House in 1913. Then to Blackwater River. Early days at Williams Lake, ca. 1900. Anecdotes. [TRACK 2: blank; end of interview]

Spencer Hope Patenaude interview : [Orchard, 1964]

RECORDED: Williams Lake (B.C.), 1964 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Spencer Hope Patenaude describes how he came to 150 Mile House from Quebec with his father, Joseph P. Patenaude, around 1896. He describes his memories of 150 Mile house, how he came there from Ashcroft, and the Bachelors Ball, which was a three day party with about 600 people from all around the area in the winter. Then he describes how he moved to a ranch in Williams Lake with his family in 1898. He describes the area and his memories, the Primrose Dairy, the trails in the area, English settlers who were unprepared for BC. Patenaude tells a story of a cattle drive of 1,500 miles to Dawson Creek from Williams Lake to make a fortune -- which proved to be unrealistic, and almost all were lost. He discloses how his family moved to a ranch in Horsefly which was 600 acres or so with 150 head of cattle. He describes Horsefly as a gold mining town and the town as he remembers it. He discusses his school years including a time in Victoria at the Collegiate College at Beacon Hill, run by Mr. Church, in 1900 and 1901. He goes on to speak about how he became a telegraph operator when he was sixteen. He describes how the telegraph system was set up and how he worked within the telegraph for 47 years. Then he mentions the progress of the railroad which never quite reached Prince George.

TRACK 2: Mr. Patenaude describes the area around Vanderhoof including the roads around Black Creek to Prince George. He describes how he went to the area, a story about a Chief of the Black Water Tribe named Jimmy who had the ability to foresee who was coming to the area with great accuracy, a man named Dr. Ringwood, and observations and anecdotes about trusting Indians. Patenaude goes on to describe his job as a telegraph operator, the installation of howler telephones in 1910, stories about a phone operator named Bob who was caught eavesdropping, telephone lines, and teamsters.

Williams Lake County Court plaint and procedure book

  • GR-0028
  • Series
  • 1908-1939

The series consists of a plaint and procedure book for 150 Mile House created from January 1908 to December 1921, and for Williams Lake created from January 1922 to March 1939 (indexed).

British Columbia. County Court (Williams Lake)