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Abortion discussion

PERIOD COVERED: ;1920s;-;1940s RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-04-25 SUMMARY: Three women discuss abortion in Calgary and Vancouver, ca. 1920s - 1940s.;

Correspondence and other material

Series consists of records that reflect the public life of Scott Wallace during his tenure as leader of the Progressive Conservative party in British Columbia, 1973-1977. The records deal primarily with the public issues with which Wallace was involved and contain very limited references to party administration and activities.

Wallace, George Scott, 1929-2011

Health care program development files

  • GR-3503
  • Series
  • 1990-2011

The series consists of correspondence, discussion papers, reports, and agreements with health authorities and the federal and provincial governments. The records were created by the Ministry of Health's Health Authorities division and its predecessor, the Performance Management and Improvement division. Due to frequent restructuring within the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health Services, accession 94-6163 was held for a time in the custody of the Health Services Policy and Quality Assurance division, a successor to the Health Authorities division.

The series documents the development of major province-wide programs designed to improve the health care system, and consists of records showing the rationale behind program development. Major programs that are covered include the BC Telehealth network, abortion services at the Elizabeth Bagshaw and Everywoman’s Healthcare clinics, and the Diabetes Surveillance System. The series also includes records on plastic surgery, macular degeneration treatments, SARS, Riverview, dental services, life support, surgery waiting lists, Canuck Place Children’s Hospital, patient safety, and cardiac revascularization.

The series is covered by ORCS 25100-30 of the Health Authority Performance Management schedule (schedule 122352) and is arranged by program. The records of the series were heavily interfiled with health authority records from other series. In many cases, the records appear to have been misclassified. Although the archivist has made every attempt to strike a balance between respecting the original classification system and arranging the records in a logical way, researchers are advised to consult the finding aids for related series. The majority of the CDs included in this series are commercially produced and do not contain original records. File directories with metadata have been printed to accompany CDs with original records.

British Columbia. Health Authorities division

Webster! : 1982-10-22

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Jack does a walkabout at the IWA convention in Vancouver, speaks to various members, including Jack Munro. Jack speaks with Dr. Henry Morgentaler about his arrest and imprisonment and talks about his book, “Abortion and Contraception”, designed to provide facts to the layman. Dr. Morgentaler speaks about the difference between “pro-abortion” and “pro-choice”; and the difference between a clinical abortion versus a “kitchen table” abortion; and the difference between a foetus and a child. Pierre Berton speaks with Jack about his newest book “Why We Act Like Canadians”. Micheline Masse, Stock Market Information Service Inc., speaks about verifying the value of old stock certificates.

Webster! : 1986-10-16

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Note: Closing segment missing. MP Pat Carney, Minister of International Trade, speaks with Jack via a live feed from Ottawa. They discuss countervailing duties on lumber; protectionism; free trade policies; stumpage fees. Then Jack speaks with new provincial political candidates, Nick Loenen, Social Credit candidate for Richmond, and Adrienne Peacock, NDP candidate for Vancouver/Little Mountain. They discuss their qualifications; Bill Vander Zalm; education; welfare rates and food banks. To close the show, Jack speaks to Dr. Nikki Colodny of the Toronto Morgentaler Clinic and Carolyn Egan of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. They discuss availability of abortions; unequal access across the country; the constitutional right of women to control their own bodies; Henry Morgentaler and his Supreme Court case.

Webster! : 1987-01-12

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Jack starts the show with Dr. John O’Brien-Bell, President of the BC Medical Association and a discussion of billing numbers, a two-tiered medical scheme, the increase in women in medical school, and Bill Vander Zalm’s anti-abortion interference in legal abortions. Jack then speaks with Mike Harcourt, who has declared his candidacy for the NDP leadership. Then, Jack goes to the Vancouver Aquarium and speaks with Dr. Murray Newman, Director.

Webster! : 1987-03-31

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Jack speaks with Minister of Health, Peter Dueck, about the number of abortions being performed in BC, and a report that proves that BC does not, in fact, have abortion on demand. Premier Vander Zalm requested a policy review of abortion in BC, and now doesn’t like the results. Mr. Dueck and Mr. Vander Zalm intend to increase pressure on women to give up their children for adoption rather than terminating the pregnancy, and would also like to have the Criminal Code redefined to make abortions less available. Jack speaks with NDP MLA Joan Smallwood, Health Critic, about expanding service, and that Mr. Dueck and Mr. Vander Zalm do not understand the World Health Organization’s definition of the phrase “a woman’s health”. A return to homes for unwed mothers is seen as a step backward. “Why was Jack Kempf fired?” Jack Kempf, MLA Omineca, former SoCred Minister of Forests, has crossed the floor to sit as an Independent, after the Attorney General’s investigation into the financial administration of Mr. Kempf’s office. Mr. Kempf’s record keeping has been very sloppy regarding travel expenses, airline bonus points used for his wife, and he owes about $11,500 to the government. Kempf calls himself a sacrificial lamb, and blames all his problems on his staff, rather than taking responsibility for his own mistakes.

Jack starts the show speaking with Maurice Strong, United Nations Advisor on the Commission on Environment and Development. They discuss; famine in Africa; protection of environment versus the economy; the South American rain forest; Chernobyl and Bhopal; creating jobs in pollution control. Then, Jack speaks with John Grace, Federal Privacy Commissioner, regarding the public’s protection of privacy and freedom of information. They discuss; Social Insurance Numbers; information held in the United States; medical and military records. Jack opens the phone lines. Jack speaks with Les Bewley, retired Provincial Court Judge. He and Jack discuss the Canadian Sentencing Commission recommendations; parole; capital punishment; Jack opens the phone lines. To end the show, Jack goes curling at BC Place Stadium.

Webster! : 1987-04-03

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Tony Brummet, Minister of Education, and Jack and discuss teachers right to strike, teachers as an essential service, the “Compensation Stabilisation Programme”, the unionization of teachers, the new labour laws in the province, and the BC College of Teachers. Jack welcomes Dr. Henry Morgentaler to discuss the fact that in Canada, there is no “abortion on demand” and the discrimination against women because of race, geography and status. As a survivor of Nazi concentration camps, Dr. Morgentaler explains how injustice, suffering, and oppression have affected him profoundly, and his need to alleviate suffering and injustice. They discuss Dr. Morgentaler’s convictions and acquittals; his deeply held belief in a woman’s right to be in control of her own body, without the interference of lawyers, priests, committees, and the state.

Webster! : 1987-04-24

Public affairs. Jack Webster's popular weekday morning talk show. Guests and topics for this episode are: Molly Kelly is an American pro-life advocate and Executive Director for Pennsylvanians for Human Life Society. Webster talks to two teens, Maxime Faille and Desiree McGraw, about their cross-Canada tour promoting nuclear disarmament. Joyce Juntune, Executive Director for the Association for Gifted Children, talks about identifying gifted children and their needs.