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Allison (family)

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The Allison family, John Fall and Susan Louisa, were pioneer ranchers in the Similkameen Valley of B.C.

Annandale (family)

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The Annandale family, whose descendants lived in Victoria, were paper manufacturers in England.

Baird (family)

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The Baird family lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ball (family)

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The Ball family ran the Diamond B Guest Ranch at Telegraph Creek, B.C. George and his daughter Georgiana were also involved in mining and business activities.

Barkley (family)

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The Barkley family were farmers in the Westholme and Chemainus area of Vancouver Island.

Barnard (family)

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Francis Jones Barnard (1829-1889) arrived in B.C. in 1859 and established the Barnard Express transportation company. His son, Francis Stillman Barnard (1856-1936), worked in the family business and expanded his business interests to lumber, brewing and electrical utilities. He served as Lieutenant-Governor of B.C. from 1914 to 1918 and died in Victoria.

Bayliff (family)

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The Bayliff family were owners of the Chilancoh Ranch near Redstone, Chilcotin district. The ranch was started by Hugh Peel Lane Bayliff who after being educated at Clifton College, emigrated to British Columbia and worked on ranches (Roper's, Cornwall's) before taking up land in the Chilcotin (first recorded pre-emption, 1888). The ranch passed to his son, G.T.L. Bayliff, and his grandson, T.L. Bayliff.

Beanlands (family)

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Canon A.J. Beanlands and family lived in Victoria, B.C.

Beeman (family)

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Samuel Beeman was a Hudson's Bay Company clerk based in Victoria, B.C.

Billwiller (family)

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The family consisted of Paul Billwiller and Mona (Olsen) Billwiller. Paul worked at Britannia mines as a student in the summers, 1937-39. Following his graduation from the Colorado School of Mines, he worked at Britannia mines as a mining engineer until 1958. After 1958, he worked for the Empire Development Co. mine near Port McNeil, on the CNR tunnel under Burnaby, and for B.C. Hydro on loan to Chile and at various dam sites including Mica, Revelstoke and Hudson Hope.

Bilow (family)

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The Bilow family were residents of North Bend, B.C. R.J. Bilow was Justice of the Peace and served as Secretary of the North Bend School Board.

Birch (family)

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Arthur Nonus Birch (1836-1914), the son of H.W.R. Birch, was appointed clerk in the office of the secretary of state for the colonies in February 1855, served as Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton's assistant private secretary in 1858, and Chichester Fortescue's private secretary from September 1859 to February 1864 when he accepted the post of colonial secretary of British Columbia. He served in that capacity and for a time as administrator of the government until 1866 when he returned to England to resume his duties in the Colonial Office. He remained with the Colonial Office, serving as acting Lieutenant Governor of Penang and Province Wellesley, colonial secretary of Ceylon and Lieutenant Governor of Ceylon, until his retirement from the service in June 1878. After his resignation from the Colonial Office Birch joined the bank of England where he remained until retirement in 1913. Birch returned to Canada in 1907 and 1911, including a visit to British Columbia with his daughter in 1907. Birch married Josephine Watt-Russell in 1873, and one of his two sons assumed his mother's name in order to inherit the family's estate. Birch's only daughter, Una, married L.H.R. Pope Hennessy, son of Sir John Pope Hennessy, a notable colonial governor. Their son, Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy, was a Director of the British Museum.

Bishop (family)

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R.G. Bishop worked for the federal and provincial governments on telegraph systems.

Borradaile (family)

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The Borradaile family lived on Mayne Island and in Victoria, B.C.

Boyd (family)

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  • 1843-1951

John Boyd moved to the Cariboo from the California gold fields in the 1860s and with his partner, Charles Heath, entered into a variety of business activities along the Cariboo Road in the vicinity of Barkerville. He owned and operated two well known ranches/roadhouses along the Cariboo Wagon Road - Cold Spring House and Cottonwood House. He died in 1909. His wife Janet and some of the children continued to operate Cottonwood House until 1951.

Brandvold (family)

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Emil and Ottar Brandvold and Joan Gambioli (nee Mathews) were Vancouver residents who developed Diamond Head Chalet, the first ski lodge in Garibaldi Park.

Browning (family)

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The Browning family lived at Britannia Beach, B.C.

Burr (family)

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The Burr family were farmers in Ladner (now Delta, B.C.).

Burrell (family)

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The Burrell family were residents of Victoria. Frank Burrell was a manager for Pemberton and Sons, a local real estate firm.

Calder (family)

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The Calder family lived in Victoria, B.C.

Cambie (family)

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The Cambie family lived on Vancouver Island.

Cameron (family)

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The Cameron family were residents of Victoria, B.C.

Chamberlain (family)

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The Chamberlain family lived in Nova Scotia in the 1780s, and descendants moved to Victoria, B.C.

Chambers (family)

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Theodore Gervase Sandeman Chambers (1897-1989) was married to Lilian Therese Victoria Chambers (1897-1986). They were proprietors of the Forbidden Plateau Lodge, near Courtenay, B.C., in the 1940s and 1950s.

Church (family)

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H.E. Church emigrated from England to Canada in 1886. He and his family homesteaded on Sheep Creek, farmed at Comox, and ranched at Church Ranch, Big Creek, B.C.

Clarke, William and Irene

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  • 1902-1986

William Henry Clarke (1902-1955) and his wife Irene (1903-1986) were book publishers in Toronto who co-founded Clarke Irwin and Company Limited in 1930. They were publishers and friends of Emily Carr, and who published some of her books, notably ‘Klee Wyck’, and ‘Pause’.

Claudet (family)

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Francis George Claudet was born in London in 1837, the son of early daguerreotypist Antoine Claudet. After receiving his education in metallurgy, Claudet moved to New Westminster in 1860 to become a government assayer. He married Frances Fleury in 1863, and remained in New Westminster until 1873. Returning to England, he worked with various chemical and metallurgical firms until his death in 1906. One of Claudet's sons, Frederick George Claudet (1866-1946) was a miner in Australia and British Columbia and another, Henry Hayman Claudet (1874-1954) was the family historian.

Claxton (family)

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The Claxton family emigrated from England. Cecil Claxton, a merchant marine, became Superintendent of Pilots, B.C. Pilotage District. He married Helen MacGregor in 1927. They had one child, Peter, who obtained a B.Sc. in agriculture in 1962.

Clay (family)

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Reverend William Leslie Clay and family were residents of Victoria and Shawnigan Lake.

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