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Drury, Richard Low

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Richard Low Drury was a Liberal party politician elected in Victoria in 1903. In 1908, he was sent to Japan to discuss immigration quotas for Japanese emigrants. He was also a newspaper editor at the Victoria Times, a newspaper owned by William Templeman.

Drushka, Ken, collector

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Ken Drushka was a researcher and author interested in tugboating in B.C.

Dubberley, Gordon

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Gordon Dubberley was born November 5, 1905 in Vancouver, B.C. He was a safety officer and photographer at Woodfibre, B.C. and died in Saanichton on November 18, 1986.

Dumas, Henri

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Henri Dumas (1877-1960), born in France, lived in Canada from 1904 to 1914. In 1904, he arrived in Winnipeg or Edmonton and became a cowboy. Working for the Revillons Freres fur company, he served on an expedition to Great Slave Lake. In 1907-1909, he was cutting wood fnear Edmonton, and eventually bought a ranch (Arifat Ranch) near Calgary. Around 1911 or 1912, he moved to North Vancouver, B.C., where he ran a carriage service that took sightseers to Capilano Canyon. (This business appears to have the B.C. Livery Feed and Sale Stable.) In 1914, he returned to France and was mobilized in Lyon.

Dunn, Ernest W.

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Ernest W. Dunn was a resident of Rossland, B.C.

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