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Allen, George

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George Allen was a photographer in Vancouver, B.C.

Allen, James Dennis

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  • [18--] - 1966

Allen operated as a photographer in the Hazelton area in around 1908, but moved to Prince Rupert where he operated from between 1909 to 1914. In 1910, he had a brief partnership and operated the firm Mineard and Allen.

Allen died in Saanich, B.C. in 1966.

Allison, Susan Louisa, 1845-1937

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Susan Louisa Allison (nee Moir) was born in Ceylon in 1845. Her family moved back to England and then to Hope, British Columbia, in 1860. After her marriage to American ex-patriate John Fall Allison (1825-1897) in 1868, she settled near Princeton, where she and her husband ranched, trapped, mined, kept a trading post, and raised 14 children. Susan Allison continued to manage their cattle ranch after her husband’s death. She composed poetry, native Indian tales, short stories, and a series of newspaper articles, "Early History of Princeton." Her recollections were written after she moved to Vancouver in 1928, where she died in 1937. Some of her descendants preserved the records, including letters written by her husband describing his experiences during the 1849 California gold rush, and the 1858 Fraser River gold rush, and protected her intellectual property by applying for copyright protection.

Ames, D.

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Ammon, Alicia, 1886-1980

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Actress Alicia Ammon was born in London, England in 1886. She died in Vancouver on 24 February 1980.

Anderson, Alex

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Alex Anderson, the uncle of R.T. Anderson, was a resident of Lakeland, Florida.

Anderson, Alexander Caulfield, 1814-1884

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Alexander Anderson was appointed an apprentice clerk for the Hudson's Bay Company in 1831. He worked for the company in various forts from 1831 to 1858, eventually becoming Chief Factor at Fort Colvile and second in command at Fort Vancouver. He later became the postmaster of Victoria. In 1876, he acted as commissioner for settlement of the Indian land question in B.C. He died in Victoria.

Anderson, Arthur

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Arthur Anderson was a well-digger based in Victoria, B.C.

Anderson, David Alexander, 1937-

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David Anderson was elected to the House of Commons as Liberal Member of Parliament in 1968 and he held the seat until 1972 when he left Ottawa to lead the Liberal Party of British Columbia. In August 1972 he was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Victoria and served until his defeat in 1975.

Anderson, George Webster, d. 1899

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George Webster Anderson was a miner and manager of the Rail Road House hotel in Yale, which he co-owned with Arthur Churton, a Victoria soap manufacturer.

Anderson, James Robert, 1841-1930

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James Robert Anderson left Fort Nisqually in 1850 to attend school. He arrived in Victoria in 1858. He was an accountant and businessman and from 1894 to 1908 served as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. His father, Alexander C. Anderson, was an early B.C. land surveyor.

Anderson, James, 1812-1867

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  • 1812-1867

James Anderson was born 12 January 1812 in Calcutta, India. He was the son of Robert Anderson and Eliza Charlotte Simpson, and married to Margaret McKenzie, daughter of Chief Factor Roderick McKenzie. His brother was Alexander Caulfield Anderson.

James Anderson was a Hudson's Bay Company employee and in 1847, he was made Chief Trader at Nipigon House, later working in this capacity at Fort Chipewyan and Fort Simpson. In 1855, Anderson was made Chief Factor in charge of the Mackenzie River District. In 1864, Anderson retired to Sutton West, Ontario. He died 16 October 1867.

Anderson, Walter Brown, 1872-1963

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Walter Brown Anderson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was trained as a marine engineer and served aboard a number of ships. He later lived in Nanaimo, B.C.

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