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Wing Chong Company

  • 2587
  • Corporate body

The Wing Chong Company was a grocery and dry goods firm in Victoria, B.C.

Winkler, George E.

  • 17976
  • Person
  • 1875-1978

George Edgar Winkler was a poet and prospector active throughout B.C. He published under the pseudonyms "Ernest Altrew" and "The Prospector".

George Edgar Winkler was born in Kincardine, Ontario in 1875. He first came to British Columbia in 1897 and within a few years, had settled permanently in the province. He worked in stores and for newspapers and became interested in prospecting, eventually taking university courses in geology. He had interests in many mining concerns, both as owner/operator and manager. Winkler was a poet, publishing several books of poetry during his lifetime as well as publishing in magazines and newspapers. He was interested in politics and unsuccessfully ran for Provincial office as a Socialist Party of Canada candidate in the 1907 general election. He died in Victoria in 1978.

Winslow, Rebecca

  • 17977
  • Person

Wife of Reverend Joseph W. Winslow, a Methodist minister in Sidney, BC from 1898-1902.

Wishlaw, Robert

  • 26348
  • Person

Robert Wishlaw was a researcher involved with the Malaspina History Project.

Witherby, Henry Leonard

  • 2591
  • Person

H. Leonard Witherby emigrated from England in 1899 and settled in Sidney, B.C.

Wolfenden (family)

  • 2592
  • Family

Colonel Richard Wolfenden was a member of the Royal Engineers sent to the Colony of British Columbia in 1858 to build public works. He remained in B.C. and became the Queen's Printer for British Columbia. His children included Madge (Wolfenden) Hamilton, Assistant Provincial Archivist of B.C.

Wolfenden, Felicite Caroline

  • 2593
  • Person
  • 1855-1943

Felicite Caroline Bayley was born in Philadelphia in 1855. Her family moved to Victoria in 1858 but relocated to England during her childhood ostensibly so she and her siblings could attend school. She returned to Victoria in 1873, two years after the death of her father in Winchester, England.

On September 12, 1879 Felicite married and became the second wife to Richard Wolfenden, who was the Queen’s Printer. They had three children of their own and she raised his seven children from his previous wife. Their youngest daughter, Madge Wolfenden, became Assistant Provincial Archivist and retired in 1953.

Felicite died in Victoria in May of 1943 and is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery.

Wolfenden, Madge

  • 17986
  • Person
  • 1893-1992

Madge Hamilton (ne Wolfenden) worked at the Provincial Archives of B.C. as the Assistant Provincial Archivist from 1934 to 1953. During the war she was Acting Provincial Archivist. During the 1950s, she arranged for extensive photographs to be taken of both interiors and exteriors of prominent residential buildings. The project was undertaken with the help of the British Columbia Historical Association.

Wolfenden, Richard, 1836-1911

  • 2594
  • Person

Richard Wolfenden was a printer who travelled to B.C. with the Royal Engineers. He became Queen's Printer of British Columbia.

Woo, Jack

  • 2597
  • Person

Jack Woo was a photographer and businessman in Port Alice, B.C.

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