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Frampton, Keith

  • 1104
  • Person

Keith Frampton was a surveyor working for the firm of Gore and McGregor in Victoria.

France. Ministere des affaires etrangeres

  • 1105
  • Corporate body

The Ministere des affaires etrangeres was a French government office responsible for foreign affairs and the administration of French consulates throughout the world.

Frank, Henry Lewis

  • 1107
  • Person

Henry Lewis Frank was a farmer and highway foreman in Terrace, B.C.

Frank, John Williamson, 1882-1948

  • 1108
  • Person

John Williamson Frank joined the Health of Animals Branch of the B.C. Department of Agriculture in January 1905 and worked in the Kootenay, Boundary and Vancouver areas.

Fraser Lake Women's Institute

  • 1109
  • Corporate body

The Fraser Lake Women's Institute was organized in the Central Interior District in 1929.

British Columbia. Dept. of Trade and Industry

  • 111
  • Government
  • 1937-1957

In 1937, the functions of the Economic Council in the Dept. of Labour and the Bureau of Information in the Dept. of Finance were brought together with the functions of the Dept. of Industries to form a new department, the Dept. of Trade and Industry (Dept. of Trade and Industry Act, SBC 1937, c. 73). Three branches were established: the Bureau of Economics and Statistics, the Bureau of Trade Extension, and the Bureau of Industrial and Tourist Development. The names of the latter two branches were changed in 1939 to the Bureau of Industrial and Trade Extension and the Government Travel Bureau.

In 1957, the Dept. of Trade and Industry Act was repealed and replaced by the Dept. of Industrial Development, Trade, and Commerce Act (SBC 1957, c. 29). As part of this process, the Dept. of Trade and Industry became the Dept. of Industrial Development, Trade, and Commerce.

Fraser River Harbour Commission

  • 1110
  • Corporate body

In 1913 the federal government established the New Westminster Harbour Commissioners to begin managing the Fraser River River Port. In 1965, following the passage of the Harbour Commissions Act, the government renamed the agency the Fraser River Harbour Commission. The authority of the commission covers the shoreline on the Fraser River in British Columbia from the Strait of Georgia to Langley. In 1999 the name of the Commission was changed again to the Fraser River Port Authority.

Fraser, D.W.

  • 1111
  • Person

D.W. Fraser was an Hudson's Bay Company employee at Telegraph Creek and Fort St. James.

Fraser, Dirk, 1927-1944

  • 1112
  • Person

Dirk Fraser was a student at Vernon Preparatory School from 1938-1941 and at Magee High School in Vancouver from 1941-1943.

Fraser, Simon, 1776-1862

  • 1114
  • Person

Simon Fraser was an explorer who travelled in the interior of B.C. and named the Fraser River.

Frauenthal, S.

  • 1115
  • Person

S. Frauenthal owned a dry goods store in Yale, B.C.

Freemasons. Grand Lodge of British Columbia

  • 1117
  • Corporate body

The first Freemasons' lodge in British Columbia was formed in 1860. Holding its charter from the Grand Lodge of England, the lodge was styled Victoria Lodge No. 1085 E.R. [English Registry]. It was followed by Union Lodge No. 1201 E.R., formed at New Westminster in 1861. During the colonial period seven other lodges were established on Vancouver Island and the mainland. The lodges were: Vancouver Lodge No. 421 S.C. [Scottish Constitution; i.e. chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland], established in Victoria in 1962; Nanaimo Lodge No. 1090 E.R. and Caledonia Lodge No. 508 S.C. (both formed in Nanaimo in 1867); British Columbia Lodge No. 1187 E.R. (Victoria, 1867); Cariboo Lodge No. 469 S.C. (Barkerville, 1867); Mt. Hermon Lodge No. 491 S.C. (Burrard Inlet, 1869); and Quadra Lodge No. 508 S.C. (Victoria, 1870). In October 1871 representatives from the various lodges agreed to establish an overall governing body for Freemasonry in the province: the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of British Columbia. Dr. Israel Wood Powell was elected first Grand Master. A new constitution, acknowledging both the English and Scottish rituals was adopted and affiliated lodges were renumbered in accordance with a separate British Columbia Registry [BCR]. Thus, Victoria No. 1085 became Victoria Lodge No. 1 BCR; Vancouver No. 421 S.C. became Vancouver Lodge No. 2 BCR, and so forth.

British Columbia. Dept. of Industrial Development, Trade and Commerce

  • 112
  • Government
  • 1957-1974

The Dept. of Industrial Development, Trade, and Commerce was established in 1957 as the successor to the Dept. of Industry (SBC 1957, c. 29). Its functions were to investigate matters of economic importance, encouragement of industry, collection and publication of statistics, and the development of trade. The department was originally organized into the Bureau of Economics and Statistics, a Mechanical Tabulation Division, and Industrial and Trade Office. The department was also responsible for managing British Columbia House in both England and the United States.

In 1966, the Mechanical Tabulation Division merged into the Data Processing Division which provided computer services for all of government. In 1973, there was a major reorganization with the formation of two new divisions: the Economic Plans and Statistics Division and Operations Division. The Economic Plans and Statistics Division was responsible for compiling and analyzing statistical data and conducting market studies and the Operations Division was responsible for business development.

In 1974, the department was renamed the Dept. of Economic Development (SBC 1974, c. 26).

Freemasons. Valley of Vancouver

  • 1124
  • Corporate body

The Valley of Vancouver was a Masonic organization established under the Scottish rites.

Freemasons. Vancouver and Quadra Lodge

  • 1125
  • Corporate body

The Vancouver and Quadra Lodge was a Masonic organization formed by the amalgamation of the Vancouver Lodge, established in 1862, and the Quadra Lodge, first established in 1870.

Freemasons. Victoria-Columbia Lodge (Victoria, B.C.)

  • 1126
  • Corporate body

The Victoria-Columbia Lodge is a Masonic organization formed by the merger in 1877 of the Victoria Lodge, originally established in 1860, and the British Columbia Lodge, originally founded in 1867.

French, James George, 1865-1952

  • 1128
  • Person

James G. French operated an animal menagerie at Victoria. It was originally located at Willows Beach, then Swan Lake and later in French Beach Provincial Park.

Freston, Ethel

  • 1129
  • Person

Ethel Freston lived with her parents at Metlakatla, B.C., in 1887.

British Columbia. Dept. of Economic Development

  • 113
  • Government
  • 1974-1976

The Dept. of Economic Development was established in 1974 as the successor to the the Dept. of Industrial Development, Trade and Industry. The functions pf the Dept. of Economic Development as set out in the Department of Economic Development Act (SBC 1974, c. 26) are broad based. This act states that this ministry is responsible for all matters relating to economic development that are not assigned to other government departments. These functions include the development of new export markets, servicing existing businesses, economic analysis and the collection and tabulation of statistical data in support of that analysis. The dept. was organized into several branches to carry out its work. These include the Business and Industrial Development Branch, Research and Analysis Branch, and Women's Economic Rights Branch.

In 1976, the department was renamed the Ministry of Economic Development (OIC 3199/1976).

Fruit and Produce Exchange of British Columbia

  • 1130
  • Corporate body

The Fruit and Produce Exchange of British Columbia was incorporated in 1907 to carry out the business of the marketing and distribution of fruit and produce.

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