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Dustin, F.W.

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  • Person

Mrs. F.W. Dustin owned a boarding house in Conklin Gulch.

Edwards, Abel

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  • Person

Abel Edwards served at Fort Churchill, a Hudson's Bay Company fort, from 1813-1814.

Edwards, Frederick C.O.

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Frederick C.O. Edwards was a resident of Dawson City, Yukon.

Edwards, O.C.

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  • Person

O.C. Edwards travelled through the Northwest Territories from 1882 to 1885.

Yates, James

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  • Person
  • 1819-1900

James Stuart Yates was born in Linlithgow, Scotland, on Jan. 21, 1819. Yates worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and came to Victoria in 1848. After a breach of contrct and time in jail, Yates opened a saloon called the Ship Inn. He died in 1900.

Ella, Martha

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  • Person

Martha Ella, the wife of a ship captain, lived in Victoria, B.C.

Young, Walter Douglas, 1933-1984

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  • 1933-1984

Walter D. Young was born June 27, 1933 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Young was appointed a Commissioner of the Legal Services Commission by Order-in-council 2649, and his appointment took effect September 1975. In December 1974, the Justice Development Commission's Delivery of Legal Services Project presented its report (the Leask Report) which recommended the creation of a legal service commission.

The Legal Services Commission Act (B.C. Statutes, 1975, c. 36) was proclaimed on 14 August 1975, and the Commission commenced operations on 1 September, with its stated object and purpose "to see that legal services are effectively provided to, and readily obtainable by, the people of British Columbia, with special emphasis on those people to whom those services are not presently available for financial or other reasons." The Commission was established as a Crown Corporation, exempt from the Public Service Act, and its commissioners could hold office for two years. Walter Young tendered his resignation and his appointment as commissioner was rescinded 1 January 1977.

Young died in Victoria on March 11, 1984.

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