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Nelson, Alex

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Alex Nelson served as the Executive Director of the 1997 North American Indigenous Games. He has also served as President and CEO of the Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Association of BC.

McInnes, Thomas R., d. 1904

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Thomas R. McInnes was a physician who worked at the Royal Columbian Hospital in the 1870’s.

Stewart, Norman Charles, 1885-1965

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Norman Charles Stewart, BCLS, was the Surveyor General of BC between 1947-1950 and worked on a number of important surveys, among them the photo-topographical survey of the BC-Alberta boundary (Interprovincial Boundary Survey) in 1924, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway natural resources survey in 1929, a joint federal-provincial survey, and mapping of Strathcona Park in the late 1930s. The BC Archives holds some surviving records of the 1929 natural resources survey and many records relating to Strathcona Park, BC's first provincial park.

Alexander, Allen

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Allen Alexander was a miner in the Cariboo region of B.C.

Alexander, Richard Henry, 1844-1915

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Richard Henry Alexander was born in Scotland and travelled with the Overlanders to B.C. in 1862. He was the manager of the Hastings Sawmill and became active in civic affairs in Vancouver, B.C.

Allen, George

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George Allen was a photographer in Vancouver, B.C.

Maunsell, D.C.

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D.C. (David Charles) Maunsell was private secretary to Fredrick Seymour, second Governor of the COlony of British Columbia from 1864-1866 and the first Governor of the union of the two colonies, also names the Colony of British Columbia from 1866-1869. After Seymour's death Maunsell moved to New Zealand.

Anderson, Alex

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Alex Anderson, the uncle of R.T. Anderson, was a resident of Lakeland, Florida.

Anderson, Arthur

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Arthur Anderson was a well-digger based in Victoria, B.C.

Anderson, George Webster, d. 1899

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George Webster Anderson was a miner and manager of the Rail Road House hotel in Yale, which he co-owned with Arthur Churton, a Victoria soap manufacturer.

Anderson, James Robert, 1841-1930

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James Robert Anderson left Fort Nisqually in 1850 to attend school. He arrived in Victoria in 1858. He was an accountant and businessman and from 1894 to 1908 served as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture. His father, Alexander C. Anderson, was an early B.C. land surveyor.

Anderson, Walter Brown, 1872-1963

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Walter Brown Anderson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was trained as a marine engineer and served aboard a number of ships. He later lived in Nanaimo, B.C.

Antle, Ernest

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Ernest Stephen Antle (1900?-1987) was the son of the Rev, John Antle of the Columbia Coast Mission.

Arbuthnot, Phoebe

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Phoebe Arbuthnot was a resident of Extension, B.C.

Ash, Adelaide

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Adelaide Ash travelled from England across the United States to Victoria from 1871-1872.

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