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A. Jim Bagley interview

RECORDED: Canmore (Alta.), 1984-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Started with Kananaskis Ranch (Seebe), circa 1925 to 1931. Kananaskis Lakes; handles hydro surveys in the 1920s. Trips along the Continental Divide described. Kananaskis Ranch horsemen; Ray Legace, Bob Baptie, Chet Hogan, Bill Matthews. History on construction of Assiniboine Lodge, 1927. Worked for Strom/Assiniboine Lodge circa 1931 to 1936; packing wrangling, cooking ski guiding. Clientele during Depression years. TRACK 2: Walter Nixon's operation in the Kootenays. Spent some years in Windermere area. Worked clearing the Spray reservoir, circa 1939. One summer spent at Scotch Camp (Red Deer River) for warden service. A step from a grizzly. Roof blew off Assiniboine Lodge. Bill Bagley worked for Claude Brewster. Soapy Smith: ranch, outfitted Columbia Icefields trip; for Byron Harmon/Freeman, 1924. Alvin Gwyne, Art Cartledge, Pat Worthington. Frank Philipp's outfit. Joe Johnson. Mike Crosby.

[A quick journey across British Columbia]

Travelogue. Made two weeks after the opening of the Big Bend highway and the Banff-Jasper Highway, this film depicts the scenery of British Columbia as seen from the Trans-Canada Highway between Vancouver and Field, with side trips from Jasper to Banff and into the Okanagan Valley.

Abortion discussion

PERIOD COVERED: ;1920s;-;1940s RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1981-04-25 SUMMARY: Three women discuss abortion in Calgary and Vancouver, ca. 1920s - 1940s.;

Agriculture today : reel 19, part 1

The item consists of a reel of 16 mm film which includes the following:
A filmed report on the operation of the federal agriculture research station at Beaverlodge, Alberta, in the Peace River area. Research in agrometeorology -- climate in relation to crop production. Sites for recording weather data. Research with forage crops -- alfalfa and clover. Research with grasses and legumes for seed production. The creeping red rescue plant developed at the station. Seed produced for Europe. Pollination by honey bees. Research with forage for pasture and hay production. A monument to agriculturist Dr. W.D. Albright, who established the station privately. It became a Dominion agricultural station in 1940. Ranchland views. Irrigation works (pipeline, canal, pipeline construction) in Vernon Irrigation District no. 2.

Agriculture today : reel 21, part 2

The item consists of a reel of 16 mm film which includes the following: A filmed report on the operation of the federal agriculture research station at Beaverlodge, Alberta, in the Peace River area. The station's history; founded by agriculturist Dr. W.D. Albright. Administers agricultural research for all of northwestern Canada. Location. Sub-stations. Applied soil research; greenhouses; laboratories. Rapeseed and flax. Horticultural research program. Saskatoon berry breeding. Strawberry breeding.

Alex Wylie interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], [196-] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Alex Wylie discusses hiking near Hinton in 1905 with some traders as he moved to BC; moved to Alberta from Scotland; describes the fort at Edmonton; he describes how he became a packer in 1907; Swift Ranch; pack trails near Quesnel; a man named Swift; the Northern Territories as he remembers them; the CPR; and Fort George. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Alpha Legace interview

RECORDED: Richmond (B.C.), 1983-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Ray Legace (Alpha's husband) was born in 1895 in Hatzic Prairie, BC; his first year in Banff was 1917 and later worked for Pat Brewster. English party used collapsible bathtub on trip. Repeat American parties. Worked with Percy Bennett, Red Cathcart, Chet Hogan, Mr. Temple, Scottie Wright, Wattie Potts. Areas hunted. Some hunting clients. Ray started on his own in 1930. Poor business during WWII. Worked summers at Lake Louise after 1940. Dr. Weibrecht made filming trips. Peabody Museum collecting expedition at Skoki, 1951. Calgary Herald article, sleeping with a bear. Flour snow tale. Lagaces ran Skoki Lodge from 1950 to 1963. History of lodge management. TRACK 2: Packed for Alpine Club, Seattle mountaineers in Lake Louise are in 1940s and 1950s. J. Munroe Thorington made repeat trips. Rockefellers. 1929 climbing trip with Colonel Amery detailed in book. Van Heek book. Some business details and factors. Dale Carnegie. Surviving the Depression. Old outfitters from Banff, Pat Brewster, George Harrison, Jack Thomas, Jimmy Simpson, Elmer Jamieson. Alpha's arrival in Banff, 1929. Sir Norman Watson. Managing Post Hotel.

Andy Russell interview

CALL NUMBER: T4105:0043.1 RECORDED: Millarville (Alta.), 1984-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Grew up with a passion for reading, the mountains and horses. Bert Rigall, international reputation, taught Andy guiding, childhood accident, started in 1907, operated out of Waterton Park, 1910. Wilderness summer trips, fifty horses, covered from Flathead Valley to Kananaskis. Major five month trip, Fort Steele to Pine Pass in 1911. Guides license obtained in 1936. Guiding territory in BC was lower Flathead Valley and east tributaries, 1946 to 1960. Used local BC guides. Selective hunting for bighorn sheep. Providing a service. High international outfitters rating. Frank Dvorak. Exclusive outfitting rights in Waterton Park, 110 horses. Recollections and perceptions of grizzly. TRACK 2: Guided famous hunting writers. Wilderness photography. Exposure/experience with big game, horses. Snowstorm problems. Close calls climbing. His film "Grizzly Country": lecture tour for 11 years, making it. Career thoughts. Description of Frenchie Riviere; origins, trailed horses to Fort St. John.

CALL NUMBER: T4105:0043.2 RECORDED: Millarville (Alta.), 1984-10 SUMMARY: Frenchie Riviere (continued). Jim Riviere, George Gladstone's stream crossing story. Crowsnest outfits; Frank Dvorak, Martin and Mike Baher, Vensel Dvorak. Leo Rutledge. Recollections of recent conservation battle with oil companies.

Arthur Allen interview

CALL NUMBER: T4105:0001.1 RECORDED: Quesnel (B.C.), 1983-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Swift place in Jasper. Tonquin Valley, 1926. 1929 hunting trip. Climbing Mount Robson, 1924. The Flying Trestle (1931-31). Robson area. Climbing party to Mount Sir Alexander (Kitchi), 1929. Adam Joachim. Bert Wilkins. Curly Phillips; boats and operation, circa 1936; trapping; death in avalanche (1939); retrieving the body. Hargreaves family; Jack, Roy. Berg Lake trips. Brazeau Circle trip with Stan Kitchen 1934. Forty-day dude trips from Devona. TRACK 2: Country and wildlife north of Jasper Park. Wolf and game decline. Various trails. Trips for Jack Brewster. Some; guides/outfitters in Jasper. Big Grave Flats. George Hargreaves death/grave on Sheep Creek, 1936. Indian grave on Pauline Creek. Tuffer party to Jarvis Pass. Darryl Zanuck hunt (Willmore Wilderness), 1930. Zanuck bear hunt on Canoe/Columbia Rivers, 1932 or 1933. CALL NUMBER: T4105:0001.2 RECORDED: Quesnel (B.C.), 1983-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Zanuck hunt, continued. Ted Abrams. Death forced premature boat exit to Revelstoke. River guides mentioned. Eight Mile Canyon near Revelstoke. Four month collecting trip for Carnegie Museum, Pittsburg, 1945 and 1946. Dr. Toomey. Andrew Mellon. Cunningham trip, 1938. Cutter Laboratories, California, hunting trip. Chuck Chesser, outfitter. Topographic survey of Jasper Park north; boundary, summer of 1927 and 1928. Mr. H.F. Lambert, chief surveyor. Grant Hare, packer, left first trip. Prior problems. Frank Burstrom's supply hike. TRACK 2: Permits and licences. Guiding regulations. Sheep and goat north of Jasper. Abercrombie hunting party of Jack Hargreaves. Starting his outfit, 1946. Caribou, areas and decline. Working for Jasper warden service from 1959 to 1971, building cabins. Fording the Smoky River. Grizzly bear incidents. 1931 museum (King) party. Tent Fire. CALL NUMBER: T4105:0001.3 RECORDED: Quesnel (B.C.), 1983-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Tent fire continued. Harvey Crate. Buffalo horns found at Mowitch Creek and Glacier Pass. Old Indian campsites and smoke huts. Alex Nellis, warden. Cabins and chalet at Berg Lake. Charley and Dan Bolen. Tom Wilde. Charley McMurtry. Stu Anderson. Rufe Neighbor. Bert Wilkins. Beaver pranks. Hersch Neighbor. Harry Phillips and grizzly bear attack. 'Red" Creighton ran Black Cat Ranch at Brule. Fights recounted. Ranch at Hinton. Solo attempt on Mount Robson by Mr. Waffle in 1930. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Bapty, Walter, 1884-1973. Victoria; Soldier and Physician.

"Memoirs." Recollections of author's boyhood in London, Ontario, studies at Ontario Agricultural College, and medical training at the University of Western Ontario, reminiscences of his career as medical practitioner in Alberta (1906) and Victoria (1907-1940). MS includes detailed account of author's military career - notably his service in South Africa (1899-1900) with Canadian Artillery and the Canadian Scouts; in Victoria (1907-1914) with 88th Fusiliers and Victoria Independent Squadron of Horse; and in Europe (1915-1918) with 2nd Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles, and 102nd Battalion (North British Columbians). Additional reminiscences of author's inter-war service with 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish Regiment), and of his postings with 2nd Battalion (Canadian Scottish) [1940-1942] and Canadian Army Medical Corps. [Folders 1-3]. Bapty's first-hand account of battles of Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele, regimental diary of 2nd Battalion, Canadian Scottish (1936-1942), pamphlet on regimental colours of 30th Regiment (BC Horse), correspondence dealing with soldiers' morale, and memoranda (1942) pertaining to British Columbia coastal defence included in collection [microfilm]. Unit also contains accounts of holiday expeditions to Barkerville (1927) and Forbidden Plateau (1936), plus eulogies and newspaper clippings concerning Bapty's career [Folders 4-7]. For photograph of author in South African War see Visual Records (Accession No. 95251).

"Memoirs" presented by Mrs. David Williams (daughter), M.D., Duncan, 1981.

Bapty, Walter

Bibliography re Finnish communities

The file consists of photocopied material compiled by C.P. Czartoryski and includes a select bibliography of primary and secondary sources dealing with the history of the ethnic communities of Amber Valley (Alberta), Bella Coola (British Columbia), Falher (Alberta), La Crete (Alberta), Saltspring Island (British Columbia), Skarv (Alberta), Sointula (British Columbia), students' newsletters in Finnish from Sointula, 1912.

Bill Bagley interview

RECORDED: Ghost River (Alta.), 1984-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Freighting supplies in Kananaskis Valley, winter 1931. George Pocaterra. Ray Patterson. Banff Park outfits used both east slopes and BC areas of the Rockies. Soapy Smith. Frank Philipps; hunted Elk Valley in the 1940s. First packing/wrangling was dude trips for Claude Brewster and Soapy Smith in 1936. Banff wardens noted. Travel and fire permits required. Foreman at Kananaskis Ranch after 1950. Worked for Bud Brewster's outfit out of Banff. 25 years of wintering horses in Ghost area. Size of Brewster's outfits. Johnny Boychuk. Jim Bagley. Trails in the 1930s were better than today. Some names; Rex Logan, Alvin Gwyn, Ollie Rasmussen, Jim Tegart, Albert Cooper, horse trip from Alberta to the Cariboo, 1935. Ollie Armstrong. TRACK 2: Various aspects of horse trips. Indians helped on short trips; not too dependable.

British Columbia - Alberta and the electoral district of Yukon - Mackenzie River : dominion electoral district maps : the Representation Act 1947

Item consists of one bound atlas measuring 45.5 x 41 cm. It contains 36 Canadian electoral district maps printed and prepared between 1947-1948. The volume is numerically arranged by map number for British Columbia (1-18), Alberta (1-17), and Yukon-Mackenzie River. Maps vary in scale and include the districts' population as of the 1941 census. Each black and white map includes an electoral district definition as defined in the Representation Act of 1947 and district boundaries are marked in red. Depending on their scale, maps depict cities and towns, railway lines, bodies of water, ferry routes, street names, and/or house numbers.

British Columbia - Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon Territory federal electoral district maps : the Representation Act 1952

Item consists of one bound atlas measuring 45.5 x 41 cm. It contains 41 Canadian electoral district maps printed and prepared between 1952-1953. The volume is numerically arranged by map number for British Columbia (1-22), Alberta (1-17), Yukon, and Northwest Territories. Maps vary in scale and include the districts' population as of the 1941 census. Each black and white map includes an electoral district definition as defined in the Representation Act of 1952 and district boundaries are marked in red. Depending on their scale, maps depict cities and towns, railway lines, bodies of water, ferry routes, street names, and/or house numbers.

Bruce Otto interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], [196-] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Bruce Otto discusses living in Jasper around 1909; he describes how he came there from Calgary; he offers several anecdotes; Tete Jaune; Jim Partridge who was a store owner; Valemount; a flood on the Fraser River; canoeing around the area; Louis Swift, a pioneer; the BC side of the Alberta/BC border; and Spiddle Creek. [TRACK 2: blank.]

[Calgary no. 1]

Amateur film. Miscellaneous scenes of downtown Calgary. Scenes in and around a residence, and at a picnic.

[Calgary no. 2]

Amateur film. Kootenay scenes in vicinity of Vermilion Lodge. Rock formations and dinosaur replicas at Drumheller, Alberta. Trip to Lake Louise by CPR train. Scenery and resort views. Footage from train going through mountain passes and tunnels. Miscellaneous travel footage. Davie Fulton at picnic site. Bassano Dam site.

Centennial travellers

The item consists of a documentary film in two parts. To mark Canada's hundredth anniversary, Canadian young people exchanged visits. This film follows a group of Qu├ębec boys and girls, aged thirteen to sixteen, who travelled 4800 kilometres west to Cranbrook, British Columbia. The easy friendliness between the young people of two cultures inspires optimism. (NLC description).

Chester Sands interview

RECORDED: Rocky Mountain House (Alta.), 1983-12 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Clarence Sands homesteaded west of Rocky Mountain House. Started guiding/outfitting in 1919. One client made 24 trips. Forestry pack trails. Areas worked, Nordegg and Brazeau Rivers. Mid 1920s fishing trips to Pinto Lake. Blackstone River and Job Creek used for 1930s hunts. Main hunting areas between Northern Saskatchewan and Brazeau Rivers used. One of pioneer outfitters in the region. Chester Sands started wrangling in 1947 and guiding in 1950. Family operation; four sons helped guide. Present hunting areas in Coral and Job Creeks. Clarence outfitted until 1952. Present day hunts and game potential. Ken Thompson and Del Wing outfitted geological surveys in 1940s. Surveys were all summer long and also within national parks. Brazeau River; game moved into park, outfits used for park trail. Whisker Creek. Ray Mustard. Wilderness area. Old forestry telephone line and cabins, Nelson, Mons, Bighorn, etc. Sam Sands outfit. Myrtle Sands Raivio was first woman outfitter in Alberta, circa 1940s. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Cliff Duke interview

CALL NUMBER: T4105:0008.1 RECORDED: Gordondale (B.C.), 1983-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Came west for harvesting in 1923. Timekeeping for Fred Brewster operation in Jasper, 1923 to 1927. Operated dairy in Jasper, 1927-28. Homesteading near Beaverlodge, 1929-1940. Monkman Pass (highway) work. Fred Brewster's operation: building Jasper golf course with 52 teams of horses, relocating CNR round house, tourist chalets and tours, "Pocahontas" (Miette) hot springs. Daily charges for hunting and dude trips. George and Jack Brester. The Neighbors. Otto brothers. Jack Hargreaves. First Jasper winter carnival in 1924: setting ski trail with Pete Withers, ski race, costume contest. Railroad surveys in Monkman Pass area. Kelly Sunderman. Monkman Pass highway trail work. TRACK 2: Henry Hobic, trapper. Alex Monkman, early trader, and origin of pass name. Monkman expedition: organization, work logistics, route description. Trapping area. Pack for Gulf Oil surveys, late 1940s. Onion Lake fossils. Gas seep. Volcano (sinkhole) near Jarvis Lakes. Description of Kakwa Lake area. Some cold sulphur springs. 1932 prospecting trip.

CALL NUMBER: T4105:0008.2 RECORDED: Gordondale (B.C.), 1983-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Carl Brooks died in a plane crash at Kakwa Lake in 1945. Tom Wilde. Met Hersh Neighbor during his pack move (1954) from Tete Jaune Cache. [TRACK 2: blank.]

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