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The item is a b&w photograph of Aldermere. It is the fourth of four photographs on the album page that form a 360 degree panorama. Bulkley River is indicated on the photograph.

Doris and Ernest Hoops interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Ernest and Doris Hoops : the Bulkley Valley before World War I PERIOD COVERED: 1899-1914 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1963-02-18 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Doris May Hoops talks about coming to Telkwa from Portland, Oregon in 1912 to do nursing work. She recalls her journey, the stagecoach ride, impressions of Telkwa, the residents, Dr. H.C. Wrinch of Hazelton and nursing at Greenville on the Nass River. Doris Hoops speaks about Telkwa, her early married life, social life, Aldermere and recollections of local residents. Ernest Mostyn Hoops came from Australia to Canada (1899) and was in the Boer War (1901-02). He speaks about his reasons for coming to Canada, his move to Soda Creek in 1904, went to the Hazelton area (1907) to prospect an;d later had a real estate business in Aldermere (1913-1947). He recalls local residents: Jack McNeil, Rev. Stevenson and Charlie Barrett.

Ernest Heal interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Ernest Heal : early settlement at Aldermere and Telkwa, 1904-1914 PERIOD COVERED: 1904-1961 RECORDED: Telkwa (B.C.), 1961-07-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Ernest Heal remembers his family (Fred Heal, father) coming from Hazelton to Telkwa in 1904 with a pack train; his mother was the first white woman at Aldermere. He talks about early settlers; in the area, Aldermere 1906, Jack McNeil, Joe Bourgon, hotels, roads and trails, roadhouses, Mooseskin Johnny, local residents and incidents, Rene Degville (?), prize fights, recreation, first impres;sions of the area and his family's decision to move to Telkwa from Victoria. The North Coast Land Company's activities in Telkwa are mentioned. TRACK 2: Mr. Heal continues with more about Jack McNeil;, Joe Bourgon, the Carl Wakefield family, the Heal homestead, the Telkwa region, pack trails, clearing the homestead, agriculture, an anecdote about the school teacher, pioneer life, supplies and economic life in the region 1904-1961.

Gerry Gorges interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Gerard Hamilton Gorges : reminiscences of the Bulkley Valley, 1913 PERIOD COVERED: 1912-1914 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1962-04-12 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Gerard Hamilton Gorges begins this interview speaking about the North Coast Land Company, his journey to Telkwa from England (1912) via the Arrow Lakes, the potential town site of Hubert, the; North Coast Land Company land speculation, Telkwa, Tyhee Lake and Round Lake, land swindlers, early settlers: Jack Seely, the Carr boys and Charlie Barrett, pack trains, "Foley, Welsh and Stewart", freighting, Studebaker wagons, Coal Creek and Alvo von Alvenslaben, Mooseskin Johnny, the Bulkley Valley, Joe Bourgon, Indians, Blackjack MacDonald, "Popcorn Kate", incidents, a "gold rush" at White Sail Lake, more about Blackjack MacDonald and Jack McNeil. TRACK 2: Gerard Georges continues speaking about Jack McNeil and his "businesses" at Aldermere, prostitution, Telkwa, horse races, the Hubert ;town site vs. Smithers as a divisional railway point, Rene D'Egville, and an anecdote about the fur trade.

Joseph Coyle interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Joseph Coyle : Aldermere, 1906 PERIOD COVERED: 1905-1910 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-12-02 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Joseph Coyle discusses coming from New Jersey to Juneau, Alaska and then to the Skeena (1906) looking for a location for a newspaper business. He describes arriving in Hazelton, meeting John Dorsey, printing the first paper in the Bulkley Valley, local residents, Aldermere, printing land advertisements, bringing in newsprint by pack train, Cataline, the town of Aldermere and residents, Telkwa, McNeil's Hotel and Lem Broughton. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Living memory : Bulkley Valley

SUMMARY: "In "Bulkley Valley", #17 in the series, Mr. Gerry Gorges talks about real estate speculation in the Bulkley Valley before the coming of the Grand Trunk Pacific, and about the birth of the town of Smithers.

Living memory : Telkwa people

SUMMARY: "Telkwa People", #19 in the series, consists of recollections about Jack McNeill and Rene D'Egville, two of the characters who lived in and around Telkwa before the First World War.

People in landscape : Journey to Aldermere

SUMMARY: Sarah Bourgon recalls her adventures as a young English immigrant: arriving in Canada in 1912, working in Vancouver and Prince Rupert, and travelling to Aldermere in the Bulkley Valley in 1914.

Sarah Bourgon interview

CALL NUMBER: T1202:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Sarah Bourgon : a working woman on the B.C. frontier, 1913-1914 PERIOD COVERED: 1900-1914 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-07-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Sarah Capewell Bourgon, "Nan" describes her adventures as an immigrant to British Columbia in 1912 and her work as a waitress in Vancouver, Prince Rupert and Aldermere in 1913 and 1914. Work as a dressmaker for an upper-class family in England. Reasons for emigrating to B.C. Experiences as a waitress in Vancouver, and the effects of the Depression of 1913. Work as a waitress at the GTP H;otel in Prince Rupert and the circumstances leading to employment at McNeill's Hotel in Aldermere. The journey to Aldermere, 1913. TRACK 2: Continuation of the story of the journey to Aldermere, 1913. First impressions of Jack McNeil and his hotel (The Telkwa) at Aldermere. Work at McNeil's Hotel: Florence, Judge Thorp, Joe Bourgon, Lem Broughton.

CALL NUMBER: T1202:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Sarah Bourgon : life in Aldermere, Telkwa and Hubert, B.C., 1913-1915 PERIOD COVERED: 1913-1915 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-07-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Sarah Bourgon describes her adventures as a waitress and maid at McNeil's Hotel in Aldermere in 1914, and her first experiences farming at Hubert, 1915. Town gossips at Aldermere. Jack McNeil;'s character: the departure of Florence, his attitude toward Sarah, and Joe's proposal of marriage. The shivaree. The Party at Black Jack McDonell's Hotel. TRACK 2: Joe Bourgon puts the stories right;. Marriage to Joe Bourgon. Experiences as a farmer's wife at Hubert, 1915. The "Indian Act". Jack McNeil's background. Early settlers around Telkwa: Joe Bourgon, Ernie Morin, the Croteaus, the Wakefields.

CALL NUMBER: T1202:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Sarah Bourgon : life in Telkwa and Hubert, B.C., 1914-1920 PERIOD COVERED: 1914-1920 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-07-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Sarah Bourgon describes her adventures as a waitress and maid at McNeil's Hotel at Aldermere in 1914 and life on a farm at Hubert, 1915-1920. McNeil's store at Telkwa. More comments on McNei;l's character: his women, his death, his appearance, his love of dancing. The appearance of Smithers in 1914. More about the journey to Aldermere. TRACK 2: Jack McNeil as a businessman and organizer; of the Telkwa Barbecue; his kindness to old-timers. The hardships of early farmers in the region. Joe Bourgon as handyman. The first sawmill in the region. Judge Thorp.

CALL NUMBER: T1202:0004 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Sarah Bourgon : first Christmas party in the Bulkley Valley, 1915 ; the cow business PERIOD COVERED: 1915-1930 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-07-10 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Sarah Bourgon describes her life as a farmer's wife in the Bulkley 1915-30. The first Christmas party in the Bulkley Valley, 1915. The Round Lake farming community and its old-timers' picnics;. More details about the first Christmas party. The cow business in Telkwa in the 1920's. TRACK 2: Continuation of the story of the cow business.

Skeena : including Bulkley Valley, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Nass

The sub-series consists of oral history interviews about the history of the Bulkley, Nass, and Skeena regions, as well as the Kitimat area (of the Central Coast region) and Porcher Island (in the Central Coast Islands). As a set, the interviews cover the period from pre-contact to 1972, although the focus in the settlement era prior to the First World War. The communities discussed include: Aiyansh, Aldermere, Greenville, Hazelton, Kispiox, Kitimat, Kitselas, Metlakatla, Minskinisht, Oona River, Port Essington, Prince Rupert, Telkwa, and Terrace