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Alexis Creek (B.C.)

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Agriculture today : reel 6, part 1

The item consists of a reel of 16 mm film which includes the following:
Agricultural conference, co-sponsored by the B.C. Beef Cattle Growers Association, speakers discuss marketing; cattle at ranch; milking and dairy operation; cattle at pasture; cutting grass; views of CI Ranch Ltd., Alexis Creek; hay turner, baler, bale collector, hay shredder; cattle at the ranch; small airplane takes off from ranch airstrip.

Elmer Purdue interview

CALL NUMBER: T1785:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], [196-] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Elmer Purdue tells a story about hunting near Soda Creek and eating a groundhog; when he first met the Bryant family; a story about a mean old timer named Lou who attacked Mr. Purdue; people in the area; Bull Canyon; his first impressions of Cyrus Bryant who was fixing an out-of-tune piano; Mr. Madden who lived near Soda Creek; working at Gang Ranch; the Bryant family as he remembers them; and what his life was like when he met them. TRACK 2: Mr. Purdue continues by describing when the Bryant family arrived at Tatla Lake on Christmas; the trail from Alexis Creek to Bella Coola; Benny Franklin; more stories about life with the Bryant family at Tatla Lake; differences in the personalities of the Bryant children; stories about the children; hunting in Tatla Lake; working odd jobs for food.

CALL NUMBER: T1785:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], [1970?] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Purdue discusses more homes in which the Bryant family lived (while looking at pictures); a Bryant family dog named Sandy; a teacher named Brown; more stories. [NOTE: Mrs. Phyllis Bryant Kellis is also present at this interview, and offers some comments to encourage Mr. Purdue's recollections.] [TRACK 2: blank.]

Gay Bayliff interview : [Orchard, 1964]

CALL NUMBER: T0368:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-07-27 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Gabriel T.L. Bayliff talks about his father's experiences in the Chilcotin and various aspects of life in the region. The interview begins with a discussion about how Bayliff's father came to BC and his early experiences on ranches in the Nicola Valley. He worked for Bill Roper at Cherry Creek. His father wrote a paper on ranching. Mr. Bayliff describes the people of the Chilcotin. His father teamed up with Norman Lee to start a ranch in 1887. There is talk of the local Indians, Alexis Creek, Ashcroft, his parent's marriage and his mother's reaction to the country, the Hamilton family and young British people in the area.

TRACK 2: Mr. Bayliff discusses play and work, travel and the mail service. He mentions Benny Franklin, a well-known early settler. He goes on to discuss the acquisition of land, Graham and his ranch at Tatla Lake, gold prospecting, stories about Chinese settlers, Becher's stopping house at Riske Creek and his father's experience on a pack train.

CALL NUMBER: T0368:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-07-27 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Bayliff comments on Norman Lee's ranch near Redstone. He explains the place names of: Bull Canyon, Chilco and Chezacut. He discusses the Indian battle at Bull Canyon and "Salu's leap". He talks about people killed by Chilcotin Indians, the Hance family, and purchases of local cattle during the building of the Grand Trunk Pacific. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Gerald Blenkinsop interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: The interview begins with the story of Mr. Blenkinsop's arrival from England in 1907. He discusses his work at the Chilco Ranch, raising horses at Farwell Canyon, ranching on Big Creek and the growth of Chilco Ranch and the development of ranching in the area. He describes some of his experiences driving freight wagons and catching wild horses. He tells stories about Mr. Church, a horse hunter, other settlers in the area, local Indians, and Norman Lee of Alexis Creek. TRACK 2: Blenkinsop discusses the sales of cattle, Becher's stopping house near Riske Creek, cattle drives, and the Cotton Ranch.

Jean Mark interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], [1973?]
SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Jean Mark recalls her experiences as a school teacher at Tatla Lake in the Chilcotin, 1928-29. She also discusses Phyllis Bryant Kellis and her children (the Bryant family); Leonard Butler; the school building; the Bellamy girls; Cyrus Bryant and his father, Frank Bryant; description of the Bryant's cabin and furniture. TRACK 2: The Bryant children also went to school in Vancouver (1927) and in Williams Lake (after 1929). The seasons and scenery at Tatla Lake; the Bryant's vegetable garden; the story of Phyllis's piano; felt lonely at Tatla, and took trip to Williams Lake and Clinton with Claire Gilliland; Quesnel Dam; dancing and singing at Tatla Lake; mail days; discarded books shipped to Tatla School from a library; descriptions of the Bryant children and their activities; prayers at school. [End of interview]

Kathleen A. Telford interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1967 SUMMARY: An oral history interview with Kathleen Telford about her life and family history in the Chilcotin. Her father, Alex Graham, left Ireland in 1886, and settled in B.C. at Alexis Creek (the CI ranch). Other settlers. Ranching in the Chilcotin. Childhood memories: riding; schools; changes in the Chilcotin.

Regina vs. Francis Raines reasons for judgement

  • GR-0690
  • Series
  • 1978 (photocopied 1978)

This series consists of photocopied reasons for judgement of his honour Judge C.C. Barnett, Regina vs. Francis Raines, in the Provincial Court of British Columbia holden at Alexis Creek, 11 October 1978.

British Columbia. Provincial Court

Roy Haines interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], [1965?] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Roy Haines describes stagecoach driving in the Chilcotin before 1930; the road between Meldrum Creek and Alexis Creek; the Becher place; more on the Chilcotin Road; the people; what Alexis Creek was like between 1912 and 1930; anecdotes; Bull Canyon; anecdotes regarding experiences as a stage driver; the region in the past as compared to the present. Mrs. Phyllis Bryant Kellis is present during this interview and adds some comments. TRACK 2: Mr. Haines continues by discussing the Bryant family; repairing the telephone line; the stage line; deaths; Phyllis Bryant; a physical description of the Chilcotin Road; the past in comparison to the present; the development of the Chilcotin stage lines; Tommy Hodson; and the road from Meldrum Creek.

Ruby Barrett interview

CALL NUMBER: T2789:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Teaching and social life in Cariboo communities RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-07 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Ruby Barrett's parents; father was a minister and came to preach in Vancouver in 1929; her father's work as a missionary up the coast; Normal School in Vancouver when Ruby was 18; her first ;teaching post at North Lytton School; her second teaching position at Alexis Creek; trip from Williams lake to Alexis Creek; her third teaching position at Horsefly in 1938; her recollections of Horsefly in 1938; her marriage to trapper Tan Barrett. TRACK 2: Ruby's marriage to Stan Barrett, continued; their first home; social life in Horsefly; Christmas concerts at the school. CALL NUMBER: T2789:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): A teacher in the Cariboo-Chilcotin region RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-12-21 SUMMARY: Experiences as a teacher at Alexis Creek and Horsefly, BC. CALL NUMBER: T2789:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Teaching in Horsefly, B.C., 1938-1941 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-01-05 SUMMARY: Teaching in Horsefly from 1938 to 1941; the teaching profession in general. CALL NUMBER: T2789:0004 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): A trapper's wife, 1942 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978 SUMMARY: Ruby Barrett; her life as the wife of a trapper in the Cariboo in 1942. CALL NUMBER: T2789:0005 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): A trapper's wife, 1942 & 1945 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978 SUMMARY: Ruby Barrett; her life as the wife of a trapper in the Cariboo region from 1942 to 1945.

Thomas Squinas interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Thomas Squinas talks about his father, Chief Domas Squinas; the arrival of Alexander MacKenzie as told by his father; the Ulgatcho people; more on Chief Squinas' life; trails in the Anahim Lake region, his father's packing days; the arrival of white men; the Waddington massacre; trapping and the first settlers; Jane Bryant. TRACK 2: Mr. Squinas continues with more on Jane Bryant; frontier first aid; Tom and Annie Engebretson; pre-contact stories; getting supplies from Tom Lee's store at Alexis Creek; and Antoine Capoose.