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Band music--British Columbia

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Band music--British Columbia

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Alert Bay Indians, 1944

RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1944-11-13 SUMMARY: Stories by Charlie Noel: 1) "Origin of the Nimpkish Tribe"; <2mn 32s>; 2) "Ee-Shak-Amee"; <45s>; 3) "Two-Headed Snake"; <45s>; 4) Reciting of names of Indian tribes by Charlie Noel; <37s>; 5) Greetings (in native dialect) from native people of British Columbia by Charlie Noel with translation by Dick Halhed, announcer; <42s>; 6) Comments by M. S. Todd, Indian agent; <1mn 44s>; 7) Singing of anthems by choir in native dialect; <8mn>; 8) Singing of "Onward Christian Soldiers" by choir; <1mn 1s>; 9) Performance of "Colonel Bogey March" by brass band; <7mn>; 10) Singing of "O Canada" by total assembly; <1mn 16s>. Examples of different native dialects by Unidentified speakers, <3mn 20s>. Interview of Arthur Shaughnessy, totem pole carver, by Dick Halhed, announcer, <5mn 30s>. Interview of Peter Kelly, United Church Minister, by Dick Halhed, announcer, <3mn>. Sounds from native dances. <28mn>. Story by Dan Cramner, "Origin of the Nimpkish Tribe", <15mn>. Song by August Jack, <4mn>. Sound from a drum, <3mn>, about native people, Nimpkish Indian Reservation -- Alert Bay; health, tuberculosis, among native people.

Ensemble Productions Ltd. invites you to listen . . .

SUMMARY: Promotional disc featuring: SIDE 1: The Sir Winston Churchill Stage Band; The Happiness Singers; Colin Dobson and Tom Keenlyside; and Rick Symituk. SIDE 2: The Garth Williams Singers; The Taurus Inci;dent (David A. Rodger); The Vancouver Bach Choir; and The Baroque Strings of Vancouver.;

Heart of oak

SUMMARY: " . . . with the drums of the band of Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps, Captain Vancouver ; director, Lt. Commander R. McIlwaine CD.";

Naval favourites by the Naden Band

A published sound recording featuring concert band arrangements of traditional naval songs and sea shanties, some augmented by choir. From slipcase notes: "The marches and songs recorded on this album are part of the Canadian Naval tradition and include the more universal songs of the sea and some of the parade music heard, and marched to by Canadian sailors."

Tom Hood radio broadcast collection

  • PR-1985
  • Collection
  • 1940-1957

The collection consists of radio broadcasts including speeches, music, advertisements and variety programs, including performances by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the UBC Radio Society.

Hood, Tom, collector

Victoria Day parade, 1963

RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1963-05-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Victoria Motorcycle Club; RCN Band; Princess Patricia regiment; Army Service Corp; Canadian Scottish pipers; RCN sea cadets; navy pipe band; navy steam float; Victoria Girls' Drill Team; Mount View High School Band; Esquimalt High School Band; Quilchena Band; horses; Chimocun High School Band; East High Band; Kuper Island Indians; Colquitz School Band; horses; Thunderbird drum corps; Scot;tish pipe band; police. TRACK 2: Oak Bay High School Band; Blaine Band; old fire trucks; Bellingham High School Band; Victoria Pipe Band; S.J. Willis School Band; Eagles Band; Chinese Masons; Salvation Army; Edmunds Washington Band; Ballard Drill team; Western square dance group; Victoria High School Band; East Indian Group; Everett School Band; Chinatown Lions; Lansdowne School Band; Mount Douglas High School Band; Monroe High School band; White Rock Band; vintage cars.