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Barriere (B.C.)

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Barriere (B.C.)

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Barriere (B.C.)

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Oswald Kofler interview

CALL NUMBER: T3880:0007 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Life of the Austrian immigrant Oswald Kofler RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1983-03
SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Austrian background; Alps, Carinthia; trains; tourists; tourists in the 1930s; life of the population; description of village; father was a wagon maker; Emperor Franz Joseph; Tauern Railway between Carinthia and Salzburg; schooling for seven years; children had to learn to work early, starting at the age of ten during the summer vacation, September and October; left home in 1914; sleeping in the barn; eating in the kitchen and doing homework on that table; life of the Kofler family; mother sick; girls hired out; three sisters; life after finishing school; Russian prisoners of war; to; another farmer after WWI; then construction work; Sundays off; sheepherder in the Alps; lumber work in the winter; herding cows the second summer; training for mountains in BC; job in hotel in Baadgastein (silver polisher); guests from all over the world; hotel job only seasonal; could have made a career of hotel work in Austria; discovery of Canada; advertising of Red Star Line in Austria for farm workers; trip from Cherbourg to Quebec City. TRACK 2: Reaction of village; Red Star Line's admission procedures; financing $200 for trip; seven shillings for a dollar; transportation to Canada; Quebec City; eating and sleeping on the train; Winnipeg; Edmonton; first job at Stony Plain; second job at Preisecker, southeast of Calgary; to Barriere BC to cut railroad ties; people in BC; like a village in the Austrian Alps; buying land; building a log house in 1932; car in 1937; animals; exemption from war service because of the farm; wartime, enemy alien; breakdown; shingle mill; asthma; selling everything; origin of asthma was cedar poisoning; English language; Eaton's catalogue; German newspaper, 'Canada Kurier"; new life in Vancouver, starting with an Austrian friend; sacking potatoes; sciatica.;
ALL NUMBER: T3880:0008 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1983-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: The need for lighter work; night clerk in Prince Rupert; in 1951, was a cook on a fish packing boat; night watchman in a pulp mill; larger fish packer; Queen Charlotte Islands; sunk by a large freighter; everyone rescued; decision to visit Austria; trip there; relatives and friends; stories exchanged; German language; European countries after WWII; Netherlands and Austria compared; back in Prince Rupert; further contact with relatives through letters; new job with the Canadian Coast Guard; chief steward until 1959; steward on "Camsell", a Coast Guard icebreaker; view from the ship; mirages, etc.