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Bennett, William Richards, 1932- DNU

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Bennett, William Richards, 1932- DNU

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Bennett, William Richards, 1932- DNU

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B.C. invites the world

Promotional. Preview of Expo 86, presenting footage of Vancouver, the Expo site, and the Expo Centre celebration. Also includes comments from Premier W.R. Bennett, Jim Pattison, Commissioner Patrick Reid, and visitors. Sound track includes narrat...

Our time to shine

Promotional. A celebration of the B.C. Pavilion at Expo 86. Includes history and description of the Pavilion; flashbacks to opening day and B.C. Day; speeches by Premier Bennett; footage of the various exhibits, the theatre, an excerpt from the fi...

Take a giant step

Documentary. The story of the Northeast Coal and Transportation Development. City of Tokyo and Vancouver officials sign Northeast Coal Development Agreement. Premier W.R. Bennett with Japanese officials. Various modes of transportation. Mine i...

[Bennett - CP lands]

News item. Premier Bennett at a press conference. He says the CPR made a contract, years ago, with provincial government to run the E&N line "in perpetuty," even though the CPR has sold most of the land through which it runs. Traffi...

[Bennett -- #1]

News item. Bill Bennett speaks: "Governments should be elected to do things for people, not to them. And yet in British Columbia, we have a growing civil service that brings in more restrictions, a bureaucracy that's greater in British...

[Bennett -- #2]

News item. Bill Bennett says that people between 25 and 64 are a "forgotten group". These people are the ones who pay for all the "costs and funds of government", but they do not get that much in return. They especially need ...

[Bennett -- new corporation]

News item. Premier Bill Bennett announces that British Columbia Industrial Corporation, a crown corporation, is being made a private corporation. The public will hold the majority of shares in the new corporation, and the provincial government cou...

[Bennett -- rent increase]

News item. Premier Bennett says: "This restraint shown by landlords, coupled with the restraint that responsible union leaders and management are showing now, will be the greatest boon to the continuing economic growth that is starting in Bri...

[Bennett -- the Kelly affair]

News item. The Premier says he cannot have allegations made against his party such as those on Mr. Kelly's tapes. He tries to evade questions from the media.

[Bennett -- year-ender]

News item. "1977 must be a year of restraint in our demands." says Premier Bennett in a year-end message. This pertains to "capital, labour, government, management." He says that 1977 must be a year when "each and every ...

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