Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940



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Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940

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Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940

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Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940

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Amateur film. A propaganda film, made in the early days of the Second World War. Opening with footage of a giant Empire Youth Rally at Brockton Point Oval, the film illustrates Canadian democratic values, institutions and ideals which are now threatened by fascism and war -- farming, industry, the home and family, education, racial tolerance, elections, and religious freedom. Also includes footage of First World War memorials in Vancouver and Victoria, cemeteries, Remembrance Day ceremonies and parades, and veterans. Canada's contribution to the war effort is shown through shots of recruiting stations, marching recruits, military parades, warships, etc. One lengthy sequence uses model airplanes, dramatizations, stock shots, photographs, and footage of local civil defence drills to simulate the impact of aerial attacks on British cities during the Blitz (including civilian casualties and damaged or burning buildings).

Henry S. Thuillier interview

The item consists of 5 audio recordings of an interview with Henry Thuillier.
T0501:0001: Lt. Col. H.S. Thuillier discusses his childhood in India; his family background; idea of "service"; military academy in England; enlistment; preparations for mid-east campaign; Egypt. Describes Gallipoli experience: landing; operations; evacuation; observations of Gallipoli events. Discusses views on general strategy of WW I.
T0501:0002: Lt. Col. H.S. Thuillier discusses German strategy, WW I; evaluation of Gallipoli campaign; shift to Mesopotamia; campaign along Tigris and Euphrates; meeting Cossack column; pacifying Kurdish tribesmen. Comments on Mesopotamia theatre. Discusses T.E. Lawrence and the Arab world.
T0501:0003 track 1: Lt. Col. H.S. Thuillier discusses being a gunnery instructor in England 1920s; being posted to southern India; comments on inter-war politics between major powers. Discussion of Indian affairs and British presence. T0501:0003 track 2: Discusses artillery weaponry; returning to England, 1939; being in France during the "phoney war"; French defeatism; Belgium; Blitzkrieg; retreat to Dunkerque.
T0501:0004 track 1: On the "mole" at Dunkerque. Deters German fighter planes. Defense of Britain. Assessment of "Battle of Britain". Secret mission in Ireland.
T0501:0004 track 2: In North Africa with 51st Anti-Aircraft Regiment. Military significance of North Africa. Landing in Tunisia. Views on Kasserine Pass. Retreat of Afrika Corps.
T0501:0005 track 1: Surrender of Afrika Corps. Italian campaign: Anzio, Cassino, Florence. Meeting Churchill. End of Italian campaign.
T0501:0005 track 2: Assessment of Italian campaign. Opinions on WW II strategy. Post-war world. Retiring on Vancouver Island. Proposed book. Assessment of WW II leaders.

This week in history, 1948-10-15 : [part 1, 2 & 3]

CALL NUMBER: SD0139:0032 SUMMARY: A series of dramatizations of events from international to local history. Written by Dick Diespecker and Dorwin Baird; produced by Diespecker, Wally Peters and Kay Cronin; featuring a cast of Vancouve;r actors. This episode includes segments on: the discovery of America; the death of Napoleon; spies in WWII; the assassination of the King of Yugoslavia (October 1934); the Battle of Britain (Octobe;r 1940); Winston Churchill on the Berlin Blockade; current parking space shortage in Vancouver; concern over Communists in the leadership of the IWA. SIDE 1: Part 1. SIDE 2: Part 3.;

CALL NUMBER: SD0139:0033 SUMMARY: SIDE 1: Part 2. [SIDE 2: blank.];