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A.D. Turnbull personal papers

The series consists of A.D. Turnbull's official papers as M.L.A., material relating to his time as Minister of Health and Welfare, in addition to his personal papers that reflect his association with various professional, national and community organizations.

Turnbull, Alexander Douglas

Alberta Lumber Company records

The Alberta Lumber Company, located in Vancouver's False Creek area, was founded in the 1890s by Christopher McRae and incorporated in 1903. Records of the company span the period 1904-1969 and include correspondence files (outgoing 1904-1909, incoming 1926-1950), accounting and financial records, log registers, safety files, first aid and accident reports, lumber sales records for Broadway Lumber Company and Fraser Lumber Company Personal files include: specifications for McRae family residences, Christopher McRae's bankbooks and some speeches and addresses which may have been made during McRae's term as a Liberal MLA (Vancouver City) 1924-1928.

Alberta Lumber Company

Alf Eddy interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-10-29 SUMMARY: An oral history interview with Alf Eddy, Executive Director, B.C. Branch, Canadian Bar Association. [No content summary available.];

Arthur Turner interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-03-21 SUMMARY: Arthur Turner discusses civic politics, including: early labour and social history of B.C. civic politics; the CCF's role in civic politics.;

Articles etc,

Manuscripts of articles and poems, newspaper clippings of articles, letters to the editor, and poetry. Many of the articles are on BC history and political figures. Morton was a legislative reporter and later secretary to Premier Oliver and MacLean.

Presented by Mr. Morton.

Ballots and other material

  • GR-0156
  • Series
  • 1945

The series consists of ballots (blank and marked) and general instructions on voting procedures, along with a list of returning officers for the 1945 general election.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Barnard Family records

Diary (1867), newspaper clipping books, correspondence out (1863 and 1867), deed and indenture re land of F.J. Barnard; scrapbooks and printed books of F.S. Barnard and dinner party record of Martha Amelia (Loewen) Barnard (1904-1931); F.J. Barnard clippings have been pasted in a way bill book of the British Columbia and Victoria Express Company.

Best of Emerson, no. 21

SUMMARY: "Best of Emerson" is a twice-a-week series (Monday and Friday) that ran from July 2 to September 28, 1962. In this series Vancouver's provocative conversationalist, John Emerson, discusses unusual asp;ects of Vancouver history and gives his recollections and impressions of well-known people. This episode, number 21 in the series, is about the mayors of Vancover and the city's "good old days".;

Bobby Jackson interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-07-11 SUMMARY: Bobby Jackson discusses the take-over of the Vancouver Post Office and Bloody Sunday, 1938.;

Bruce A. McKelvie papers

The records consist of correspondence, scrapbooks, notebooks and diaries, typescripts of speeches and articles, historical and political notes. It also contains a number of manuscripts, both transcripts and originals, by people other than McKelvie. Series include transcripts of books, articles and speeches; correspondence; notebooks and diaries; miscellaneous notes and material; scrapbooks; copies of nineteenth century manuscripts; and typescripts by persons other than McKelvie.
Boxes 19-50 contain miscellaneous, unsorted material.

Bruce McKelvie papers

The series includes personal correspondence; collected correspondence including an 1860 letter from Sir James Douglas to Pemberton; historical articles; drafts of historical articles; research notes including notes on Southam Company, biographical notes on Israel Wood Powell, and Ernest F. Jordan, sealer; unpublished typescript of "Saga of sealing" written by McKelvie and based upon E.F. Jordan's recollections; 1951 diary; scrapbooks on British Columbia politics and T.D. Pattullo.

Cabinet Committee on Legislation and legislation review and approval case files

  • GR-3677
  • Series
  • 1980-2001

The series consists of records created by the Cabinet Operations branch of the Office of the Premier from 1980-2001. Most records were created by various Cabinet Committees responsible for reviewing legislation, as well as some regulations and Orders-in-Council (OICs). These committees include:

Cabinet Committee on Legislation (CCL)
Cabinet Committee on Legislation and Regulations (CCLR)
Cabinet Committee on Regulations and Orders in Council
Cabinet Committee on Legislation, Regulations and Orders in Council
Cabinet/Caucus Committee on Legislation (CCCL)

Records include committee meeting minutes, correspondence, recommendations, legal advice, legislative proposals and requests for legislation. A large portion of the records are the minutes and meeting files produced by the Cabinet Committee on Legislation.

Cabinet Operations controls the process by which legislation is proposed and reviewed prior to the legislation being prepared as a Bill. These records may relate to the preparation of instructions and templates for the submission of legislative proposals, requests for legislation, or the tracking of submissions throughout the legislative approval process. This process begins when a ministry submits their legislative proposals for consideration. If a legislative proposal is approved, the ministry will be asked to develop a formal Request for Legislation (RFL). The Legislative Review Committee (LRC) will review the RFLs and make recommendations to Cabinet on policies and programs requiring change. Legislative Counsel, working with the ministry, is then responsible for drafting individual bills, acts, and regulations.

These records provide evidence of the development and coordination of this legislative review process, and include records pertaining to both new and amended legislation. The records relate to entire bills or Acts, as well as records of amendments to particular sections of an Act. These may be referred to as major or minor changes in the file list.

Where possible, the records are arranged by year or legislative session, then alphabetically by Ministry name and then alphabetically by Act name within each Ministry grouping. This arrangement may not always be followed consistently throughout the records, especially for older ones.

In some cases, records were arranged in two distinct groupings within a file folder, with records clipped to both the left and right sides. Metal clips were removed for preservation purposes, but records from the left side are face-down on top of records on the right hand side, which are arranged face-up.

The records are covered by ORCS 10610-20 (schedule 881099) and were selected for full retention.

British Columbia. Office of the Premier

Cabinet committees meeting case files

  • GR-3676
  • Series
  • 1969-2006

The series consists of records created by Cabinet committees, Deputy Ministers' committees and sub-committees between 1969 and 2005. Records include agendas, records of decisions, and meeting minutes as well as related reports, briefing notes, backgrounders, recommendations, communication plans, information packages and correspondence associated with or referenced in meetings. Most files contain records related to a particular meeting, however, there may also be subject files, publications, document requests, correspondence files, committee trips and administrative files from the committees.

Committee files provide evidence of their discussions, decisions and policy creation. Cabinet committee deliberations focus on strategic priorities and substantive issues, the acceptance or rejection of recommendations, and the early notification and review of contentious issues. Cabinet committees provide a forum for thorough analysis of an issue or fulfill mandates enunciated by statue. The Premier establishes committees, and determines their mandate, authority and membership.

Committees, subcommittees and working groups represented in the series include (listed roughly in the order in which they first appear) :

-- Cabinet Committee on Environment and Land Use (ELUC)
-- Environment and Land Use Technical Committee (ELUTC)
-- Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Environment and Land Use (DMCELU)
-- Cabinet Committee on Social Services (CCSS)
-- Deputy Ministers' Committee on Social Services (DMCSS)
-- Deputy Ministers' Committee on Social Policy (DMCSP)
-- Sub-Committee on Social Services Policy and Priorities
-- Cabinet Committee on Economic Development (CCED)
-- Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Economic Development
-- Cabinet Committee on Regional Development (CCRD)
-- Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Regional Development (DMCRD)
-- Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Sustainable Development
-- Cabinet Committee on Coal Development
-- Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Coal Development
-- Cabinet Committee on Employment Development
-- Sub-Committee on Employment Development
-- Deputy Ministers' Investment Committee
-- Interministry Committee on Regulation Reform
-- BC Task Force on Environment and Economy (E&E)
-- Wilderness Advisory Committee
-- Cabinet Committee on BC Transit
-- Cabinet Committee on Urban Transit
-- Cabinet Committee on Urban Affairs
-- Cabinet Committee on Expo Legacy
-- Deputy Ministers' Committee on Traffic Safety
-- Western Economic Policy Liaison Committee
-- Cabinet committee on Confederation
-- Cabinet committee on Alcan
-- Cabinet Committee on Housing
-- Cabinet Committee on Energy
-- Cabinet Committee on Rent Control
-- Various inter-governmental committees
-- Treaty Working Group (TWG)
-- First Nations Issues Working Group (FNIWG)
-- Green Economy Working Group (GEWG)
-- Cabinet Committee on Crown Corporations (CCCC)
-- Forestry Working Group
-- Planning and Priorities Committee (PPC or P and P)
-- Agenda Development Committee (ADC)
-- Planning Board (PB)
-- Sustainable environment fund
-- Crown management Group (of CCCC)
-- Officials Coordinating Committee on Cassiar (re: closure of Cassiar asbestos mine)
-- Commission on Resources and Environment (CORE) Liaison Committee
-- Cabinet Committee on Cultural Heritage
-- Cabinet Committee on Multiculturalism
-- Cabinet Committee on Native Affairs
-- Cabinet Committee on Aboriginal Land Claims and Self Government
-- Aboriginal Affairs working group
-- Cabinet Committee on Constitution
-- Cabinet Committee on Drug Abuse
-- Cabinet Committee on Vancouver International Airport
-- Land Use Planning Working Group
-- Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Land Use
-- Cabinet Committee Coordinating Group
-- Social Assistance Renewal Project
-- British Columbia Benefits Working Group
-- Deputy Ministers’ BC Benefits Management Group
-- National Unity Working Group
-- Government Operations Sub-Committee
-- Growth Strategies Committee
-- Income Security Review Working Group
-- Cabinet Committee on Collective Bargaining
-- Ad Hoc Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Clayoquot
-- Outreach Management Committee
-- Treaty Information Initiative Management Committee
-- Nisga’a Reference Group
-- Minister’s of State meetings
-- Working Group on Fisheries Issues
-- Joint Planning Board and Treasury Board Meetings
-- Ad Hoc Committee on Labour Legislation
-- Government Caucus Committee on Communities & Safety
-- Government Caucus Committee on Economy
-- Government Caucus Committee on Government Operations
-- Government Caucus Committee on Economy & Government Operations
-- Government Caucus Committee on Health
-- Government Caucus Committee on Natural Resources
-- Joint Government Caucus Committee on Natural Resources and Economy
-- Government Caucus Committee on Social Policy
-- Government Caucus Committee on Economy and Environment
-- Government Caucus Committee on Economy and Resource Development
-- Government Caucus Committee on Education
-- Government Caucus Committee on Cross Government Initiatives
-- Cabinet Committee on Treaties
-- Economic Council Committee
-- Belsey Land Use Task Force
-- Core Review and Deregulation Task Force

Note that committees may be identified by their full name, part of the name or an acronym in the file list.

Many files relate to Environment and Land Use Committees (ELUC). A large portion of these committee files relate to appeals for the use of land in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). The ELUC is responsible for deciding on appeals from Agricultural Land Commission decisions related to the exclusion or addition of land in the ALR. Land may be requested for exclusion from the ALR so it can be used for commercial, residential or other uses. These files may be the original application and appeal files from the Agricultural Land Commission. There are also subject files and reports on land use projects, such as the creation of parks, hydroelectric projects, mines, as well as files on subjects such as foreign ownership. These files may contain maps and other cartographic material.

The series includes Cabinet (Executive Council) meeting case files. Cabinet is chaired by the Premier and consists of all Cabinet ministers. It is the central decision-making body of government and a collective body for Cabinet ministers to decide significant government issues.

The series includes Deputy Ministers' meeting case files. This council is a strategic planning and problem-solving forum for deputy ministers, with a focus on corporate issues.

The series includes Core Review and Deregulation Task Force meeting files between 2001-2003. This task force was responsible for conducting a general review of government operations and Crown corporations, to help prepare ministry service plans.

This series also contains open cabinet meeting materials. One of the key commitments of the BC Liberal government's 2001 election platform was to hold open, televised Cabinet meetings that were broadcast live on the Internet at least once a month. The Premier of the time, Gordon Campbell, stated this was to ensure that major capital spending decisions and land-use decisions involving the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), new parks, land claims and tenure reform were decided by Cabinet in public, and not behind closed doors. From 2001 to 2004 the Liberal government held approximately 30 open cabinet meetings.

The series does not include the records of the Cabinet Committee on Legislation or the Deputy Ministers’ Committee on Legislation; these records can be found in series GR-3677.

Coloured file removal slips in the boxes indicate files which were removed for the tobacco litigation case in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Records in the series are covered by ORCS 10400-20 of schedule 881099 (Office of the Premier and Executive Council) and were scheduled for full retention. Deputy Minister's Council files are covered by ORCS 10500-20. Cabinet meeting case files are covered under ORCS 10200-20.

British Columbia. Office of the Premier

Cabinet Order-in-Council background material

  • GR-3977
  • Series
  • 1989-2003

This series consists of background materials used by members of cabinet in the creation and approval of orders-in-council (OICs) and Ministerial Orders, from 1989-2003.

The majority of these records are information sheets or resumes which identify the relevant Ministry, contact person, summary of background information, authority (such as any related legislation), concerns from Legislative Counsel, impacts of the OIC, and tracking information. The OIC number is usually stamped in the top right corner. Numbers with the prefix “M” are Ministerial Orders, not OICs.

Information sheets may be stapled to other associated supporting records such as correspondence, reference materials, financial impact statements, copies of the OIC, and coloured slips showing it has been reviewed by Legislative Counsel. Green slips note the OIC can proceed, yellow indicates certain conditions that need to be met, and red indicates the OIC may be invalid or open to challenge. Most packages do not include copies of the actual OIC.

There are also a few files relating to a 1983 OIC “reduction exercise”. This involved reviewing legislation to determine if statutory powers requiring routine OICs to have full consideration and approval of cabinet could be transferred to the Minister concerned. This change was considered so Cabinet could spend more time on “non-routine” issues.

Early OICs are grouped by the name of the Ministry responsible, and roughly chronologically within each grouping. Sheets may not clearly be labelled with the year and files may contain OICs for multiple years.

Later OICs are arranged chronologically by year and OIC number. There may not be records for every OIC number or there may be a placeholder noting where records for an OIC are not included. Each year filed chronologically may begin with files for minutes of Cabinet and other miscellaneous files related to OICS of that year.

Records in the series are covered by ORCS 10200-30 of schedule 881099 (Office of the Premier and Executive Council).

British Columbia. Office of the Premier

Cartoonists in straight jackets

RECORDED: Toronto (Ont.), 1979-04-18 SUMMARY: Recording of a public meeting at the Toronto Press Club regarding the libel suit brought against political cartoonist Bob Bierman by B.C. cabinet minister Bill Vander Zalm.

Cecil Branson interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-08-10 SUMMARY: An oral history interview with C.O.D. Branson, Barrister and Solicitor, Victoria, B.C., and a member of the Legislation Committee, B.C. Branch, Canadian Bar Association. [No content summary available.;];

Circular letters

  • GR-0050
  • Series
  • 1887-1896

The series consists of circular letters to the Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia from 1887 to 1896, from the Under Secretary of State, Ottawa.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

City hall report, 1979-??-?? : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topic is the proposed downtown remand centre for Vancouver. Rev. Art Griffin, pastor of First United Church, Vancouver, discusses the Downtown Clergy Association's concerns about the project.;

City hall report, 1979-02-08 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Report on a special community meeting regarding the expansion of the Glad Tidings Temple, Vancouver. The speakers are: Pastor Maureen Gaglardi; Bunny McDermid, Riley Park NIP Committee representative; Don Johnson, Kensington NIP committee representative; and Oscar Banfield, chairman of the community meeting.;

City hall report, 1979-04-04 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics discussed are: remand centre; floating homes; public delegations; transportation of the handicapped, Speakers; Mike Harcourt, alderman on remand centre; Stanley Burke, spokesman for floating home community; Mrs. Clyne on floating home community; Harry Rankin, alderman, on handicapped transportation; Warnett Kennedy, alderman, on public delegations.

City hall report, 1979-04-10 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics discussed are: DERA grant application; policeman for city hall. Speakers are: Doug Little, alderman; Marguerite Ford, alderman; Harry Rankin, alderman; Doug Little again.;

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