Public lands--British Columbia



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Public lands--British Columbia

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Public lands--British Columbia

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Public lands--British Columbia

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Correspondence index

  • GR-0993
  • Series
  • 1980

Alphabetical and numerical subject index to correspondence relating to the. administration of Crown lands and natural resources. It includes references to files created by various branches of the Dept. of Lands and Works (1872-1908), the Dept. of...

British Columbia. Surveys and Land Records Branch

Crown Lands records

  • GR-1088
  • Series
  • 1877-1980

Correspondence files relating to the administration, management, conservation and development of Crown lands and natural resources. Series 1: early chronological series (files created, 1877-1911). Series 2: 1912 series (files created, 1912-1917)....

British Columbia. Surveys and Land Records Branch

Parks and Outdoor Recreation operational records

  • GR-1614
  • Series
  • 1936-1985

The series consists of files created by the Parks and Outdoor Recreation Division, and its predecessor bodies, between 1936 and 1985. The files are arranged in numerical order by the parks file code number.These records document reserves on land ...

British Columbia. Parks and Outdoor Recreation Division

Wilderness Advisory Committee records

  • GR-1601
  • Series
  • 1981-1986

The series consists of Wilderness Advisory Committee records, created between 1981 and 1986 and consist of transcripts of the proceedings of the public meetings (January, February 1986), submissions, exhibits, report (Wilderness Mosaic), administr...

British Columbia. Wilderness Advisory Committee