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Business records--British Columbia--Vancouver Island

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Account books

Series consists of account books of the Thoburn Grocery, Esquimalt, proprietor, Philip David Johnston.

British Columbia Cement Company Limited fonds

  • PR-2319
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1900-1983]

The fonds consists of the records of the British Columbia Cement Company and mainly relates to the company cement plant at Bamberton, B.C. Other locations of company activity and the creation of records were Tod Inlet in Saanich, B.C., Texada Island, B.C. and the Vancouver Island locations of Cobble Hill and Horne Lake. The records were created ca. 1900 to 1982, though predominantly after 1950. The fonds includes records from the 1960s and 1970s when the company became a subsidiary of Ocean Cement Ltd.

From the 1920s to the 1960s, the products of the British Columbia Cement Company were used to build much of the infrastructure of the province. Before 1958 the B.C. Cement Company was virtually the sole supplier of cement in British Columbia.

Most prominently, record types include: technical drawings, maps, plans, diagrams and architectural drawings; correspondence and memoranda; equipment manuals, operating guides, catalogues and bulletins; photographs; research reports and technical studies; cement plant shift log books; weekly and monthly reports on labour, production and manufacturing costs; daily journals for materials purchased (stores received); reports of chemical data regarding cement testing; budget papers and financial reports, and deliveries log books (journal recordings of product sold). Other record types include: company publications and employee newsletters; quotations for goods and services; complete technical journals and magazines, (and individual articles); news clippings; company annual reports; brochures, pamphlets and flyers; committee minutes; conference proceedings; staff lists and seniority lists; org charts; plant operation flow charts and stock certificate books.

A large number of the records (including textual materials, technical drawings, maps and photographs) were generated by the activities of cement production. These include records related to quarrying; rock and materials handling; the kiln, dry mill and wet mill operations; the electrical department; the purchase and consumption of fuel including coal and oil; cement packing; chemical testing, quality control and research; the sale and shipping of cement; the purchase, operation and maintenance of equipment, and environmental monitoring. Records were created in departments of the plant including the laboratory, by the plant chemist and research and quality control staff, at the quarries, the wet mill, the dry mill, the mixing department, the kiln department, electrical department, and the cement packing plant. Other company activities that generated records include mineral exploration, property acquisition and appraisal, and the transition to closing the plant. There are relatively few records from before the 1950s.

The records were also generated by routine business activities including company administration, corporate planning, annual reporting, union agreements and labour-management relations, budgeting, auditing and financial issues, personnel and staff training. Records were created by company executives, by staff in the plant main office, by the plant manager, the plant engineer, the purchasing agent and personnel manager.

A relatively small number of records were inherited from predecessor companies. These include records which originated with the Vancouver Portland Cement Company Limited, founded by Robert Pim Butchart, which produced cement at Tod Inlet. Some records originated with the British company, the Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers (London) and its subsidiary, the Portland Cement Construction Company Limited, which purchased the land and built the Bamberton cement plant ca. 1911-1913.

Records concerning Tod Inlet include photographs ca. 1905-1913, of the first arrival of machinery and early photos of the cement plant. There are also plant technical drawings and maps relating to the Tod Inlet area, and textual records concerning B.C. Cement Company's continuing ownership of property in Saanich. Records for the Bamberton plant and townsite date from 1911; these include photographs of historic value of the first development on the site in 1912-1913. Many photos were taken by professionals, and it appears they were created and maintained by company staff in order to document the history of the company. Records for Blubber Bay on Texada Island (ca. 1929-1949) include photographs, textual material, and technical drawings. Records relating to Cobble Hill, B.C. (ca. 1950-1975) relate to investigation for mineral deposits, company property holdings, mapping, quarry operation, and the building of the private haul road from Cobble Hill to Bamberton.

The fonds also consists of records for locations where the company owned properties or carried out exploration for minerals, aerial photography and mapping. These include Davies Bay on Texada Island, and Vancouver Island locations including Horne Lake, Deep Bay, and Harris Creek in the Cowichan Valley.

The records include a history of British Columbia Cement Company by a long-time company employee, Robert H. (Bob) Moffatt. It was researched, written and updated between 1976 and 1981.

British Columbia Cement Company Limited

British Columbia Electric Railway Company records

The series consists of records created by the B.C. Electric Railway Company and its predecessors, 1861-1944.

Series includes financial records of the Victoria Gas Company, 1861-1904, Victoria Electric Illuminating Company, 1887-1890 and the National Electric Tramway and Lighting Company, 1889-1944.

The series also includes records and correspondence of the local manager, legal department, Light and Power Department, traffic superintendent, etc. newspaper clippings of the British Columbia Electric Railway, 1897-1944; and records of the Vancouver Island Power Company, 1910-1944.

Business papers

Business papers consisting of correspondence with Thomas W. Glaholm, 1888, Elijah Ganner, 1887, various attorneys, 1885-1892, the Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, 1889; various indentures and agreements (mainly relating to land), 1871-1910; purchase of shares in the Barbara Boscowitz )steamer) and Annie E. Paint (sealing schooner), 1883-1895; miscellaneous land sales and purchases, 1884-1889; land purchases in Port Angeles, 1889; share certificates, 1890-1899; memos regarding the North Pacific Canning Company, 1891-1899; powers of attorney granted to Johnson, 1887- 1894; his appointment and resignation as Nanaimo Police Commissioner 1896-1898 telegrams, 1886-1887; and various receipts and bills, 1882-1889. This unit contains the private receipts of Robert Pool 1871-1874.

A.R. Johnson Company

Declarations of partnership

  • GR-1950
  • Series
  • 1929-1952

Declarations of partnership (Nos. 115-378).

British Columbia. County Court (Cumberland)

Declarations of partnership

  • GR-1951
  • Series
  • 1952-1970

Declarations of partnership (Nos. 379-877).

British Columbia. County Court (Courtenay)

Firm declaration book

  • GR-2373
  • Series
  • 1910-1970

The series is a volume from the Courtenay County Court created between 1910 and 1970. It is a firm declaration book listing numbers 1-877. Includes notes re dissolution.

British Columbia. County Court (Courtenay)

Fort Nanaimo fonds

  • PR-1686
  • Fonds
  • 1854-1861

The fonds consists of the wastebook [accounts book] of Fort Nanaimo, reflecting the various activities of the HBC in the Nanaimo area.

Hudson's Bay Company. Fort Nanaimo


  • GR-2273
  • Series
  • 1894-1941

Partnership index, 1894-1941; individual index, 1894-1906. These are indexes to the partnership declarations in GR-2225.

British Columbia. County Court (Nanaimo)

Kenneth McKenzie family personal and business papers

The McKenzie Family collection consists of the business and personal papers of Kenneth McKenzie (1811-1874), his ancestors and descendants, including correspondence, notebooks, diaries, and other papers. It documents over one hundred and fifty years of family history. The collection is divided into those records relating to Vancouver Island (Boxes 1-19) and those relating to Scotland (Boxes 20-25). The Vancouver Island papers contain correspondence and documents pertaining to Lakehill Farm, the settlement of estates, official appointments, and other family matters. They also chronicle the organization and operation of Craigflower Farm and, to a lesser extent, the other farms operated by the Puget's Sound Agricultural Company on Vancouver Island. The Scottish papers document family events, relationships and property from 1779 to 1852. Included is an extensive record of the protracted settlement of the estate of William Blair (Boxes 22-23). William Blair was the father of Janet McKenzie (Blair).

Born in Edinburgh October 5, 1811, the son of Dr. Kenneth McKenzie (1786-1844) and Janet Blair (1784-1820), Kenneth McKenzie was raised and educated in the same city. Later he moved to his father's estate of Rentonhall, Haddingtonshire, East Lothian where he managed the operations. The estate was sold in 1851 and McKenzie, his wife Agnes Russell (1823-1897) and their six children emigrated to Vancouver Island in 1853. McKenzie had been hired by the Puget's Sound Agricultural Company to oversee the establishment and operation of Craigflower Farm near Victoria. In 1866 the family, now with eight children, moved to Lakehill Farm just north of Victoria. Kenneth McKenzie died there April 10, 1874. A comprehensive biography of Kenneth McKenzie by William R. Sampson is in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, X, pp.477-479. A rough genealogy of the McKenzie Family is provided in the hardcopy version of the finding aid.

Numbers appearing at the upper left corner of documents are references to the old catalogue system and should not be used for citation.

Boxes 1-4: Kenneth McKenzie (1811-1874) and family: correspondence inward
Box 5: McKenzie, Kenneth (1846-1906): correspondence inward
Box 6: Kenneth McKenzie (1811-1874) and Kenneth McKenzie (1846-1906): correspondence outward
Box 7: Kenneth McKenzie (1811-1874): notebooks and personal papers
Box 8: McKenzie Family: notebooks, diaries, correspondence and personal papers
Box 9: McKenzie Family: material relating to Lakehill property
Boxes 10-18: Craigflower Farm
Box 19: Puget's Sound Agricultural Company
Boxes 20-25: McKenzie family: material relating to Scotland. N.B. See also box 25 for further material relating to the estate of William Blair, d.1800

Macmillan Bloedel Limited. Alberni Pacific Division.

Schedule showing wages paid to apprentices, equipment operators, laborers, tradesmen, etc. at the Alberni operations of Macmillan Bloedel and its predecessors, 1930-1979. Includes wage scale surveys and nominal lists of Chinese, East Indians and Japanese employed at Great Central Sawmill, 1934-1941.

Loaned for microfilming by Harvey Dion, Macmillan Bloedel, Alberni Pacific Division, 1981.

MacMillan Bloedel. Alberni Pacific Division

Manson's store (Nanaimo) records

Ledgers, 1885-1940; daily records of sales, 1912-1919, and 1947-1955; records including lists of goods supplied in account with Dept. of Indian Affairs, 1954-1956; treasurer's book, Ebenezer Methodist Church (Nanaimo), 1882-1920; minute books, Nanaimo and Cedar Farmers' Institute, 1916-1923.

Purchased from William Hoffer, Bookseller, Vancouver, 1977.

Finding aid: volume list.

Manson's Store

Nanaimo County Court firm index book and individual index book

  • GR-3189
  • Series
  • 1941-1966

Firm index book (vol. 1) and individual index book (vol. 2) with registrations #743-1554. The entries give the registration number, the name of the firm, the names of persons composing the firm and the date of the declaration. There are annotations of dissolution date in red ink.

British Columbia. County Court (Nanaimo)

Quatsino General Store fonds

  • PR-2164
  • Fonds
  • [ca. 1914-1917]

Fonds consists of a store ledger. Includes a list of accounts by name of client. The beginning of the volume includes an index.

General Store (Quatsino, B.C.)

Record books and other material

Series consists of output Books (7 volumes): No. 1 Slope, 1890, No. 2 Slope, 1890-1891, 1897-1898, No. 4 Mine, 1900, 1907-1908 and No. 5 Mine, 1908-1910; inventory/stores books (4 volumes), 1895-1902, and an employment record book (1 volume), ca. 1934-1954.

Record of account for the Esquimalt operation

Originally the Esquimalt Marine Railway Co. the British Columbia Marine Railways Company (inc. 1898) was purchased by Sir Alfred Yarrow in 1913. This was a ship repairing and ship building enterprise with slips in Esquimalt Victoria and Vancouver. Essentially a multi-tracked railway bearing a large cradle capable of supporting a ship the marine railway provided an alternative to dry-docking. This volume entitled Record of Cost is an account book for the Esquimalt operation. Costs listed include jobs as well as costs incurred by plant expansion and repair.