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Bench book

  • GR-2086
  • Series
  • 1889-1891

Bench book for County Court civil and Supreme Court chambers cases heard at Chilliwack, 1889-1891, by Judge W.N. Bole. The volume includes records relating to cases heard at his residence in New Westminster. It also frequently includes his reasons for judgement.

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Bench books

  • GR-2085
  • Series
  • 1898-1905

Bench books for cases heard in Chilliwack County Court, 1898-1905, by Judge W.N. Bole. Also includes entries from Small Debts Court, 1898-1902.

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Bench books

  • GR-2087
  • Series
  • 1912-1954

Bench books for County court cases heard at Chilliwack, 1912-1954, by Judges F.W. Howay, H.D. Ruggles, J.N. Ellis, J.D. Swanson, H.J. Sullivan, and F.K Grimmett. These are a mix of civil and criminal records and include notes by Judge Howay regarding his final day on the bench in Chilliwack, 1937.

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Blanche Voight interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1963-04-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mrs. Voight recounts early settlers in Ryder Lake and the Chilliwack Valley; Bob Walters; John Ryder; activities of settlers; Parson's Hill; farming; seed growing; logging; post office; schools; stores; Elk Mountain; Ryder Lake Women's Institute; squatters; churches; community life. [TRACK 2: blank.]

[British Columbia Indians, ca. 1941]

Amateur film. Miscellaneous footage taken during the time that Miss Gerry worked as a nurse for the federal Dept. of Indian and Northern Affairs. Includes footage of Indian reserves and villages, celebrations and school children; a First Communion procession at St. Paul's Indian Catholic Church in North Vancouver; hospital and clinic scenes; residential schools and Coqualeetza Indian School and Hospital; Cariboo highway and scenery; Williams Lake Stampede; etc. Also includes OUR CARIBOO NEIGHBORS, a discrete two-reel film that depicts a 1941 automobile journey to visit Indian reserves and missions in the Cariboo. For a detailed content summary of OUR CARIBOO NEIGHBORS, see item description AAAA5215.

Busy season in the lower Fraser Valley

The item is a b&w documentary film from the 1920s. "Harvesting grain by tractor. Stooks. Threshing by "gas power" -- thresher driven by a belt from the tractor. Sacking grain. Trucks taking it away. Sacks being loaded into CP boxcars. Train pulls out and passes acres of hops being picked. Hop pickers weighing their baskets. Two-horse load of hops. Scenes of workers' camp, nurse, community newspaper, kid's playground. Hops unloaded at processing plant. Hop-curing sheds. Dairy barn. Tobacco-drying sheds at Sumas. Tobacco harvesting, curing. Ploughing match at Chilliwack. Two-horse teams and tractors." (Colin Browne)

Captain Hollis Young interview

CALL NUMBER: T0696:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-02-15 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Captain Young recalls his family's arrival in BC in 1889, and their work with sternwheelers carrying passengers and cargo on the Fraser River. He speaks about various boats the family owned; the shipping service; incidents; tow-boating, his work on the government dredge for twenty-one years; James Island. He recalls conditions on the Fraser route; customers; navigation; C.P.R. competition; the "Ramona", the "Paystreak", the "Hamlin" and the "New Westminster". TRACK 2: Captain Young continues with his recollections of his work along the Fraser; competition from the BC Electric Railway; local boat building; the flood of 1894; a May 24th excursion to Harrison Hot Springs; the Western Navigation Company, the "Ramona", and the "Paystreak"; Langley's waterfront hotels; crew; boat accommodation and navigation. He talks about his early family life and boating; travel to Chilliwack; accidents; seasonal navigation difficulties, and learning navigation.

CALL NUMBER: T0696:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1961-02-15 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Captain Young talks about his early boating years with his father; navigation licenses; and nostalgia for sternwheelers. [TRACK 2: blank.]

[Cariboo region, Vancouver, Fraser Valley]

Footage. A film showing tourism and commerce in three areas: the Cariboo region around 100 Mile House, Vancouver, and the upper Fraser Valley. Cariboo region subjects include fishing, motoring, horseback riding, boating, hiking, pioneer buildings, a covered wagon, and ranching. In Vancouver the focus is shipping. Upper Fraser Valley subjects include Chilliwack businesses and residences, agriculture, outdoor recreation, Hope area campgrounds, Fort Hope Lodge, hiking, boating, and horseback riding. Visitors cross the Fraser River in a canoe to see a waterfall.

Cash book and debt attachment book

  • GR-2374
  • Series
  • 1892-1959

Most of this volume is a cash book for the sale of law stamps, 1951-1959 (p.34-219). It is also the Debt Attachment book (indexed), 1892-1895 (p.1-15) & 1910 (p.28-29). Records relating to expenses and results from the "1900 Provincial Election for the Riding of Chilliwack" (p.17-20) and expenses of the "Provincial Election - Chilliwack Electoral District, 1907" (p. 21-24).

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Cause books

  • GR-2141
  • Series
  • 1920-1971

Chilliwack County Court probate cause books 1920 - 1971

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Cause books

  • GR-2142
  • Series
  • 1916-1981

This series consists of probate cause books from the Chilliwack Supreme Court, 1916-1981.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Chilliwack)

Charles Bell interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1963-03-13 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Charlie Bell recalls his father; George Bell, who in 1872 pre-empted land on Fairfield Island in Chilliwack; other early settlers; Sheep Macdonald; freighters Joe Deroche and Sam Macdonald; old timers; the Garner family; the family farm and farming in the area; local Indians; the Kilby Store and the Menten family; the Deroche area and Nicomen Island; local characters; Malcolm. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Chilliwack and Fraser Valley way points

The item consists of a film record of BC Electric passenger railway routes and interurban service in the Fraser Valley. It shows the line's last run before it shut down in 1950. One sections documents the entire route, from the Interurban Train Depot at Hastings and Carrall in Vancouver, through New Westminster, across the Fraser River, through Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley Prairie, Clayburn, Abbotsford (and other way points) to Chilliwack. Derelict cars are scrapped and burned at the Kitsilano yards under Burrard Street Bridge.

Chilliwack County Court civil case files

  • GR-2392
  • Series
  • 1947-1949

Civil case files, 1947-1949 with the exception of probate/estate files (GR-2205) which are filed separately.

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Chilliwack County Court plaint and procedure books

  • GR-2131
  • Series
  • 1913-1977

Plaint and procedure books, 1898-1977; Small Debts Court cause book, 1903-1907; list of naturalizations, 1913; and list of probates, 1913. Indexes included for some volumes.

Plaint and procedure books contain primarily civil cases. The volume covering 1970-1977 contains primarily criminal cases, including appeals and cases under the Speedy Trials Act.

British Columbia. County Court (Chilliwack)

Chilliwack creditor's relief procedure book

  • GR-3233
  • Series
  • 1903-1975

Creditor's relief procedure book (indexed); includes the file number, name of claimant, name of debtor, chronological entry of proceedings, amount of the debt, and costs.

British Columbia. Court Registry (Chilliwack)

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