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A Holiday at Clinton, B.C., 1889

The file consists of one album of 14 photographs containing views of outdoor group portraits of identified members of the Langley and F.W. Foster families and others picnicking and hunting in the area around Clinton.

An image of “A holiday at Clinton, B.C. 1889,” handwritten and framed in lace, has been adhered to the front cover. “Photographs taken by W.H. Langley (son of A.J. Langley) on a visit to the F.W. Fosters at Clinton 1889” is written in blue ink on the inside cover. Pages are made of card, with a thin layer of paper adhered to the front, punched with two holes, and tied (bound) with white string. Photographs have been cut into circles 9.8 cm in diameter and adhered to album pages with unknown adhesive. Each photograph was printed with varying patterned borders 1 cm wide.

A piece of blue paper has been taped to the inside cover, listing members of the “upper ten” (see attached File List). A photograph consisting of a copy of “Looking down the valley,” framed with ribbon, and the words “Near the lake where drooped the willows long time ago” has been adhered to the outside back cover.

Original titles were added by the creator. “These photographs identified by Mr. Fred Foster (F.W. Foster) 1842 Feltham Road, March 31. 1963” is written on verso of the first page and Foster’s notations are written on the verso of a photograph’s preceding page in blue ink.

Antoine Boitano interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Antoine Boitano talks about some aspects of the Cariboo, from 1880 to 1910. He discusses his family background, his father Augustine Boitano, the packer Jean Caux ("Cataline"), his father's pack train, ranches of the Chilcotin in 1890s, Jackass Mountain, freight wagons, the Koster family, an incident with a mule, race horses, the annual ball at Clinton, and music. Mr. Boitano plays the fiddle for the interviewer. [TRACK 2: blank.]

Assize calendars from various locations

  • GR-1926
  • Series
  • 1870-1965

Criminal assize calendars for Victoria. Also includes criminal assize calendars for Yale, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Clinton, Richfield, Kamloops, Quesnellemouth, Cassiar, Laketon, Glenora and Lytton, 1870s.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Bench book

  • GR-2034
  • Series
  • 1871

Bench book of civil and criminal cases heard by Justice H.P.P. Crease on circuit at Yale, Clinton and Richfield, 1871.

British Columbia. Supreme Court

Between ourselves : The Bryants

SUMMARY: "Between Ourselves" was a weekly series of hour-long radio programs that presented Canada to Canadians. It featured aspects of Canadian life in docudramas, plays, music, and interviews, originating fr;om different regions of Canada. The series ran from 1966 to 1979. This episode, "The Bryants", presents the story of the Bryant family and their experiences as settlers and ranchers in the Cariboo in ;the 1920s and 1930s. The voices heard are those of Phyllis Bryant Kellis and her children -- Jane Lehman, Caroline Moffat, Florence ("Bunch") Trudeau, and Alfred Bryant.;

Bills of sale and orders-in-council

  • GR-1825
  • Series
  • 1873-1912, 1914-1922

Register of bills of sale, 1873-1912 (case nos. 1-856). This register is primarily for Clinton, but also includes bills of sale from Williams Lake, Canoe Creek, and Ashcroft. Copies of orders-in-council relating to the administration of bills of sale are also included. An alphabetical index to the names of grantors listed in this volume is tucked into the front cover. An alphabetical index to the names of grantees was later discovered in a different accession and is available in 002340-1022.

The series also consists of several type-written pages of bills of sale and chattel mortgages dating from 1914 to 1922. The 1914-1922 records were originally transferred with registers of bills of sale from Kamloops, but were not found to match the Kamloops records. The case numbers run from 1047 to 1598 and cover bills of sale from Ashcroft, Upper Hat Creek, Clinton, Lillooet and Lytton. A comparison between many of the grantor and grantee names in the 1912 and 1914 records suggests that both sets of records belong to the same series.

Related Orders-in-Council:

OIC: established C.E. Pope with authority for Polling Divisions of Williams Lake, Canoe Creek and Clinton, 25 Apr 1873

OIC: Lillooet named as a district (based at Clinton) for Bills of Sale, 1 Oct 1895

OIC: Cariboo district also to be handled at Clinton for Bills of Sale, 9 Jan 1896

OIC: changing base of County Court of Cariboo from Ashcroft to Clinton, 23 May 1905

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

[Cariboo road]

Footage. A travel film presenting outdoor attractions and community life along the highways linking the Fraser Canyon to Clinton and Lillooet. Featured are swimming, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, motoring through the Fraser Canyon and accommodations such as hotels, resorts and auto courts. Community subjects include children clowning and swimming, ranching, railway trains, a covered wagon, native basketry for sale, building and students at St. George's Indian Residential School (Lytton), abandoned roadhouses, and the towns of Lytton, Spences Bridge, Ashcroft, Clinton and Lillooet. In the last sequence on the reel, townsfolk in Lillooet extract a vintage automobile from an old garage, push it onto the town’s main street, and start it up.

Chilcotin journey with Phyllis Kellis

CALL NUMBER: T1782:0001 - 0004 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970-06 SUMMARY: A series of recordings made by Imbert Orchard on a trip through the Cariboo-Chilcotin area with Mrs. Phyllis Bryant Kellis in June 1970 . The object of the trip was to retrace the Bryant family's journey from Clinton to Tatla Lake between 1919 and 1924. Mr. Orchard and Mrs. Kellis comment on both journeys, and talk to local people who recall the area as it was then. Portions of the recordings were used by Orchard in his CBC program "The Chilcotin Revisited" (T3289:0001). The tapes include ambient sound and commentary recorded at various locations, as well as the voices of: Peggy Keefe, Jim Keefe, Clarence Roberts, Elliot Weisgarber and other unidentified speakers. Locations visited include Clinton, Soda Creek, and the ferry across the Fraser River near Soda Creek.

CALL NUMBER: T1782:0001 tracks 1 - 4 [CDR] RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970-06 SUMMARY: [Dubbed from source reels T1782:01 to T1782:04.] Track 1: Mrs. Kellis discusses her 3-day train ride, the beauty of the countryside, the Clinton hotel, and hotel manager Charlie Miner. (7 minutes) Track 2: Peggy Keefe describes how she came to know the Bryant family. The school near Soda Creek that Jane, Caroline and Alfred Bryant attended. She recalls the children and the piano. (5 minutes) Track 3: Jim Keefe recalls the Bryant family: their meals, their log cabin where, the family preparing for their trip. Sound of a train going by. Clarence Roberts discusses the Overland Charter Telegraph in Soda Creek, Mrs. Bryant (who cared for his mother in 1954), the old community hall, the old hotel, and a description of the town in earlier times. (13 minutes) Track 4: Unidentified speaker discusses a person who brought farming equipment to Soda Creek from Alberta 50 years earlier, then decided that the area was too rocky to farm, so sold his things and went home. The speaker describes the town as it was then, ferrymen, and members of the community. (13 minutes)

CALL NUMBER: T1782:0001 tracks 5 - 7 [CDR] RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970-06 SUMMARY: [Dubbed from source reels T1782:05 to T1782:07.] Track 5: Recorded at the ferry dock 1 mile below Soda Creek. Mr. Orchard describes the landscape. Mrs. Kellis describes the ferry dock, and tells a story about a cougar and a dog. The recording continues on the ferry as it crosses the river. Ambience. Mrs. Kellis recalls where some gold was found. Discussion turns to the log cabin where the Bryants lived in Meldrum Creek. Mrs. Kellis describes where the well was dug. (11 minutes) Track 6: Mrs. Kellis continues the cougar story, and recalls the history of this specific cabin, where they lived after they leaving Sutton. The cabin as it is now, described by Mr. Orchard. Ranching in the U.S. and in B.C. Specific fences they used to keep away moose. Bachelors on ranches. (11 minutes) Track 7: A description of Buckskin Creek as an introduction to Jim Keefe's home, where the Bryants stayed after living at the Alger house. Mrs. Kellis describes the house, where lived there for a year to be closer to the school. The Gentle place near Charlie Ross' property just after the family lived at Sutton. An anecdote about chopping wood. Her feelings about the home at Bruin Ranch. Mr. Orchard describes the woods they have passed through to get to another log house owned by Mr. Sutton at Meldrum Creek. (11 minutes)

CALL NUMBER: T1782:0002 [CDR] RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970-06 SUMMARY: [Dubbed from source reels T1782:09 to T1782:14.] Track 1: A speaker (possibly Willena Hodson) discusses how a home was broken into and robbed. Mr. Orchard describes the rooms and their functions. The house was built between 1914 and 1918. Mrs. Kellis recalls what the house was like when her family lived there. The first stagecoaches belonged to Mr. Hodson, just beyond Riske Creek and the Dark Cabin where Indians lived. (12 minutes) Track 2: Ambient sounds, followed by an interview with an unidentified man about different ways of getting to Williams Lake, ranching, working the cattle, economics of ranching, and a German princess who bought a ranch in the area. (7 minutes) Track 3: Most of the ranches in the sera have stayed with the same families over generations. The unidentified man discusses his family's ranch, and how the ranch may be shared/split in the future. Anna French describes the Bryant family upon their arrival at the Knowles place, the family as they were at Tatla Lake, Cyrus Bryant's father, life in Anahim Lake, feeding cattle in winter, and the "lively" Bryant children. (13 minutes) Track 4: Mrs. Kellis recalls the school teacher. A sink she installed. She describes another home the family lived in at Tatla Lake, the old chicken roost built by Cyrus and his father, and the barn. (9 minutes) Track 5: Mrs. Kellis discusses: a uncompleted bridge, more about the barn, a story about Alfred knocking himself out, a fight with the Graeme family and the pranks the kids pulled, more description of the landscape, One-Eye Lake, local families, and the four kids they boarded. (11 minutes) Track 6: Mrs. Kellis discusses the mountains in the distance; she was so busy that she never had an opportunity to appreciate scenery. Walks the family would take. How she felt about living at Tatla Lake as compared to Anahim Lake. Getting work in Williams Lake. Teaching kids to dance. Her first trip to Bella Coola from Williams Lake in the summer of 1930. (14 minutes)

CALL NUMBER: T1782:0003 [CDR] RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970-06 SUMMARY: [Dubbed from source reels T1782:15 to T1782:19.] Track 1: Mrs. Kellis tells a story about apples being kept in the cellar, where Alfred would often smuggle them out to the other kids. More description and editorial by Mr. Orchard of the home and the Johnny Bull Creek and stream at Tatla Lake. Mrs. Kellis discusses what happened to the school when the family moved to Williams Lake, the whitewashed logs that they used to build the cabin, paint and colors. (12 minutes) Track 2: Ambience. Description of the location: the meadows around Tatla Lake during a race. More ambience. Harry McGhee, who was the postmaster at Tatla Lake, describes and discusses the meaning of Tatlayoko Lake: big wind. He describes his experience of coming to live at Williams Lake and then Tatlayoko Lake. (16 minutes) Track 3: Mr. McGhee continues by describing his first winter in Canada. His first impressions of the Bryant family. What life was like at that time. Tommy Hudson, who owned a freight ride. The small mills in the 1940s, and the effects on local ranchers of corporate mills. Mechanization. Ranches sold to outsiders. (12 minutes) Track 4: Mr. McGhee continues, discussing his garden, a character named Benny Franklin who opened up many roads in the area, stores in Williams Lake, a man named Sutton, experiences in winter trapping, and stories about Indians. (15 minutes) Track 5: Ambience. Discussion with an unidentified man about the Bryants when they lived at Tatla Lake. He tells stories about eggs, Tatla Lake snowfalls, freighting, his first impressions on meeting the Bryants at Tatla Lake, a story about a bull the Bryants owned, and his impressions of their house. (13 minutes)

CALL NUMBER: T1782:0004 [CDR] RECORDED: [location unknown], 1970-06 SUMMARY: [Dubbed from source reel T1782:20.] Track 1: An unidentified woman (possibly Lillian Collier) discusses the stampede at Riske Creek many years prior, Indians, Joe Elkins, country dances, rodeos, and the impact of alcohol on the Indian people. (11 minutes)

Clinton County Court civil case files

  • GR-3619
  • Series
  • 1888-1930

The series consists of bills of sale, chattel mortgages, correspondence and related court documents for cases heard in the Clinton County Court between 1888 and 1930. The series is arranged chronologically and by case number and covers civil disputes in the immediate vicinity of Clinton. The series also contains several probate cases that were filed in the County Court. These are for Max Hoffman (died 1919, case dated 1922), George Lasher (died February 1924, case dated 1924), Charles Truran (died November 1918, case dated 1924), Laurence Arthur Killgore (died November 1923, case dated 1924), and Edmond Lambert (died July 1923, case dated 1924). The records in this series are covered by ORCS 51100-20 of the Court Services schedule 100152.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton County Court orders and judgments

  • GR-3622
  • Series
  • 1972-1975

The series consists of orders and judgments created in Clinton County Court between 1972 and 1975. The series also consists of one index volume. The records include cases related to payment of wages, mechanic’s liens, and small claims. This volume also includes divorces. The series is covered by ORCS 51100-32 in Court Services schedule 100152.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton County Court plaint and procedure book

  • GR-1648
  • Series
  • 1914-1984

This series contains a plaint and procedure book, January 1914 January 1952 (No. 1/1914- No. 10/1951). This volume also includes Supreme Court civil cases, January 1922-July 1952 (No. 1/1922 - No. 14/1952)- and County Court criminal cases. Indexes are included. The series also consists of container 929018-0028 with a 1953-1956 plaint and procedure book (index included), and indexes for the period 1957 to 1984. Plaint and procedure books for 1957 to 1984 do not appear to have been transferred to the Archives.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton County Court plaint and procedure books

  • GR-0568
  • Series
  • 1867-1913

Plaint and procedure books for County Court of Lillooet, 1867-1874, including cases heard at Clinton, 1867-1895. Also include one Registrar's record book for County Court of Lillooet at Clinton, 1895-1910.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton County Court probate/estate files

  • GR-3130
  • Series
  • 1884

Probate case files from the County Court, 1884, 1939, 1957-1960 and from the Supreme Court, 1960-1972. Also caveats, 1974-1976.

British Columbia. County Court (Clinton)

Clinton Hotel

Copy of published photo of hotel with ox team and covered wagons (see A-00436), short history of hotel and its tavern and stove, and poem "The Clinton Stove" by "Silvertip" Brown, New York City, Feburary 1, 1938.

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