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Coast Salish

  • UF Coast Salish Indians
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George Draney interview : [Brower, 1983]

CALL NUMBER: T4130:0001 RECORDED: Bella Coola (B.C.), 1983-09 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: The "grease trail"; other means of transport; Indian fishing. TRACK 2: History of the Draney family; cannery operations; the Draneys in Bella Coola.;

CALL NUMBER: T4130:0002 RECORDED: Bella Coola (B.C.), 1983-09 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Early life in Bella Coola; history of logging on the central coast of B.C. TRACK 2: Logging on the central coast; early Bella Coola.;

CALL NUMBER: T4130:0003 RECORDED: Bella Coola (B.C.), 1983-09 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Indians in Bella Coola; building the road; environmental impact of logging. TRACK 2: Fisheries problems; work ethic; miscellaneous.;

Louis Miranda interviews, 1979

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-02-16 SUMMARY: Squamish Chiefs. Chief Joe Capilano. Other Squamish Chiefs. CALL NUMBER: T4356:0001 - 0014 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979 SUMMARY: Interviews with Louis Miranda covering a variety of topics, including Squamish chiefs, Indian dancing, Indian agents, fishing, bootlegging, canneries, logging, and Christianity.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-03-02 SUMMARY: The Durieu System. Indian agents. Indian dancing. Kitsilano sale.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0003 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-03-07 and/or 10 SUMMARY: Kitsilano sale. Squamish River fishing. Fishing rights activity. Kitsilano sale, 1913. Fishing meetings, ca. 1920.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0004 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-03-16 SUMMARY: Longshoring, North Vancouver; unions; meeting with John Oliver. Enlistments -- World War One & Two; conscription. Ditchburn hops.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0005 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-03-30 SUMMARY: Hop camps. Berry-picking in Washington.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0006 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-06 SUMMARY: Canneries: Great Northern, St. Mungo, Terra Nova. Dr. D. Bell-Irving. Bootlegging; "Siwash". Vancouver underworld. Squamish hop ranch? Moodyville biography [or] directory.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0007 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-12 SUMMARY: Squamish amalgamation. Logging. Squamish Valley. One Big Union.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0008 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-27 SUMMARY: Squamish personal names. Royal Commission. Kitsilano history. Canneries. Hand logging. Half breeds [sic] at Moodyville [School?]. 1876 census.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0009 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-05-04 SUMMARY: Commercial fishing. Dock workers and unions. Moodyville half breeds [sic]. Drinking: then and now. Up Squamish whites. Indian houses. Oblate priests. Hyass Joe, Andy Paull, Simon Pierre.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0010 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-05-07 SUMMARY: Confirmations and bishops' visits. Funeral practices. Signs and warning of death. Medical services. Political protests. Fishing right -- Charlie case, 1925. Relief payments.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0011 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-06-01 SUMMARY: Living conditions, 1914-1945: World War One, Depression, World War Two. Squamish Bands funds and welfare. Work and welfare/relief. Work of early Chiefs. Squamish Jim. Big Flu epidemic, 1918-1919. Smallpox. Medical services.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0012 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-10-10 SUMMARY: Squamish Chiefs. Brass bands. Early elections. Councillors. Timber sales.

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0013 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-10-24 SUMMARY: Fishing, Squamish River. Squamish funeral ceremonies, 20th century. Potlatches amd namings. Spuds. Various Chiefs.;

CALL NUMBER: T4356:0014 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-11-22 SUMMARY: Important events. Settlement at Mission Indian Reserve. Church and Christianity. Amalgamation. Drugs and alcohol. Land question. Andy Paull.

Cowichan petition

Item consists of a petition to authorities in London prepared for Cowichan Tribe regarding Cowichan possession of their land. The petition cites and quotes at length the royal proclamation of King George III of 1763 recognizing title to the land. The petition was likely prepared by Arthur O'Meara and Charles Tate.

Songhees agreement for removal to Cadboro Bay

Item consists of one handwritten document addressed to the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs (I.W. Powell) and signed by members of Songhees First Nation. It is dated February 7, 1881. The signatories are: Chish; Koo-lai-mult; Koo-lai-sa lue; Hul tsai mult; Quoss l sits; Whe-nook; Lipp; Sala-hala-noo; Louis (Noo-noo-wha-nuk); Ai-Whin; Ka-wai-tsim; Qua-mi-ai; Hoo-tihwi-ai; Shoto-hoom; Henry (Sauk); Tomaikh; Tse-al-ton; Tchillack; Hltahulto; Tshenal klum; Teeai[t or l]ou; Se-ol-sut; Shil-uh (Jimmy); Yallelth; Dick (Hai-tsa-kanum).

All Hallows' School. Yale.

"Our Indians in British Columbia"; describes Indians in vicinity of Yale and missionary activities at Lytton, said to have been written by a Sister of All Hallow's School, Yale [correspondence file].

All Hallows' School (Yale, B.C.)

Plant taxonomic systems and ethnobotany of three contemporary Indian groups of the Pacific Northwest (Haida, Bella Coola, and Lillooet) / Nancy Jean Turner

The item is a microfiche copy of a thesis by Nancy J. Turner titled "Plant taxonomic systems and ethnobotany of three contemporary Indian groups of the Pacific Northwest (Haida, Bella Coola, and Lillooet)." 1973. xix, 568 leaves: illus., tables, maps. Thesis (Ph.D.), University of British Columbia, 1973. Vita. Bibliography: leaves 211-218. Canadian theses on microfiche, 17239.

Archaeological investigations at the flood and pipeline sites, near Hope, British Columbia / Georg Henning Von Krogh

The item is a microfiche copy of a thesis by Georg Henning Von Krogh titled "Archaeological investigations at the flood and pipeline sites, near Hope, British Columbia." 1976. x, 247 leaves: figs., illus., maps, tables. Thesis (M.A.), Simon Fraser University, 1976. Bibliography: leaves 240-247. Canadian theses on microfiche, 30321.

Women, poverty, and housing: some consequences of hinterland status for a Coast Salish Indian reserve in metropolitan Canada / Marjorie Ruth Mitchell

The item is a microfiche copy of a thesis by Marjorie Ruth Mitchell titled "Women, poverty, and housing: some consequences of hinterland status for a Coast Salish Indian reserve in metropolitan Canada." 1976. xvii, 428 leaves: figs., maps, tables. Thesis (Ph.D.), University of British Columbia, 1976. Vita. Bibliography: leaves 400-422. Canadian theses on microfiche, 29898.

An integrated approach to studying settlement systems on the Northwest coast: the Nuxalk of Bella Coola, B.C. / Dana Sue Lepofsky

The item is a microfiche copy of a thesis by Dana Sue Lepofsky titled "An integrated approach to studying settlement systems on the Northwest coast: the Nuxalk of Bella Coola, B.C. " xii, 216 p: figs., tables. Thesis (M.A.), University of British Columbia, 1985. Vita. Bibliography: pages 191-204.

Purchased from the National Library, 1987.

Translations of Vancouver Island treaties

The series consists of three documents relating to MS-0772 Register of land purchases from Indians. The agreements recorded in the register are referred to as the Vancouver Island treaties (formerly known as the Douglas or Fort Victoria treaties). In February 2017 a conference was held at the Songhees Wellness Centre, inviting Indigenous and non-Indigenous islanders to discuss the treaties, their history, and their present-day impact.

The conference commissioned the first translations of two of the treaties into Lekwungen by Songhees Elder Dr. Elmer George, and a cultural interpretation of the treaties in SENĆOŦEN by STOLȻEŁ, Tsartlip Elder John Elliot Sr. The Lekwungen translations are of the če’q’nein nəč’elŋxʷ- kʷ’ats’ayč iʔ xpeʔ kʷəliq̌a (Chekonein treaty) and the Teechamitsa treaty.

Dr. Elmer George and John Elliot Sr. were awarded the Meritorious Service Award by the Governor General of Canada in recognition of this work.

First Nations, Land, & James Douglas: Indigenous & Treaty Rights in the Colonies of Vancouver Island & BC, 1849-1864 conference

Research notes of Wilson Duff

Referred to as the Wilson Duff Papers, these records are microfilm copies of primarily the original research and field notes of Wilson Duff who was curator of Anthropology at the British Columbia Provincial Museum from 1950 to 1965 and deal with the ethnology of aboriginal peoples in British Columbia. Some field notes of other museum anthropologists are also included. The original papers consist of approximately 1.5 meters of textual records. The majority of them were microfilmed in order to make the contents available to clients of the then British Columbia Archives and Records Service. The Royal British Columbia Museum retained the original papers including some maps, typescripts and oversize material that were not microfilmed.

Wilson Duff received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a Masters Degree in anthropology from the University of Washington (Seattle) in 1951. From 1950 to 1965 he served as Curator of Anthropology for the British Columbia Provincial Museum (now the Royal British Columbia Museum). He also directed the British Columbia Government Anthropology Program from 1960 to 1965. From 1965 until his death in 1976 he was a Professor of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. During his term as Curator of Anthropology with the Museum, Wilson Duff conducted the research work documented in these papers. The papers are a diverse collection of material, consisting of field notes, maps, official and unofficial records, and copies of published and unpublished works. Records of later museum anthropologists also form a part of this collection. The Wilson Duff Papers document many aspects of Indigenous history and culture, and include important linguistic information. They also document the activities of Wilson Duff and other staff of the Provincial Museum.

British Columbia Provincial Museum

The Pacific Northwest Coast Indians : music, instruments, legends

The item is a study package designed to help teachers integrate the arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast into the grade four Social Studies unit. It includes songs, legends, poems and pictures of instruments from the Bella Coola, Haida, Kwakiutl, Nootka, Salish, Tlingit and Tsimshian peoples. The package consists of a 44-page booklet, accompanied by a cassette tape and 24 colour slides.

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