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A foundation for the future

Industrial film. "A step by step look at all aspects of the construction of a preserved wood foundation for the basement of a single family home. Detailed coverage from excavation of the site to the finished lower living level area in the completed home." (COFI catalogue description)

Action on the Columbia

The item is a composite print of an industrial film made around 1964. It shows the construction of the Mica, Duncan and Arrow Dams in the Columbia River basin. Some of the communities in the project area are shown and the problems and benefits are discussed. There is footage of Revelstoke and Trail-Kaslo area, flooding of the Columbia near Trail and aerial views of area communities. There is also footage of the 1964 ratification of the Columbia River Treaty at the International Peace Arch, with US President Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Pearson and BC Premier Bennett.

BC Power Commission miscellany

The item consists of film footage from ca. 1957. It contains assorted footage, including exterior and interior of a power plant, aerial views of forest, power line right-of-way, unidentified seaside town, penstocks and Seton powerhouse at Bridge River, slash burning, town, mountains, Victoria and dam construction site.


Industrial film. Mining crews drill and blast a 10-mile-long tunnel through Mount DuBose to carry water from the Kenney Dam to drive the generators at Kemano power plant for Alcan's Kitimat project. Ingersoll-Rand tunnelling equipment is featured.

Bridge River

The item is a composite print of an industrial film made between ca. 1945 and 1948. It shows the first phase of the Bridge River Project including construction of the Bridge River diversion dam, Seton Lake powerhouse, penstock on Mission Mountain, and power transmission lines to Vancouver; site preparation for La Joie storage dam and opening of first phase on 23 October 1948. There is also footage of Vancouver and vicinity emphasizing demand for electrical power.

Bridge River stage two (dam) : part 1 : Soletanche

The item is an industrial film on a black and white workprint made between 1956 and 1960. It contains footage of the construction of the Mission Dam on the Bridge River project Soletanche and shows special operations (1958-59) required to seal the foundations and substrata under the site to prevent seepage. Depicts work to remove sections of old steel pilings (cut loose by divers with torches working in mud-filled pits); driving a wall of sheet pilings; manufacturing a clay/cement grout mixture and forcing it into the substrata under pressure to form an impervious curtain. This film is likely very similar to the French-language film produced for the French engineering firm (Soletanche Ltd.) which carried out the work.

Bridge River stage two (dam) : part 2

The item is an industrial film on a colour print made in the late 1950s. It contains footage showing the construction of Mission Dam on Bridge River from 1956 to 60, intended to increase the height of Carpenter Lake. The new dam structure incorporated the original 1948 diversion dam. The film begins with an overview of the Bridge River development.

Bridge River unit no. 4

The item is an Industrial film on a colour print made in the early 1950s. It contains footage of the construction of the fourth penstock down Mission Mountain, to drive generator no. 4 at Seton powerhouse of the Bridge River project.

By the hand of man

Industrial film. Points out the reliability of wood as a building material throughout history. Includes a variety of shots of the forest industry in British Columbia as well as local construction projects, large and small.

Canyon of destiny

The item consists of a release print of an industrial film, made between 1963 and 1967. It shows the planning, construction and official opening of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam at Portage Mountain on the Peace River. Includes discussion of the geology of the region.

Cascade highway : footage

The item consists of a reel of unedited footage. This reel appears to include footage from both the two reels of original reversal film. Shows construction work on the Cascade Section of the Southern Trans-Provincial Highway, between Christina Lake and Rossland. Also includes footage of a couple in a convertible driving to Rossland on a narrow, unpaved and dusty road.

Cheakamus hydro-electric development : part 2 : penstocks, powerhouse

The item is an industrial film on a black and white workprint. It continues the story of the hydro-electric development on the Cheakamus River and shows the construction of the penstocks and powerhouse, 23 miles from Squamish. There are shots of tunnel construction and installation of powerhouse equipment. The generators went on-line late in 1957.

[CHEK-TV news film -- 1977 and January-June 1978]

Stock shots. 1. Fire alarm boxes - not in service - old service retired. 2. Shipyard. 3. Old apartment building; ancient fire alarm; windows locked shut. 4. Boycott of J.P. Stevens textile products. 5. Airlift of the killer whale "Miracle" at Sealand. 6. [Mayor of Victoria?] 7. Construction. 8. Opening of the Legislature. 9. Unidentified press conference. 10. Cabins - burned and damaged. 11. Rescue exercise at a bridge. 12. Architectural plans. 13. MacDonald's Bread. 14. Old run-down school. 15. Swearing-in of the Cabinet. 16. Tall ship [Nippon Maru from Japanese Navy?] 17. Loading up cases of beer. 18. Unidentified interview. 19. Fire! - on the waterfront [at Ogden Point?]. 20. Plans for a ferry - shipyard scenes. 21. Putting a tree in place -[Christmas?]. 22. Garbage truck in a ditch. 23. Ship at sea. 24. NORML spokesman George Baker - lobby to legalize marijuana.

[CHEK-TV news film -- areas of B.C. stock shots]

Stock shots. 1. Air West float plane with damage (a hole). 2. Totem carving. 3. Loading totem pole onto plane. 4. Premier Bill Bennett. 5. Hugh Curtis at sod-turning ceremony. 6. Creek, farm, etc. 7. CNR tanker cars and caboose. 8. Art class. 9. Tank farms on Victoria harbour. 10. B&W stills -- historical photos of the harbour. 11. Duke Point Industrial Park. 12. Construction. 13. Public meeting. 14. B&W aerial photos of Duke Point. 15. Mount Douglas Cross Road and surrounding streets. 16. Development model. 17. Ucluelet harbour. 18. Long Beach. 19. Campbell River. 20. Fish boats. 21. Port Alberni. 22. Construction. 23. Gold River.

[CHEK-TV news film -- Bennett, hospital]

Stock shots. 1. Jean Chretien and other politicians make speeches. 2. Unidentified interview. 3. Construction project. 4. Royal Jubilee Hospital -- nurses, exteriors. 5. Victoria General Hospital, Northern Component -- drawings and models. 6. Dr. D.R. Carlow -- Medical Director. 7. [Jim Nielsen?] 8. Construction site prior to start. 9. Ribbon cutting ceremony. 10. Mount Tolmie Hospital. 11. Juan de Fuca Hospital. 12. Labour unrest. 13. Premier W.R. Bennett -- cabinet swearing-in ceremony. 14. Dave Barrett. 15. W.R. Bennett in track suit, jogging at a school. 16. W.R. Bennett in office. 17. Provincial government newsletter. 18. Different shots of W.R. Bennett -- indoors and outdoors.

[CHEK-TV news film -- Construction, Victoria, 1978-1981]

Stock shots. 1. BC Resources Investment Corporation (BCRIC) bearer share. 2. Unknown person. 3. Dave Barrett. 4. Premier Bill Bennett receiving BCRIC share. 5. Victoria International Airport -- construction. 6. Old building (maybe a theatre). 7. The Royal Theatre (Famous Players). 8. Architectural drawings and Salvation Army mission. 9. Wrecking ball at work -- Old Town portion of downtown Victoria. 10. Saanich water supply. 11. McPherson Theatre. 12. Gazebo. 13. Construction -- Ewing and Young Buildings, Camosun College (Lansdowne Campus). 14. Highway and Bailey bridge. 15. Townhouse development. 16. Downtown Victoria street development. 17. Tillicum Mall -- construction. 18. Blanshard Street. 19. Ribbon-cutting -- Premier Bill Bennett. 20. Downtown projects. 21. Waddling Dog Inn. 22. Synagogue. 23. Vic West community development.

[CHEK-TV news film -- past CHEK construction (Kings Road) and mining footage]

Stock shots. 1. Construction site. 2. Community meeting [?]. 3. More construction -- CBC logo. 4. New CHEK-TV station. 5. Brick laying. 6. Unidentified person [Jack Davis?]. 7. Quadra Steel Company plant. 8. Offshore oil drilling rig. 9. Open pit mining. 10. Ships. 11. Oil rig. 12. Clallam County Courthouse. 13. Fish trawler -- navigating, etc. 14. Maps. 15. Open pit mining. 16. Stills of historic mining, windmills. 17. Modern windmill. 18. Canadian Forces Base -- Toronto. 19. Hydro lines. 20. Tank farm. 21. Freighter. 22. Oil pipeline. 23. Ships at sea.

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