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Court records--British Columbia

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Court records--British Columbia

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Court records--British Columbia

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Assistant Deputy Minister of Court Services Branch records

  • GR-3931
  • Series
  • 1973-1994

This series consists of executive records of the Court Services Branch, including those of the Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Attorney General. Records range in date from 1973-1994. This includes operational and administrative files from the Court Services Headquarters in Victoria and may relate to all court registries throughout BC.

The majority of records consist of correspondence, minutes, reference material, forms, drafts, legislation, and manuals. The first two accessions are arranged according to a Court Services specific file code system.

Files may regard: legislation drafting, amending or reference; circulars; news releases and clippings; statistics; executive correspondence referral replies or complaints, many related to issues with members of the public obtaining copies of documents or other services from Court Services; liaison and co-operation with other political bodies; creation of forms; administrative records related to staffing and appointments; wrongful imprisonment; staff errors and complaints against staff; escape incident case files; escort and security procedures; registry policy and procedures including their development, legal requirements and circulation to all registries; Family Court procedures, including the enforcement of Family Maintenance orders; personal property and debt collection case files; executions and serving of documents including procedures, complaints and staff appointments; interpleader files and actions against sheriffs; and, subject files on a variety of topics.

There are also many committee and meeting records, including those of Court Services Policy Board, Board of Sheriffs, Regional Court Administrators, Board of District Managers, Court Services Advisory Board, Court Services Status of Women Committee, Ministerial Case Management Evaluation Task Force Committee, Victim Assistance Committee, Justice Institute, Corrections Branch, Executive Policy Board, Canadian Bar Association, BC Association of Chiefs of Police, and various committees reviewing legislation and planning its implementation.

Files in accession 92-4831 were created from the mid-1980s on and utilize a different file system known as the Operational Records Classification System (ORCS) and Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS). These records relate to IT projects, budgets, various committee files, and the procedural analysis of the Provincial Family Court and Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP).

The Ministry responsible for these records and associated dates are:

British Columbia. Ministry of Attorney General (1979-)
British Columbia. Ministry of the Attorney-General (1976-1979)
British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General (1871-1976)

British Columbia. Court Services

Assize record book and Speedy Trials record book

  • GR-2663
  • Series
  • 1895-1912

Assize record book, various locations, 1895-1907 [Atlin, Ashcroft, Cassiar, Chilliwack, Clinton, Donald, Fernie, Fort Steele, Glenora, Golden, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Kamloops, Kaslo, Lytton, Midway, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Nicola, Osoyoos, Revelstoke, Rossland, Vancouver, Vernon, Victoria ] and Speedy Trials record book, 1895-1912. Index inside front cover. Possibly cases heard by Chief Justice Angus John McColl.

British Columbia. Supreme Court

Attorney General document series

  • GR-0419
  • Series
  • 1857-1966

The Attorney-General Document series consists mainly of transcripts of depositions and preliminary hearings and trials, forwarded to the Attorney-General and numbered consecutively by year they were filed. Registers and indexes (volumes 879 to 885) are available on microfilm reel B00395.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Bench books

  • GR-1727
  • Series
  • 1864-1964

This series comprises mostly of bench books for civil and criminal cases heard by various judges and chief justices in the Supreme Court, County Court, Court of Appeal, Admiralty Court, Circuit Courts and Assizes. The series also includes notes on commissions of inquiry as well as miscellaneous court information. Civil and criminal cases are often included in the same volume and records from different judges, different levels of courts, different time periods and geographic areas may be mixed in the same volume, particularly for the earlier period..

For loose material removed from the volumes in GR-1727 see GR-2783.

British Columbia. Judiciary

Bench books

  • GR-1607
  • Series
  • 1907-1964

This series contains bench books from various judges/justices, geographic locations and levels of court in British Columbia.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

British Columbia County court judgements

  • GR-2218
  • Series
  • 1892-1897

Judgements from Nanaimo, East Crossing of the Columbia River (Donald) Kamloops, Revelstoke, Victoria, Nelson, New Westminster, Rossland, Yale, Vancouver and New Denver.

British Columbia. County Court

Correspondence and other material removed from benchbooks

  • GR-2783
  • Series
  • [Ca. 1864-1964]

The series consists of loose material removed from bench books in GR-1727. Records include correspondence and reasons for judgement.

Box 1/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 1-93.
Box 2/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 94-236.
Box 3/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 241-386.
Box 4/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 387-538.
Box 5/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 539-599.
Box 6/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 600-706.
Box 7/7 loose material removed from GR-1727 vols 707-777

British Columbia. Judiciary

Court decisions and exhibits

  • GR-0607
  • Series
  • 1903-1904

This series consists of printed records relating to the following court cases: the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia versus Theodore Ludgate, and the Attorney General of the Dominion of Canada regarding ownership of Deadman's Island, Burrard Inlet.

Records include Attorney-General vs. Ludgate report by Robert Cassidy to the Attorney General for British Columbia on the appeal of the Dominion of Canada from the 1901 judgment of Martin, J. (Queen's Printer, 1904, 7 p.). The series also includes various exhibits and other records, such as exhibit 6, "Extracts from blue book containing papers relating to the affairs of British Columbia, 1859-1864" (pp. 307-307(81)); "Evidence before Full Court in addition to that taken at trial" and Exhibits V,W,X,Y (pp. 366-430); reasons for judgment of Chief Justice Gordon Hunter, Justice M.W. Tyrwhitt Drake, and Justice P. A. Irving (pp. 431-445); and B.C. Supreme Court decisions (pp. 446-449). Box 2 contains several duplicates of pp. 307-307(81) and pp. 366-450.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Fee books

  • GR-0660
  • Series
  • 1864-1886, 1895-1915

This series consists of 22 volumes of fee books, recording fees owing to the Supreme Court. Volume 1 and 2 are for New Westminster, under the Colony of British Columbia Supreme Court of Civil Justice. The third volume covers New Westminster and Victoria from the Vancouver Island Supreme Court of Civil Justice. Volumes 4 to 22 were created after 1870 when both courts merged into the Supreme Court of British Columbia, based in Victoria.

British Columbia. Supreme Court

Lillooet Provincial Police Court record books

  • GR-3949
  • Series
  • 1938-1951

This series consists of two volumes of Lillooet Provincial Police Court and Magistrate's Court record books. Volume 1 includes dates January 1938 to December 1947. Volume 2 includes January 1948 to September 1951. The books list date, prosecutor, defendant, charge, costs, fines, arresting office, presiding magistrate or judge, and remarks such as plea. Additional records may be pasted into the volume.

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Lillooet)

Magistrates' returns

  • GR-3710
  • Series
  • 1963-1971

The series consists of magistrates’ returns sent to, and subsequently filed by, the Prince Rupert County Court between 1963 and 1971. The returns were generated by magistrates operating in Prince Rupert as well as in locations on Haida Gwaii (then known as the Queen Charlotte Islands), in Cassiar, Hixon, Bella Coola, Port Edward, Clinton, Ocean Falls, Eddontenajon and Yukon Territory, among others. Records in this series list the name of person convicted, nature of offense, date of conviction, amount of fine, amount of costs, and total. The returns list individuals charged under both the federal and provincial legislation and provide evidence of judicial operations in remote BC and Yukon settlements.

The records appear to have originally been housed in shannon folders, but the records were removed and placed in folders prior to transferal to the Archives. The records are arranged both by receipt number, which was often handwritten under the Prince Rupert County Court stamp, or alphabetically by magistrate’s surname. The records are then arranged chronologically by year.

Records in this series were managed and selected for retention under ORCS 50000-01 of the Court Services Operational Records Classification System (schedule 100152).

British Columbia. County Court (Prince Rupert)

Matthew Baillie Begbie bench books

  • GR-2025
  • Series
  • 1859-1873

Bench books for civil and criminal cases heard by Matthew Baillie Begbie in the Supreme Court of Civil Justice, 1859-1873. The volumes include his notes of proceedings and may include draft copies of judgements and reasons for judgement. They focus primarily on cases heard on the Cariboo District court circuit. County Court cases may be included as are appeals from the Gold Commissioner's Court. The volumes cover Begbie's term as Justice for the Colony of British Columbia and the unified Colony of British Columbia as well as the early years of his tenure as Chief Justice of British Columbia after the colony became a province of Canada. There is a single entry for a case heard by Henry P.P. Crease at Victoria, 1871.

British Columbia. Judiciary

Notice of appeal of case (Gray et al v McCallum etc.)

  • GR-0355
  • Series
  • 1889-1894

This series consists of the notice of appeal for the case of Samuel Gray, John Gray and James Gray versus Arthur Edward McCallum, and by counter-claim, McCallum versus the Grays and Edward Mainwaring Johnson and the Ophir Bed Rock Flume Company (1894). Includes letter from John Gray to McCallum, Dec. 25, 1889.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Victoria)

Oath of allegiance and oaths of office

  • GR-2840
  • Series
  • 1943

Oath of allegiance and oaths of office (Judge of the County Court of the County of Yale and local Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia) for McLeod Munro Colquhoun, sworn before the Chief Justice on 2 February 1943 sent with a covering letter to the Penticton Registry from Vancouver.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Penticton)

Prince Rupert Court record books

  • GR-3951
  • Series
  • 1968-1977

This series consists of 15 volumes of record books from the Prince Rupert Provincial Police Court, Magistrate’s Court and Provincial Court. Record books records all cases before the courts and may list date, birthdate, address, file number, prosecutor, defendant, charge, costs, fines, arresting office, presiding magistrate or judge, and remarks such as plea. Additional records, such as receipts for fines, may be pasted into the volume.

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Prince Rupert)

Record book

  • GR-0714
  • Series
  • 1861-1863

This series consists of one volume of a Colony of British Columbia Supreme Court of Civil Justice record book of cases heard at Yale, Lytton, Lillooet, Quesnel Forks, Antler Creek, Beaver Lake, Hope, Douglas, and New Westminster, from 1861-1863.

British Columbia (Colony). Supreme Court of Civil Justice

Speedy trials and returns

  • GR-0705
  • Series
  • 1934; 1955-1956; 1964-1968

This series consists of County Court Criminal Court records regarding speedy trials and returns. Volume 1 covers 1934; volume 2, 1955; volume 3, 1956-1957; and volume 4, 1964-1968.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Attorney-General

Supreme Court civil and criminal notable cases

  • GR-3658
  • Series
  • 1994-2003

The records were created in an attempt to retain summary information regarding notable cases of both civil and criminal matters across BC. The copies appear to have been made by the head of Information Services at the BC Courthouse Library Society for the BC Archives. As the Library did not have access to the case files themselves, many of the records are copies of reasons for judgment or entries in the Dominion Law Reports or Western Weekly Reports. Many original case files relating to post-1950 matters have been destroyed. The series contains records relating to cases heard between 1950 and 2003, and the copies appear to have been created around 2003.

The records are arranged by case year. Some years span several files.

British Columbia. Supreme Court (Vancouver)

Supreme Court minute books

  • GR-1934
  • Series
  • 1913-1931

The series consists of five minute books of cases heard in the Supreme Court of British Columbia before Mr. Justice William Alexander Macdonald. The indexed volumes 1 to 3 are from 1913 to 1923; volumes 5 and 6 are from 1925-1931. The original volume 4 in the series (1923-1925) is missing.

British Columbia. Supreme Court

Supreme Court record book

  • GR-0715
  • Series
  • 1905-1907

This series consists of a Supreme Court record of cases heard at Vancouver, Nelson, Rossland, Greenwood, and Victoria, 1905-1907.

British Columbia. Supreme Court