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Demonstrations--British Columbia--Victoria

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Demonstrations--British Columbia--Victoria

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Handicapped demonstration

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Handicapped demonstration RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-02-28 SUMMARY: Demonstration by handicapped persons at the provincial legislature, 28 February 1977.;

Jenny Shouldice interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976-10-19 SUMMARY: Jenny Shouldice discusses the Victoria hunger march, 1932, and women's labour leagues.;

Rosemary Brown : [press conferences, etc., 1977]

CALL NUMBER: T1010:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Comments on return from world conference of Blacks RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-02-01 SUMMARY: NDP MLA Rosemary Brown (Vancouver-Burrard) comments on her return from a world conference of Bl...

[BCGEU -- Fryer]

News item. BCGEU members demonstrate to show their support for the 834 government workers "displaced" by the creation of BCBC. Tempers are rising, and the union officials and commentators all seem to agree on that the workers involved a...

[Bennett donates day's pay]

News item. Premier Bennett talks to the press about the October 14th Day of Protest. He says, "Those who are advocating that our people leave their jobs on October 14th are not aware of the traditions that built this country." However...

[CHEK-TV news film -- December 1979 and January-August 1980]

Stock shots. 1. Flood scenes - houses awash, roads washed out, etc. 2. Seaspan's Santa in the Inner Harbour. 3. More floods and washouts. 4. CUPE Local 727 on strike in a flood. 5. Snowstorm - car wrecks and toboggans. 6. Small oil spil...

[CHEK-TV news film -- May-November 1979]

Stock shots. 1. Outdoor speech - Pierre Trudeau. 2. Joe Clark. 3. Ship in harbour - the "Chavez". 4. Small freighter "Samarkanda" being unloaded. Police boat; gunny sacks. 5. Naval vessel. 6. Colour Guard at the Legislatu...

[CHEK-TV news film -- Trident]

Stock shots. 1. Seal pup. 2. Tall ship "Robertson II" for auction. 3. Ships in harbour. 4. Sailing the "Robertson II". 5. Unidentified interview. 6. Amphibious airplane. 7. "Trident -- another broken Tory promise?&q...

[CHEK-TV news film -- public demonstrations]

Stock shots. Footage of strikes and demonstrations in Victoria and vicinity. 1. Camosun College support staff - CUPE Local 2081 - picketer. 2. Picket line at Administrative Centre, Greater Victoria School Board. CUPE Local 2081, Camosun College...

[CHEK-TV news film -- union strikes and picket lines]

Stock shots. 1. 20th Anniversary of BC Ferries. 2. Liquor Store temporarily closed. 3. Ferries. 4. Speech - remember the pension rule. ( Indoors.) 5. Outside the Legislature. Big crowd. 6. Pickets in front of the Empress re: BC Tel dispute....

[Day of Protest -- #1]

News item. A relatively small crowd of protesters on the Legislature grounds. Placards read: "Out to fight controls." There are several speakers. John Fryer, BCGEU provincial secretary, says: "While it means that wage controls ha...

[GAIN demonstration]

News item. The GAIN welfare program does not give people who are handicapped and/or chronically unemployed enough money to live on their own, even if they could or wanted to do this. Demonstration at the Legislature has the support of MLAs Rosema...

[ICBC protest]

News item. ICBC protest rally outside B.C. Legislature. Speaker Jack Heinrich condemns Socred government's action of raising insurance rates by 130-200 percent, when the Socreds themselves had criticized the NDP for raising the rates by 19 p...

[Labour -- ICBC to cops]

News item. ICBC workers had obtained a settlement with management. However, says spokesman at protest: "There was a political decision on the part of the NDP through Bob Strachan, Dennis Cooke and Ernie Hall to turn down the negotiated propo...

[Land Commission report -- #1]

News item. A mock funeral procession is held at the Legislature to mark the "death" of the B.C. Land Commission. Before the "funeral", an unidentified woman says that farm land will now be put into the "political arena&...

[Land Commission report -- #2]

News item. More scenes of the mock funeral for the B.C. Land Commission, as a full eulogy is given by a "Minister of God." There are more picket signs which, in this instance, indicate solid support for the Social Credit government'...

[McBain plans]

News item. Unidentified woman says she would support a strike against ICBC rates, and suggests that people not pay them. Good close-up shots of some protesters at Legislature. Sound is poor.

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