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Diaries and reminiscences--1918-1945

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Diaries and reminiscences--1918-1945

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Diaries and reminiscences--1918-1945

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A Woman's Log of an Arctic Voyage" by Gladys O'Kelly

The file consists of "A Woman's Log of an Arctic Voyage" by Gladys O'Kelly, detailing a voyage she made on the Lady Kindersley in 1921. The Lady Kindersley left Vancouver on her maiden voyage for the Hudson's Bay Company on 30 June 1921 bound for Victoria Land in the North West Territories and returned to Vancouver on 4 November 1921. However, Mrs. O'Kelly and her husband, T.P. O'Kelly (a Hudson's Bay Company employee) left the ship at Akutan whaling station and returned on the US Coast Guard cutter Unalga to Juneau and thence the Princess Mary to Vancouver, arriving 5 December 1921. This file also contains notes regarding the voyage by T.P. O'Kelly and notes by Provincial Archives staff on the O'Kelly family.

O'Kelly, Gladys

Articles by H.E. Richardson

The file consists of typescript articles by Mr. Richardson on Windermere district where he grew up: "Back to Windermere in search of employment" about his experiences as a graderman on the highway through Kootenay Park in the 1930s; "Windermere's only author" about Arthur Murray Chisholm; and "Pioneering family history in British Columbia" written in response to a Provincial Museum/National Museum of Man request for information on day to day activities in the home, 1900-1930; two short articles, on Christmas and on a steamboat excursion, Golden to Sam's Landing.


Diaries, 1911-1961 (57 vols.). Mr. Capes emigrated from England to Vancouver in 1911. He lived in Portland, Oregon, from 1913 to 1917, served overseas in the Canadian army from 1917 to 1919, worked in the Soldier Settlement Board office in Merville from 1920-1922 and lived in Courtenay from 1922. The diaries record his daily activities and reflect his interest in hiking, mountaineering and fishing. They contain a number of leaflets and programmes of activities in the Courtenay area.

Diaries and other material

Diaries (1908-1962) of T.M. Edwards, 1908-1962, who lived in Calgary, Whitehorse and England before emigrating to Chilliwack in 1920. Also two notebooks, one re Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Association, of which he was a director; diaries (1923-1965) of his wife, Daisy Evelyn Edwards; and diaries (1909,1929-1942) of her mother, Hannah Harvey, who emigrated from England to Canada in 1934. Hannah Harvey material also includes a birthday book, photograph and In Memoriam card for Anne Matheson. Box 1: Volumes 1-25 of the T.M. Edwards diaries are located; Box 2: Volumes 26 to 50; Box 3: notebooks; Box 4: Volumes 50- 73 of the Daisy Edwards diaries; Box 5: volumes 74-89; Box 6: Hannah Harvey diaries and ephemera (Volumes 90-105).


Series consists of a diary of Vancouver water observer for 1922 giving details of his work during the year.


Diary of a young boy growing up on James Island, 1924.

Frank Swannell papers

The records include: diaries, field books, scrapbooks and subject files containing notes and correspondence covering Swannell's career as a surveyor in Northern British Columbia, his army service in the First World War in Europe and Russia and his later travels in British Columbia, Europe and Asia. The diaries and field books are profusely illustrated with photos.

Frederick W. Hodson papers

Diaries, 1917-1939 (11 volumes), also contains loose material; correspondence, 1913-1968, literary manuscripts; newspaper and magazine articles; reminiscences, 1915-1929 (preliminary and final drafts). Numerous photographs removed to Visual Records. Microfilm of diaries, 1917-1929 [Reel A00232], microfilm of reminiscences (final draft), omitting chapters 1-3 [Reel A00233].

Gift of Mrs. F.W. Hodson, Shawnigan Lake, 1967 and 1974.

Finding aid: reel/file list.

Hodson, Frederick W., 1879-1965

Grey Family papers

Diary of R.G. Grey, 1879-1881, giving account of two voyages from London to Melbourne, typescript extracts from diary, 1906-1913, diary 1923-1932, papers on family history, re Josephine Butler (aunt), drafts of essays and letters to editors on world affairs, socialism; reminiscences of Winnifred Grey, 1895-1946, mainly re life on South Pender and Samuel Islands, school exercise books; letter to Evelyn (Grey) Smith, 1917, from army officer.

Henry, Arthur, 1876-1946. Sayward; Farmer

Diaries. From 1896-1900, Henry was in the Royal Marine Artillery on board H.M.S. Victorious on the China Station; he emigrated to B.C. in 1911, and from November 1913 to February 1914 worked as a carpenter at South Wellington mine; in May 1914 he pre-empted Lot 8, Sayward district; he served in the army from 1915-1917, partly in England; in April 1920 the family returned to Sayward. A typescript of the diaries for 1897-1900 is filmed after the 1935-1936 diary, and contains photographs, programmes, etc. Photos transferred to Visual Records.

Henry, Arthur, 1876-1946

John Biller fonds

  • PR-1116
  • Fonds
  • 1924

Diary of a young boy growing up on James Island, 1924.

Biller, John

John Henry McMillan fonds

  • PR-0575
  • Fonds
  • 1919-1929 [Microfilmed ca. 1983 and 1985]

The fonds consists of microfilmed copies of the daily diaries of John Henry McMillan of Vanderhoof.

McMillan, John Henry, 1866-1941

Llewelyn Bullock-Webster papers

Llewelyn Bullock-Webster (1879-1970) was an actor, playwright, producer and civil servant.

Records include general correspondence, including family correspondence, 1912-1959; diaries, 1916-1961; notebooks and personal notes re adjudication of plays; scripts and rough drafts of plays; addresses and speeches re theatre in British Columbia; collected plays by other playwrights; and selected publications.

See MS-3143 for approximately 500 photographs that were transferred to Visual Records accession 198006-027.

Mackie family papers

The Rev. Augustine Clark Mackie (1879-1965) and his brother Hugh (1882-1971) emigrated from England to Vernon, B.C. in October 1913 with the intention of establishing an independent school for boys. Vernon had been recommended to them by a nephew, Gordon Mackie, who recognized that a private school, conducted along the lines of an English public school, would be well supported by the British immigrants who had settled in the Okanagan Valley. A.C. Mackie, generally known as Austen, opened the Vernon Preparatory School (VPS) in January 1914. Hugh Mackie, who had practiced as a solicitor in Wales before emigrating to Canada, decided to move to Calgary, where he opened a law office; however, he returned to Vernon a few years later, to join his brother and the VPS teaching staff. The Mackies operated the school until 1945, during which time VPS acquired the reputation as being one of the leading boarding schools in Western Canada. The school continued under different management until 1972.

Austen Mackie - classicist, pedagogue, and divine - was the kind of gentleman euphemistically known as a "muscular Christian." While devoted to contemporary ideals of "godliness and good-learning," he was also an ardent sportsman who delighted in hunting, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. Shooting and freshwater fishing were among his keenest pleasures. He was perhaps best known, however, for stalking rattlesnakes. He became an expert in the haunts and habits of the reptiles which infested the semi-arid hills near VPS, and he devoted a considerable amount of time and energy to killing them.

This accession documents the Rev. A.C. Mackie's sporting interests and enthusiasms. In addition to his daily diaries, game books, and fishing registers, the accession includes detailed accounts of his rattlesnake expeditions. The accession also includes a memoir entitled Fin, Feather, and Scale, an autobiographical account of Mackie's sporting triumphs which appears to have been written in the late 1940s. These records may be used in conjunction with MS 1164, an earlier accession of Mackie Family Papers.

Oswald Kofler interview

CALL NUMBER: T3880:0007 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Life of the Austrian immigrant Oswald Kofler RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1983-03
SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Austrian background; Alps, Carinthia; trains; tourists; tourists in the 1930s; life of the population; description of village; father was a wagon maker; Emperor Franz Joseph; Tauern Railway between Carinthia and Salzburg; schooling for seven years; children had to learn to work early, starting at the age of ten during the summer vacation, September and October; left home in 1914; sleeping in the barn; eating in the kitchen and doing homework on that table; life of the Kofler family; mother sick; girls hired out; three sisters; life after finishing school; Russian prisoners of war; to; another farmer after WWI; then construction work; Sundays off; sheepherder in the Alps; lumber work in the winter; herding cows the second summer; training for mountains in BC; job in hotel in Baadgastein (silver polisher); guests from all over the world; hotel job only seasonal; could have made a career of hotel work in Austria; discovery of Canada; advertising of Red Star Line in Austria for farm workers; trip from Cherbourg to Quebec City. TRACK 2: Reaction of village; Red Star Line's admission procedures; financing $200 for trip; seven shillings for a dollar; transportation to Canada; Quebec City; eating and sleeping on the train; Winnipeg; Edmonton; first job at Stony Plain; second job at Preisecker, southeast of Calgary; to Barriere BC to cut railroad ties; people in BC; like a village in the Austrian Alps; buying land; building a log house in 1932; car in 1937; animals; exemption from war service because of the farm; wartime, enemy alien; breakdown; shingle mill; asthma; selling everything; origin of asthma was cedar poisoning; English language; Eaton's catalogue; German newspaper, 'Canada Kurier"; new life in Vancouver, starting with an Austrian friend; sacking potatoes; sciatica.;
ALL NUMBER: T3880:0008 RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1983-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: The need for lighter work; night clerk in Prince Rupert; in 1951, was a cook on a fish packing boat; night watchman in a pulp mill; larger fish packer; Queen Charlotte Islands; sunk by a large freighter; everyone rescued; decision to visit Austria; trip there; relatives and friends; stories exchanged; German language; European countries after WWII; Netherlands and Austria compared; back in Prince Rupert; further contact with relatives through letters; new job with the Canadian Coast Guard; chief steward until 1959; steward on "Camsell", a Coast Guard icebreaker; view from the ship; mirages, etc.

Reminiscences / Ernest Hubert Allcock, Ernest Hubert

The item is a photocopy of the reminiscences of Ernest Hubert Allcock. Allcock emigrated from England to Alberta in 1909 and worked on farms and on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. In 1914 he homesteaded near White's Landing, north of Quesnel. He was highway foreman in Quesnel, and from 1941 to 1952 in Lillooet.

Reminiscences / Hannah Dorsey

The file consists of a photocopy of the reminiscences of Hannah Dorsey. Mrs. Dorsey was born in North Sidney, N.S., grew up in North Vancouver and Bella Coola, attended Normal School, and taught at Port Simpson, B.C., before accepting a private teaching post in the Chilcotin. She married Lester Dorsey, a Chilcotin rancher and guide in 1934. The reminiscences mainly describe ranch life and work and various pack trips.

Reminiscences of Arthur Shelford

The file consists of the reminiscences of Arthur Shelford, a Wistaria farmer. Mr. Shelford emigrated to Canada in 1908 and settled at Ootsa Lake. He served overseas in World War I and then returned to his farm at Ootsa Lake where he remained until he retired to Victoria in 1966. Vol. 2 is a corrected and expanded version.

Schofield family papers

Series consists of correspondence of various members of the Schofield family (1882-1939), diaries (1893, 1920-1936), and sermons of Charles de Veber Schofield, pamphlets and newspaper clippings connected with the building of Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, B.C.