Fairview (Okanagan Region, B.C. : Community)



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Fairview (Okanagan Region, B.C. : Community)

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Fairview (Okanagan Region, B.C. : Community)

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Fairview (Okanagan Region, B.C. : Community)

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Fairview police charge books and magistrate's notebook

  • GR-0590
  • Series
  • 1893-1923

This series consists of four volumes of Fairview Provincial Court police charge books and magistrate's notebooks. Volumes include a police charge books, Fairview, 1897-1921 and Osoyoos, 1893-1877; magistrate's court notebook, Fairview, 1922-1923.

British Columbia. Provincial Court (Fairview)

H.H. Stevens interview

The item consists of an audio interview with H.H. Stevens, recorded in 1966.
T0327:0001 summary
Track 1: Mr. Stevens, who came to Vernon in 1894, talks about his early experiences and memories of the Okanagan, including driving the stage from Penticton to Grand Forks in 1897; Camp McKinney; Fairview; Rossland; Phoenix; Greenwood; Grand Forks; Crows Nest Railway; Rock Creek; prospecting and mining and W.R. Meagaw. He describes Vernon; local residents; farms; ranches and the Aberdeen Ranch.
Track 2: Mr. Stevens continues with recollections about the Coldstream Ranch; Okanagan Lake; coming to Vancouver 1901; False Creek; CPR land holdings; real estate boom 1901 to 1912; sawmills and logging; Oppenheimer brothers; local personalities and wholesalers; Victoria wholesalers; North Vancouver ferry; Stewart; and the Dominion Trust Company.

T0327:0002 summary
Track 1: Mr. Stevens speaks about the Dominion Trust Company; the beginning of party politics in BC, 1903; and his election as a federal Conservative MP in 1911. He comments on federal political life; Vancouver in the boom period and depression, from 1911 to 1920; personalities; Alvo von Alvensleben; Hindus; Japanese; wholesalers and the Vancouver Hotel. [Track 2: blank.]

L.J. Bettison interview : [Orchard, 1966]

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1966-02-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Leo J. Bettison recalls some of his experiences in the central interior of BC, 1912 to 1914; and in the south Okanagan, 1918 to 1922. He describes his arrival in Victoria in 1912; work on Saltspring Island; work surveying and trapping in the Fort George area; joining up for World War I; travels; people in the Fort George area, including Billy Seymour and "Six-Mile Mary"; a potlatch on Saltspring Island; more details about the Fort George area; incidents in the bush; his return to Canada after the war, and his work in Saanich. TRACK 2: Mr. Bettison describes the making of straw;berry jam; going to the Okanagan and his early work there; farming near Oliver; a story about a deer shot near Fairview; Fairview and the people there; orchards in Oliver; irrigation; an anecdote about soldier-settlement schemes; buying hay from "Old MacIntyre"; Bill Skunover; stories about Indians in the Oliver area.

R.E. Gamman interview

CALL NUMBER: T0322:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11-15 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Robert E. Gamman recalls life in the Okanagan; 1908 to 1914. He describes how he came to the Okanagan in 1908 via the U.S.; odd jobs in Vernon; trapping; J.M. Robinson and Naramata; land dealings; irrigation; life as a greenhorn in a cabin; the man who lent him the cabin; "real men"; a story of a man who froze to death on a trail; Nahun Landing; trapping in the Monashee area; the story of how he came to Naramata; work there and surveying. TRACK 2: Mr. Gamman describes early days in Naramata; survey work in the South Okanagan; an encounter with wild cattle; Mrs. Kruger and her boys; hospitality then as compared to today; Okanagan Falls; packing into Camp McKinney; the story of Arnott, who had owned the site of Kaleden, and his partner Bill Hines; their ranch; other characters; a visit from a game warden regarding deer; and the town of Fairview.

CALL NUMBER: T0322:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1964-11-15 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Gamman describes surveying and the construction of the Kettle Valley Railway; accidents; survey work; work in Northern BC; surveying the watershed of Deadman River; an anecdote about the; beginning of World War I; Kelowna and remittance men, including one who pretended to own a ranch; a description of Kelowna; Vernon; bad debts back then; other people such as Tommy Wilmot and Paddy Acland; early days in Penticton; Naramata; more on J.M. Robinson who was "a real pioneer"; early growth in Naramata and irrigation. TRACK 2: Mr. Gamman tells stories of people in Naramata; development ;in Naramata over World War I; land between there and Penticton; his own early life there; the Green family of Green Mountain; a story about getting locked up overnight in Kelowna; various odd jobs such as prospecting and pruning trees.