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1964 Grey Cup Lions songs

SUMMARY: 1, Come On You Lions; 2, Hello Lions!; 3, We've Been Cheering for the Lions!; 4, Roll Out the Ti-Cats!; 5, Angelo Baby (Mosca Mosca); 6, Yellow Rose of B.C.; 7, Mister Sandman parody.;

1965 football fight songs

SUMMARY: 1 & 2, ident - ("use before Sunday game only") - Hello Lions (to beat Calgary); 3, Calgary Song (from CFAC); 4, We'll Beat Ottawa; 5, We'll Beat Ti-Cats. ("Use either 4 or 5 after Sunday if Lions are ;in the Grey Cup.");

Best of Emerson, no. 18

SUMMARY: "Best of Emerson" is a twice-a-week series (Monday and Friday) that ran from July 2 to September 28, 1962. In this series Vancouver's provocative conversationalist, John Emerson, discusses unusual asp;ects of Vancouver history and gives his recollections and impressions of well-known people. This episode, number 18 in the series, is about the Grey Cup and the CFL.;

CFL songs

SUMMARY: Commercial recording of team songs of the Canadian Football League, performed by Dal Richards Orchestra and a vocal quartet, conducted by Dal Richards.;

Emerson's point of view, 1963-11-23

SUMMARY: A series of talks by John Emerson, on a wide variety of topics. In this episode, Emerson satirizes the media attention devoted to the Hamilton vs. Vancouver Grey Cup.;

Football P.A.

SUMMARY: SIDE 1: Production sounds: presumably, the public address system at a football game. [SIDE 2: blank.];

Stadium b.g.

SUMMARY: Stadium sounds at a [football?] game.;