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A job for you

The item is a reel of promotional film. "Young men building huts in a nearly completed camp. Fire fighting practice. Building a bridge abutment. Splitting shakes with a froe. Snag falling. Bucking firewood. Men fighting a fire with hand tools and a bulldozer. After fire, men showering, having haircuts and washing up. [Close-up of] grub --meal on plate. Pay parade. [Long shot of] scenery on Vancouver Island. This short film was intended to interest young men in a career with the Forest Service, or a summer's employment." (Colin Browne)

[Blasting ; log dump scenes]

Stock shots. Footage includes: powder man preparing to blast section of rock; dumping truckloads of at the Port hardy log dumping ground; caterpillar tractors shifting logs and moving earth; more drilling and blasting; more log dump scenes.

[British Columbia Forest Branch / Forest Service collection, reel 31]

Footage. End of log with rings counted (more than 200 years old). Using horses to load logs onto truck. Pocket boom on lake. Horse skidding logs. Falling and bucking. Camp buildings. Skid way made of spruce logs. Dumping truckload of logs with hand peaveys. Sawmill. High-rigger climbs and tops tree. Yarding from cold deck. Crew building a Davis raft. Steam donkey building raft and loading logs onto a hulk. Cat and arch moving gas donkey. Yarding with a skyline. Steam donkey yarding logs to railway siding.

[British Columbia Forest Branch / Forest Service collection, reel 59]

Footage. Clearing land and burning stumps [at Green Timbers?]. Crew blowing stumps. Stacking and burning debris. Caterpillar tractor and winch. Cowichan Lake experimental station. Crew working on trail. Bush road. Camp scenes. Crew working on road. Elk River Falls. Frame of building. Falls, bridge, and trails [at Little Qualicum Park?].

[British Columbia Ministry of Forests stock shots]

Thie series consists of an extensive collection of stock shots, depicting a wide range of B.C. Forest Service and Ministry of Forests activities and related subjects. Compiled from footage shot for a variety of purposes, the material was retained for potential use as stock footage in BC Forest Service and Ministry of Forests film productions and TV spots. Some footage was also loaned out for TV news use.

[CHEK-TV news film -- celebrity interviews and other footage]

Stock shots. 1. Public Service Alliance meeting - unidentified speaker. 2. Air Canada plane arrives. 3. Airport interior with Oriental family. 4. Unidentified (First Nations?) couple in apartment. 5. John Wayne - on his boat in Inner Harbour. 6. David Suzuki - interview. 7. Rolf Harris - at a school, Monday, February 9, 1981. 8. [Unidentified.] 9. [Unidentified.] 10. Peter C. Newman. 11. Pierre Berton. 12. School exterior. 13. Large tree fallen on power lines. 14. Storm damage. 15. Damaged vehicles. 16. Truck being pulled out of the Inner Harbour. 17. Overturned fuel truck in ditch. 18. Garbage on roadside - garbage truck in ditch. 19. The Snowbirds - planes flying in formation. 20. MLAs in the legislature. 21. The ferry "Queen of Prince Rupert". 22. Free bus. 23. Front-end loader. 24. Steam engine #4012.

[China Bar]

Amateur film. Mine and mining camp at China Bar, near Stanley, on the Quesnel-Barkerville road. Depicts the first bulldozer and carryall operation in Canadian mining.

[Corra Linn Dam]

Amateur film. "For the first 90 feet there are many poorly exposed scenic pans of flowing rivers, hills with snow, men walking, and one construction site. Other shots include: a steam train roaring by; a huge explosion in a river (blasting!); men inspecting results of blasting; shovel digging away at blasted rock; rail lines by side of river; a large speeder with rear car and operator; snow; buildings and boxcars along railroad tracks, man leaving (along tracks) for work; shovel working in snowy rock cut; large speeder with open car behind; rock fill being dumped into river in wooden-framed areas by open car pulled and pushed by large speeder; shovel chewing away at rock and loading it onto open car; worker playing with dog; shovel loading open car while another little diesel engine and car pass by; two cars roll up to be loaded by shovel, shovel responds; two men looking on; cars travel along rail and dump their rocks into the water; view of other side of the river, roads, a railway grade possibly, and back to shovel again; good [close-up of] shovel loading cars, cars move off to un-load; long shot of] worksite and river; man with jackhammer working in rock; [long shot of] river with mountain above; another explosion -- more blasting; looks Like some of the railway rock transporting equipment has been damaged, men inspecting; scene of blasting; another series of blasts, debris falls into river; pan along results of blasting; men walking across narrow bridge; two more blasting scenes; a raft casts loose from the shore with rowboats attached, men aboard, and a piece of equipment; scenes along the river, then blasting, again; camera records changed landscape." (Colin Browne)

[East Kootenay]

Amateur film. "Road sign: 'Source of the Columbia River. Prevent Forest Fires.' Pan across end of Columbia Lake and snow-capped hills. Columbia Lake in winter. Wild swans on Columbia Lake - summer - they take off and fly away. [Long shot of] Kimberley Mines. Crowsnest Mountain. Locomotive with several long ore cars and caboose passing by, with forest in [background]. Paving at Fernie. Men working with truck dumping gravel into a paving attachment moving slowly along the road. Different view of Crowsnest Mountain. Frank Slide, camera follows course of slide down mountain. Small rock bluff with vehicles beside it -- paving at Michel. Crusher at Mud Creek. Mixers at Spring Brook. Mud Creek: a frog, a porcupine and a deer. Scenic shot of mountain in Fall. Moyie Lake. Reflection of mountain on Moyie Lake. Crooked Tree Camp in mountains. Jack and Yorky. Shovel working at Windermere cut, with two trucks in attendance. Shovel working in a deep, sandy pit with trucks. Carryall in pit. Truck moving along road away from camera. Truck dumping fill onto road. Bulldozer, shovel, trucks assembled and working at pit. Several shots of bulldozer pushing fill around, shovel in [foreground]. [Close-up of] shovel at work. [Close-up of] cat at work. [Close-up of] shovel at edge of Columbia River in preparation for crossing. Shovel ploughing through water across the river." (Colin Browne)

[Engineering footage : road survey and construction]

Stock shots. Shows location crew surveying for road; clearing trees and preparing road area with caterpillar tractor, scraper and other heavy equipment; installing culverts; use of dredger and stone crusher; surfacing road with gravel. Also camp scenes, including cookhouse. Appears to be in the vicinity of Stone Creek and Willow River, in the Cariboo southeast of Prince George.

[Fire in young stand and slash -- Riske Creek]

Stock shots. Shows an experimental controlled burn in a young stand with slash; burn is started by ground crew. Men attach pheremone container to tree infected with mountain pine beetle; wetting down area prior to burning; igniting the tree; dead beetles. Slash burning sequence. Many shots of fire by day and night. Also includes aerial views of burn area and fire guard.

[Fires 67 No. 1]

Stock shots. Shots in and from a bird-dog plane showing forest fire and airtankers making drops. At tanker base, crew mixing fire retardent. Air crew, ranger and dispatcher at [Kamloops?] base. Suppression crew loading truck and driving through forest. Fire lookout observing smoke. Many shots of telephone and radio use. Shot in and from fire patrol plane. More airtanker drops. Extensive footage of ground crew, caterpillar tracks, trucks and other equipment fighting fire.

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