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Heavy equipment

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Heavy equipment

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[CHEK-TV news film -- celebrity interviews and other footage]

Stock shots. 1. Public Service Alliance meeting - unidentified speaker. 2. Air Canada plane arrives. 3. Airport interior with Oriental family. 4. Unidentified (First Nations?) couple in apartment. 5. John Wayne - on his boat in Inner Harbour....

[China Bar]

Amateur film. Mine and mining camp at China Bar, near Stanley, on the Quesnel-Barkerville road. Depicts the first bulldozer and carryall operation in Canadian mining.

[Corra Linn Dam]

Amateur film. "For the first 90 feet there are many poorly exposed scenic pans of flowing rivers, hills with snow, men walking, and one construction site. Other shots include: a steam train roaring by; a huge explosion in a river (blasting!);...

[East Kootenay]

Amateur film. "Road sign: 'Source of the Columbia River. Prevent Forest Fires.' Pan across end of Columbia Lake and snow-capped hills. Columbia Lake in winter. Wild swans on Columbia Lake - summer - they take off and fly away. [...

[Fires 67 No. 1]

Stock shots. Shots in and from a bird-dog plane showing forest fire and airtankers making drops. At tanker base, crew mixing fire retardent. Air crew, ranger and dispatcher at [Kamloops?] base. Suppression crew loading truck and driving through fo...

[Fires 67 no. 7]

Stock shots. Caterpillar tractor, tanker truck, and suppression crew at forest fire scene. Canso airtanker makes drops on fire. Use of radio communications. Duncan ranger station.

[Fraser Canyon slides]

Unedited footage. Shows construction crew assembling a Bailey bridge at washout site; washout damage to railroad bridge and line, road and culverts; bulldozer clearing debris; slide area and damage on hillside.

[Highway building at Salmon Arm]

Amateur film. "A rock-crushing site; asphalt is loaded into a truck. At road-building site the truck dumps the asphalt. The road is graded and rolled. MIXERS: The camera records the operation of two giant machines, fed by trucks. The truc...

[Hope slide]

Edited footage. The aftermath of the huge landslide on the Hope-Princeton Highway 12 miles east of Hope, 09-Jan-1965. Extensive aerial views of slide area, ravaged mountainside, surrounding landscape; helicopter flying over site; ground crews at ...

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