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Heavy equipment

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Heavy equipment

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Heavy equipment

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Taming the Rocky Mountain Trench

Documentary. Life in a logging camp in Central British Columbia, where men and machines are racing against time to bring out the mill's quota of lumber before the Peace River backs up and floods the valley. The film shows the valley as it wa...

[Fraser Canyon slides]

Unedited footage. Shows construction crew assembling a Bailey bridge at washout site; washout damage to railroad bridge and line, road and culverts; bulldozer clearing debris; slide area and damage on hillside.

[Rogers Pass highway]

Promotional short. Shows land clearing, surveying, and highway construction, including heavy equipment, blasting, and building of snowsheds. Winter scenes; military crew using howitzer to bring down potential snowslides. Aerial views of the mounta...

[Sailors Bar slide]

Unedited footage. Shows the damage caused by a landslide on the highway at Sailors Bar, and the clean-up work in progress, using a dredge and other heavy equipment.

Men, mountains and the challenge

Industrial film. Highway construction in BC. Includes planning and surveys; opening of contractors' bids by Highways Minister Gaglardi; clearing of route by heavy equipment; culvert assembly; drilling and blasting rock; road bed preparation; ...

A job for you

Promotional film. "Young men building huts in a nearly completed camp. Fire fighting practice. Building a bridge abutment. Splitting shakes with a froe. Snag falling. Bucking firewood. Men fighting a fire with hand tools and a bulldozer....

[Tractor at work]

Documentary. "This film shows the many uses of Caterpillar tractors, including supplying power for pneumatic drills and air hammers, ditching, excavation work, and hauling, both on clear ground and snow-covered terrain. Also includes shots of...

[Blasting ; log dump scenes]

Stock shots. Footage includes: powder man preparing to blast section of rock; dumping truckloads of at the Port hardy log dumping ground; caterpillar tractors shifting logs and moving earth; more drilling and blasting; more log dump scenes.

[Fires 67 No. 1]

Stock shots. Shots in and from a bird-dog plane showing forest fire and airtankers making drops. At tanker base, crew mixing fire retardent. Air crew, ranger and dispatcher at [Kamloops?] base. Suppression crew loading truck and driving through fo...

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