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Alex Price interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1984-03-12 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: 1905 attempt by Thomas E. Price (H.A. Price's father), along with George Randall, to climb Garibaldi; heavy forest fires turned them back and the two men walked by to Moodyville, North Vancouver, following the Squamish River. In 1906, Atwell King, Arthur Dalton, David Grey and Thomas Price attempt to climb Garibaldi; group climbed to within 300 feet of the summit, but had to stop because of soft slushy snow; next day, the party found that King was snow blind, so they returned to Squamish and thence to Vancouver by steamer. In 1907, first successful ascent of Garibaldi is made; two of the 1906 climbers plus four other men make up the party. T.E. Price couldn't join the party as he had to write a make up exam for McGill University. In 1908, second ascent of Garibaldi was made with T.E. Price. Description of the work T.E. Price carried out as a member of the Garibaldi Park Board. Brief description of H.A. Price's first trip into Garibaldi Park, Black Tusk area, as an 8- or 9-year-old boy. Brief account of successive trips made by H.A. (Alex) Price into Garibaldi Park between 1930 and 1940. One change noted in the park during this time was the construction of Taylor Cabin. Description of H.A. Price's duties as a "packer's flunky" for Garibaldi Park Board packer Alex Munro. Account of T.E. Price's detailed log of the trail from Cheakamus River to Black Tusk Meadow; Alex Munro's expertise as a fly fisherman recounted; an account of H.A. Price's walk from Garibaldi station to Squamish to catch the steamer to Vancouver. TRACK 2: Continuation of trip from Garibaldi station to Squamish; Alex Munro's horse-breaking show.

[Cariboo region, Vancouver, Fraser Valley]

Footage. A film showing tourism and commerce in three areas: the Cariboo region around 100 Mile House, Vancouver, and the upper Fraser Valley. Cariboo region subjects include fishing, motoring, horseback riding, boating, hiking, pioneer buildings, a covered wagon, and ranching. In Vancouver the focus is shipping. Upper Fraser Valley subjects include Chilliwack businesses and residences, agriculture, outdoor recreation, Hope area campgrounds, Fort Hope Lodge, hiking, boating, and horseback riding. Visitors cross the Fraser River in a canoe to see a waterfall.

Carl Sparks interview

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1984-03-15 SUMMARY: First interest in hiking and first trip into Garibaldi Park in 1958; early access to the park by train, vehicle; early routes into the park; early camping facilities in the park; climbs by C. Sparks and friends in the Black Tusk area and northern areas of the park, from 1960 to the present; Diamond Head area services and trips into Diamond Head; equipment and supplies used for camping by C. Sparks; and friends; comments and opinions about future of the park, and park users.

Days afar

Amateur film. Shows Don and Phyllis Munday on a backpacking expedition into the Bella Coola Valley, then climbing Mount Saugstad.


Amateur film. Shows Don and Phyllis Munday on an expedition into the Bella Coola Valley, and their ascent of Mount Defiance. Expedition was on foot, as well as by pack horse and boat.

Emil Brandvold and Joan Gambioli interview

CALL NUMBER: T4147:0008 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1984-03-24 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Description of first trip to Garibaldi Park in 1941: Singing Pass to Wedge Mountain; return to Alta Lake and then to Cheakamus Lake, then to Castle Towers Creek, to Polemonium Ridge and down; Panorama Ridge to Black Tusk Meadows; hike down to Black Tusk trail to Garibaldi station and via train and steamer to Vancouver. Description of trips made in following two years. 1942: Black Tusks Meadows to Cheakamus Lake and Singing Pass. 1943: raft across Cheakamus Lake to valley at upper end of Cheakamus Lake, then return to mouth of lake and hike to Desolation Valley and camp. 1943 was first visit to what is now known as the Diamond Head area; driven in by Mr. Jacobson of Empire Mills. April 1944: ski trip into Diamond Head where site chosen near Crystal Lakes and decision to build a lodge. Proposal submitted to Garibaldi Park Board in 1944, and construction of lodge begins in early summer 1944. Construction carried out in first summer, 1944, included pack horse trail from end of logging road to lodge site; log hauling trail west of lodge site outside of park boundary to construction site; three rounds of logs for lodge; small shack Construction in 1945: base camp, large barn. TRACK 2: In1945, acquired two fawns after base camp constructed; description of events with deer in 1945, and other stories over the next two or three years. CALL NUMBER: T4147:0009 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1984-03-24 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Completion of lodge. New Years, 1946: finally got roof on building and worked on inside, and then began to have guests at what was known as Diamond Head in March. General development and expansion of chalet operation, 1947 to 1960s. TRACK 2: Continuation of general development and expansion of chalet operations, until they sold out in 1972. CALL NUMBER: T4147:0010 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1984-03-24 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Joan's personal thoughts on the future development of the Diamond Head area of Garibaldi Park. Summary of the development of the chalet, from with the preliminary summer trips to the expansion of the chalet in 1960. Stories about the wolverine at Diamond Head Chalet -- Emil. TRACK 2: Wolverine stories continued. More stories about the pet deer. Stories about black bears and grizzly bears.

Garibaldi : a park in the peaks

The item is a reel of travelogue film about a trip, on foot and on horseback, through parts of Garibaldi Park. Includes: Pacific Great Eastern Railway and Union Steamship arrivals at Squamish; Wedge Mountain; Mount Garibaldi; Columnar Ridge (rock formation); Garibaldi Glacier; Black Tusk Meadows; climbers on the Black Tusk; Cheakamus Lake; Sentinel Glacier; The Barrier (cliff); etc.

[Klini Klini]

Amateur film. Film record of expedition in the Klinaklini Valley by way of Knight Inlet.

Manning Park 1946

The item is a reel of unedited film footage showing three men and two women on a hiking and backpacking tour in Manning Park in the summer of 1946. Views of mountain scenery, forests and flora, camp scenes, some wildlife and fishing. Mickey Trew is seen packing up the camp.

[Mount Queen Bess]

Amateur film. Shows exploration and climbing in the Homathko Valley and Mount Queen Bess area.

Mount Reliance

Amateur film. Shows expedition from Tatlayoko Lake and climb up Mt. Reliance.

Mount Waddington

Amateur film. Shows Don and Phyllis Munday on an expedition to climb Mount Waddington, via Franklin Valley, Franklin Glacier, Dais Glacier, etc.

Mountaineering at the coast : recollections of early mountain climbers in British Columbia's Coast Range

The item is an audio recording produced for the Provincial Archives' Sound Heritage Series under contract. In 1900 the Coast Range was largely unknown. From the mountains near Vancouver, climbers could see the snow fields and peaks to the north and east. But between Howe Sound and the Homathko Valley -- a distance of some 200 miles -- the Coast Range was largely unmapped and unexplored. It was like having the Himalayas or the Andes on your doorstep. All you had to do was crash through the rain forest to get there. Through the recollections of early mountaineers, this hour-long sound program documents mountain exploration in the 1920s and 1930s.

Thomas Fyles interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Thomas Fyles : early explorations in the Garibaldi area by a famous mountaineer RECORDED: Hopkins Landing (B.C.), 1973-03-23 SUMMARY: Thomas Fyles was born in 1887 and shares his recollections of the early explorations of Garibaldi Park by the first man to climb the "Table", a well-known volcanic mesa reputed to be unclimbable. He discusses the construction of the first boat on Garibaldi Lake; the first cabin in the Garibaldi Park area; and the walk from Hope to Lillooet and then to Squamish in 1915.

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