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Adam Waldie interview

CALL NUMBER: T2000:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): United Church Medical Missionary, Dr. Adam Clayton Waldie PERIOD COVERED: 1940-1950 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Personal background; clinical psychology course at UBC; degree at University of Alberta; idea of working with Dr. George Darby at Bella Bella; summer job as medical assistant while studying medicine; temporary licences under Dr. Darby; Bella Bella 1947; description of native Indians; history of Dr. Darby; distinguished member of same medical class; Kwakiutl Indians; seasonal migrations of Indians; work at Dr. Darby's hospital. TRACK 2: Twenty-five bed hospital at Bella Bella; tuberculosis and treatments; Dr. Darby's character and knowledge of Indian language and culture; Dr. Darby as minister and educator; first operation performed; description of some cases. CALL NUMBER: T2000:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): United Church Medical Missionary, Dr. Adam Clayton Waldie PERIOD COVERED: 1947-1950? RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Dr. Whiting 1947; relieving him for two weeks at Bella Coola hospital; local history; fish tapeworm; Dr. Whiting's methods; rabbit test; X ray; broken collar bone; trapper Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake; Mrs. Edwards; Dr. Waldie's first female examination, pregnancy and delivery; discussion of specific medical problems. TRACK 2: Weekly visits to Goose Bay; opium pills; sailing conditions; types of medical problems.; CALL NUMBER: T2000:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): United Church Medical Missionary, Dr. Adam Clayton Waldie PERIOD COVERED: 1947-1960 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: 1947 Dr. Barby; boats used; venereal disease; pregnancy anecdote; eye tumor; alcoholic doctor story; leaving for Vancouver in late summer 1947. TRACK 2: 1957 -- helping Dr. Herman McLean at Esperanza; his history; Christian Shantymen's Association; emergency flight to Vancouver; sightseeing flight back; summary of effect of medical missionary work.

Administrative records

  • GR-2569
  • Series
  • 1890-1947

The Provincial Secretary was responsible for the administration of grants to public hospitals, and later regulation of the the hospitals, until the Hospital Insurance Service was established as the third branch of the Department of Health and Welfare in 1948. At that time the regulation of hospitals became the responsibility of the Hospital Insurance Service Branch. This collection is comprised of 6 series of records relating to the administration of the public hospitals of B.C.: files for individual public hospitals relating to special grants (1915-1947), annual reports of the public hospitals (1921-1933), correspondence of the Provincial Secretary and the Deputy Provincial Secretary with the public hospitals (1921-1933), a card series detailing monthly grants to the individual hospitals (1923-1941), a card series entitled "Liquor profits to hospitals" (1922-1929) and a card series detailing grants to orphanages and other charitable institutions and organizations (1890-1934). The series are not all complete. While there are annual reports of the hospitals for the years 1921-1937, the only complete sets are for 1921, 1923-1925, 1934 and 1936. Boxes 1-11 : Files re: special grants to individual hospitals (may contain blueprints, photos, reports, correspondence, etc.) 1915-1947 Boxes 12-15 : Annual reports of hospitals 1921-1937 Boxes 16-19 : Correspondence of the Provincial Secretary and Deputy Provincial Secretary re: hospital funding 1921-1933 Boxes 20-22 : 3 card sets detailing funding to hospitals and other charitable institutions 1890-1941

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Allan Robertson interview

CALL NUMBER: T0963:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1965-08-05 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Allan Robertson describes his family history leading up to their arrival on Cortes Island between 1889 and 1905. He describes his education with John Manson's family; how eggs were the ;main industry; the first settlers of Cortes from 1870 to 1890; Whaletown; Mansons Landing; the growth of Cortes, including the fluctuations and flow of settlers from 1908 to 1920; the climate on the island; more on the development of Cortes; a description of John and Mike Manson; and Allan describes his early life, supporting his family and beginning to log. TRACK 2: Mr. Robertson describes his ;mother as a midwife; and the hospitals of Powell River and Vancouver and Campbell River. He then describes the conditions; clothes; steamship travel; and drinking in logging camps. He then discusses; the Columbia Coast Mission and ministers Alan Greene and John Antle.

CALL NUMBER: T0963:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1968 [summer] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Robertson talks about logging: horse logging; skid roads; steam donkey logging between 1905 and 1910; judging and preparing logs for riding skid roads; getting logs into the water; Gilchrist Jack; hand logging; the employment of oxen and horses; more on steam donkeys; log booms; the use of tow boats; the type of person a logger back then was; cork boots and typical logging clothes. ;TRACK 2: Mr. Robertson continues with more on logging: food in the logging camps; the Union Steamships; logging jargon; origin of "haywire"; different axes; more logging terms; his first job at a log;ging camp in 1911; his early years on Cortes Island and his introduction to logging; the authority of a camp foreman; wages; risks taken and compared to present; and an anecdote about drinking.

CALL NUMBER: T0963:0003 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1968 [summer] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mr. Robertson discusses growing up on Cortes Island; beginning his career as a logger at the age of thirteen; his experience enlisting in WWI; and his various occupations between the World Wars, including his work for the Crown Zellerbach Company. Mr. Robertson then recalls the history of the pulp and paper industry through the history of the Crown Zellerbach, including the reason for t;he odor produced by pulp mills; and he describes the process of paper making. TRACK 2: Mr. Robertson continues with more on the paper making process: the effects of waste on the environment; and reforestation. Then Mr. Robertson discusses commercial and sport salmon fishing; the origins of the name Cortes Island; more on growing up there including a description of the area; canneries on Blind Channel; his own education; and a comparison between kids yesterday and today.

Annual reports of public hospitals in British Columbia

  • GR-2666
  • Series
  • 1969

These records comprise annual reports of public hospitals in British Columbia for 1969. The information contained in these reports was normally published by the British Columbia Government as the Report on Hospital Statistics and the Administration of the Hospital Act. The report was not published for 1969 so these records have been retained as the only source of the information.

British Columbia. Dept. of Health Services and Hospital Insurance

BC Radio News : [press conferences, interviews, speeches, etc., April 1979]

CALL NUMBER: T3860:0154 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Dave Barrett RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-05 SUMMARY: Dave Barrett on several election topics.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0155 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Premier Bennett RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-05 SUMMARY: Premier Bill Bennett on the sale of Ocean Falls.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0156 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Premier Bennett ; Dave Barrett RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-05 SUMMARY: Premier Bill Bennett on Ocean Falls; Barrett on several topics regarding the upcoming election.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0157 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bob McClelland RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-05 SUMMARY: Bob McClelland on hospitals.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0158 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Prime Minister Trudeau RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1979-04-06 SUMMARY: Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau speaks to Victorians.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0159 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Premier Bennett (speeches) RECORDED: Kamloops (B.C.), 1979-04-07 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Premier Bill Bennett's keynote address at Kamloops. TRACK 2: Bennett's dinner speech at Kamloops.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0160 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Elwood Veitch RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-04-09 SUMMARY: Elwood Veitch to Socred [convention?], 6 April 1979.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0161 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Charles Barber ; Gordon Hansen RECORDED: Victoria (B.C.), 1979-04-11 SUMMARY: Charles Barber at his nomination meeting; Gordon Hansen is his running mate, as in 1975.;

BC Radio News : [press conferences, interviews, speeches, etc., December 1978]

CALL NUMBER: T3860:0074 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Dan Campbell (backgrounder) RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-04 SUMMARY: Dan Campbell (backgrounder).; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0075 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Allan Williams and company RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-11 SUMMARY: Allan Williams "and company" on the special sitting of the legislature; Jim Nielsen on skid row report.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0076 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Vander Zalm RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-14 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Bill Vander Zalm on Gray Line sale; "will go". TRACK 2: Bill Vander Zalm on regional districts.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0077 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bob McClelland hospital increases ; Dennis Cocke RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-15 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Bob McClelland on hospital increases. TRACK 2: Dennis Cocke on ICBC.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0078 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Garde Gardom RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-20 SUMMARY: Garde Gardom on RCMP break-ins.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0079 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Grace McCarthy RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-21 SUMMARY: Grace McCarthy on new approach to Human Resources.; CALL NUMBER: T3860:0080 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Rafe Mair ; Premier Bennett RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-12-28 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Rafe Mair blasting Lieutenant Governor's Christmas message. TRACK 2: Premier Bennett on Mac-Blo takeovers.;

Between ourselves : Beyond the call

SUMMARY: "Between Ourselves" was a weekly series of hour-long radio programs that presented Canada to Canadians. It featured aspects of Canadian life in docudramas, plays, music, and interviews, originating fr;om different regions of Canada. The series ran from 1966 to 1979. This episode, "Beyond the Call", is the story of three Canadian Red Cross outpost hospitals in BC. Prepared and introduced by J.J. McC;oll, the program includes interviews with nurses at these isolated hospital outposts -- Betty Dolk in Kyuquot, Alice Owen in Edgewood, and Margaret Pardy in Bamfield.;

British Columbia Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries records

The fonds consists of minutes of the executive and annual meetings, constitution and bylaws, newsletters, correspondence and handbooks, photographs and other ephemera of the British Columbia Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries from between 1945 and 1999.

The series consists of two accessions that were donated in 1989 and 1999. The first accession was donated when the association was known as the British Columbia Association of Hospital Auxiliaries; the second accession was donated after they had changed their name in 1993 to the British Columbia Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries

British Columbia Association of Health-Care Auxiliaries

British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service records

  • GR-2657
  • Series
  • 1950-1957

In 1948 the "Act to provide for the establishment of Hospital Insurance and Financial Aid to Hospitals" was passed. The British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service (BCHIS) was set up as the third branch of the Department of Health and Welfare. During its early years the BCHIS experienced many difficulties, particularly in collecting premiums. This difficulty was solved in 1954 when the government amended the Hospital Insurance Act abolishing premiums and providing that the Service be financed from consolidated revenue. An additional 2% was added to the sales tax effective April 1, 1954. These records illustrate the difficulties of collecting premiums, and other aspects of the work of the fledging BCHIS.

This accession is a small part, A - I, in an alphabetical series, of the Hospital Insurance Services' general office files. It includes material relating to the Liability and Adjustment division, the Inspector of Hospitals, the Hospital Advisory Council, as well as the executives, L.F. Detwiller (Commissioner) and D.M. Cox (Assistant Commissioner). The bulk of the files relate to the premium collections work, including correspondence with delinquent rate payers. The last part of this series, J-Z, did not arrive with this accession; its whereabouts, and whether it still exists, are unknown.

British Columbia. Hospital Insurance Service

British Columbia Hospitals' Association records

The series includes minutes, 1918-1956; correspondence 1939-1962; clippings, 1937-1965; cash book, 1918-1941; and files relating to bylaws, membership lists, etc. The series also includes records of the Western Canada Institute for Hospital Administrators and Trustees, 1948 and 1956 and photographs, ca. 1923-1963.

[British Columbia Indians, ca. 1941]

Amateur film. Miscellaneous footage taken during the time that Miss Gerry worked as a nurse for the federal Dept. of Indian and Northern Affairs. Includes footage of Indian reserves and villages, celebrations and school children; a First Communion procession at St. Paul's Indian Catholic Church in North Vancouver; hospital and clinic scenes; residential schools and Coqualeetza Indian School and Hospital; Cariboo highway and scenery; Williams Lake Stampede; etc. Also includes OUR CARIBOO NEIGHBORS, a discrete two-reel film that depicts a 1941 automobile journey to visit Indian reserves and missions in the Cariboo. For a detailed content summary of OUR CARIBOO NEIGHBORS, see item description AAAA5215.

Canon Alan Greene interview, 1969

CALL NUMBER: T0944:0005 track 2
RECORDED: [location unknown], 1969-01
SUMMARY: TRACK 2: [Original tape #1, Box 30.]
Canon Alan Green discusses his personal background, including his birth in Orillia; Ontario; his father, who was the vicar at the parish there; and his siblings. He describes coming to BC in 1911 at the request of Christ Church Cathedral to work with John Antle as a student missionary on a steamship up to Van Anda. He gives his first impressions of BC; how he eased into boating; and details about the Van Anda Hospital. He then tells anecdotes about "gettin' in" with people at the logging camps and settlers on the coast. He outlines what he offered as a representative of the Anglican church, and how he would adapt his approach based on what worked in a specific community. Finally; he discusses John Antle's character.

CALL NUMBER: T0944:0006
RECORDED: [location unknown], 1969-01
SUMMARY: TRACK 1: [Original tape #2, Box 30.]
Reverend Greene continues by describing his career with the Columbia Coast Mission, and how he came to know John Antle through a man named Cecil Owen. He discusses Antle's belief that "the Church was not there to hold services, but to render service", and anecdotes that reveal Antle's character. Then he discusses hospitals; his hospital rescue ship the "Rendezvous"; and he compares loggers and fishermen. TRACK 2: [Original tape #3, Box 30.] Reverend Greene discusses lighthouses in Bute Inlet and their keepers, including a man named Smith; anecdotes about navigation in Bute Inlet; Skookumchuck Rapids; more on adventures on Bute Inlet; and stories about settlers, including some from the Orkney Islands.

CALL NUMBER: T0944:0007
RECORDED: [location unknown], 1969-01
SUMMARY: TRACK 1: [Original tape #4, Box 30.]
Reverend Green continues with his story about the settlers from the Orkney Islands before discussing floating logging camps in detail. The story of a rescue involving the "Columbia" hospital ship; how the "Columbia" had the first radiotelephone in the area; and more on Bute Inlet, including logging and settling attempts and various old timers. TRACK 2: [Original; tape #5, Box 30.] Reverend Greene tells about various adventures around Read Island and Surge Narrows; the burial of Father Lambert of the Seventh Day Adventists; weddings aboard the "Rendezvous"; a large women that he had carry on his back to get ashore for Christmas parties; details about old-fashioned Christmas parties; various ministers on the islands; earthquakes; various characters, including Bill Frost and John Jones.

CALL NUMBER: T0944:0008
RECORDED: [location unknown], 1969-01
SUMMARY: TRACK 1: [Original tape #6, Box 30.]
Reverend Greene continues with more on the characters of Read Island; Bob Tipton, a justice of the peace, who threatened a man with a shotgun for trespassing; and others, including George Stafford. Reverend Greene also discusses the community at Quathiaski Cove on Quadra Island; the Columbia Coast Mission; and the role of the church at Bute Inlet today. TRACK 2: [Original tape #7, Box 30.] Reverend Greene comments on the role of the church in 1969; details on the history of Quathiaski Cove, circa 1905; Reverend R.J. Walker and Chief Billy Assu. [end of interview]

Clarence Bradbury interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Aid to the handicapped & community health services PERIOD COVERED: 1945-1970 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976-01-08 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Personal background; training for rehabilitation work, 1945 to 1947; early rehabilitation work in BC; provincial government involvement, 1948 to 1950; development of rehabilitation programs; experimental programs. TRACK 2: Continued discussion of experimental programs; work in Kelowna and Nanaimo; reception of programs by the public and physicians; work in Chilliwack and Prince George; operations and developments since 1967; rapid expansion of programs; finances of cost shared programs; future hopes of programs.;

[Columbia Coast Mission : M.S. John Antle]

Footage. The Columbia Coast Mission boat "John Antle" (the third CCM vessel of that name) on patrol with Canon Alan D. Greene. Shot in the early 1950s when the "John Antle" was based at Pender Harbour, patrolling the Jervis Inlet area and the northern part of the Strait of Georgia. Footage of scenery, settlements and people encountered, and services performed by Canon Greene at various stops. Identifiable locales include Ballenas Light Station, Surge Narrows on Read Island [Tipton's Store], and the Canadian Red Cross Society's Outpost Hospital on Stuart Island. Also includes hospital interiors (ward, first aid, operation in progress); logging camp cookhouse interior; logging operations (felling tree with axe and crosscut saw); children; village scenes. The mission boat "Rendezvous" and a CN steamship (possibly the "Prince Rupert") also appear.

Columbia Coast Mission records

The Columbia Coast Mission (C.C.M) was inaugurated in 1905 by Reverend John Antle of the Anglican Church to serve the medical and spiritual needs of logging camps on the coast of B.C. between Vancouver Island and the Mainland.

Records include: correspondence, conveyances, minute books, reports, accounts, parish records, and log-books of mission ships.

Columbia Coast Mission

Commission on Health Care and Costs

  • GR-2801
  • Series
  • 1990-1991

This series consists of records of the Royal Commission on Health Care and Costs, 1990-1991. Records include submissions, records of hearings, executive summaries, staff files, administrative files, press clippings, and contract research reports.

British Columbia. Royal Commission on Health Care and Costs [1990-1991]

Correspondence and reports from Department of Provincial Secretary

  • GR-1665
  • Series
  • 1887-1953

This series contains miscellaneous correspondence and reports. These records were originally a part of the Provincial Secretary's central registry but, for reasons unknown, became separated from the department's main files. A wide variety of subjects are addressed in these records.

Many of the records in this unit concern investigations carried out under the authority of the Departmental Inquiries Act and the Public Inquiries Act. Many relate to conditions in public institutions and activities of government employees. Many inquiries relate to hospitals and schools in the province, including Vernon Mental Hospital, Tranquille Sanatorium, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and Provincial Mental Hospital at Essondale. Other inquiries and Commissions include bribery of the Liquor Control Board, the Beban Mine disaster, Royal Commission on Dominion Provincial Relations, Inquiry into the death of John Meredith Sweeney and the state and management of the Quartermaster Stores of the Provincial Police Force.

The records also relate to child welfare programs, including the general management of the Provincial Industrial School for Boys and to the Girls' Industrial School, ca. 1930-1945. Additional documents in this collection relate to subjects such as squatters' claims at the Granville Townsite [Vancouver (1887)], to the Fraser River Flood Relief programme (1894), applications for seed, the Victoria Consolidated Hydraulic Mining Co., government perquisites, legislation, estates, and to proposed sites for the University of British Columbia (1910). "Anti-Oriental" petitions and voting returns of the 1924 beer-by-the-glass plebiscite also included.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Department of Health executive records

  • GR-0678
  • Series
  • 1946-1976

This series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports and minutes of meetings of the Deputy Minister of Health relating to all fields administered by the Department of Health and its predecessors, particularly in the period 1955 to 1976.

British Columbia. Dept. of Health. Minister of Medical and Hospital Programs

Deputy Minister of Health executive records

  • GR-4039
  • Series
  • 1987 - 1989

The series consists of executive records documenting the activities of the Deputy Minister of Health’s office from 1987-1989 (mainly Deputy Minister, John Noble). These records provide evidence of the deputy minister office’s role: advising the minister and supporting the following ministry operations and programs: institutional services, community care/family health, and preventative health. They also document the ministry’s mandated/legislated relationship with health-related commissions (Medical Services, Emergency Health Services) and various associations. Deputy minister correspondence and subject files demonstrate the office’s advisory/supporting role in delivering effective health services across the province. Ministry of Health executive committee meeting materials provide evidence of the management of programs, policies, and people in the ministry. These records were created under legislation administered by the Ministry of Health such as: Ministry of Health Act (RSBC 1996, c. 301), the Hospital Act (RSBC 1996, c. 200), and Medical Service Plan Act, 1981 (RSBC 1979, c. 18).

This record series is generally arranged alphabetically by subject. Most of the subject files are either health-related topics or the names of health organizations and regional health care facilities in the province. The files also contain an internal file code. Records include incoming and outgoing correspondence between the Deputy Minister of Health, Minister of Health, and other government executive members, the public, and regional health care facilities and organizations. The series also includes memoranda and reports, briefing notes, meeting materials, and other records documenting ministerial activities. The records are covered by the Executive Records schedule (schedule 102906). Routine administrative records were destroyed.

British Columbia. Ministry of Health (1976-2001)

Deputy Provincial Secretary records

  • GR-0497
  • Series
  • 1930-1946

This series consists of the personal files of the Deputy Provincial Secretary, Paschal de Noe Walker, 1930-1946. Records deal with health and welfare facilities (hospitals, industrial schools, etc.), social services, elections, libraries, museums and a variety of other programmes and services administered by the Provincial Secretary's department.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Division of Tuberculosis Control operational records

  • GR-0378
  • Series
  • 1934-1969, 2002-2004

This series consists of records of the Division of Tuberculosis Control, including files relating to Pearson Hospital, the B.C. Tuberculosis Society, committals to sanatoria, and records relating to meetings of the staff from 1934-1969. The series also consists of two annual reports issued by the Division of Tuberculosis Control between 2002 and 2004.

British Columbia. Division of Tuberculosis Control

Donald Watt interview

CALL NUMBER: T1983:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Don Watt : medical missionary work, United Church PERIOD COVERED: 1940-1960 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976-01-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Personal background in Ontario; medical positions held; Skidegate Inlet, 1946; Queen Charlotte Hospital, 1955; type of medical work there, coronary work; life style in the Queen Charlottes; influence of church on Dr. Watt; effects of United Church medical work; Bella Bella, 1942 -1960, large growth; tuberculosis in BC; Port Simpson Hospital; types of medical problems in United Church Hosp;itals. TRACK 2: Christianity and medicine; income of United Church doctors; payment other than money; income tax; Government subsidy for rural isolated doctors; payment for services; regional hospital districts; United Church and government takeover of Bella Bella Hospital; penicillin; x-ray equipment; technical advances in rural medicine; satellite communication.;

CALL NUMBER: T1983:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Don Watt; Medical Missionary Work, United Church PERIOD COVERED: 1940-1976 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1976-01-16 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Dr. Hugh McGuire, an outstanding surgeon from Alabama with futuristic ideas for rural medicine; liaison between city and country; United Church involvement; use of specialist from UBC Faculty of Medicine for medical programs; veterinary experiences. TRACK 2: Humourous veterinary experiences; work anecdotes; Red Cross; Indians in society; birth control; sterilization; abortion.

Dr. Katharine Mirhady interview

SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Pediatrics RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1976-04-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Personal history; education; interest in medicine; description of University of Toronto Medical School, 1943 to 1948; how antibiotics affected training; the development of Pablum; university description continued; interning at the Royal Jubilee Hospital from 1948 to 1950; big flood in the fall and spring of 1947/48; advent of hospitalisation; how hospitals were almost empty waiting for January 1949 when hospitalisation was paid; Toronto Mental Institute at 999 Queens Street; depressing; uses of shock treatment discussed; Great Ormond St. Hospital for thee month paediatric course in the fall of 1949; went to Davenport in 1950 to work at maternity hospital for six months; midwifery discussed; France for a holiday and onto the Semmelweis Clinic in Vienna, observing and assisting with operations; 1951 back to London, Ontario, working for a obstetrician and gynecologist doing circumcisions; Vancouver in 1953. TRACK 2: Description of Vancouver; job with Savage Shoes doing research on children's feet; working afternoons at a baby clinic; moved to Richmond in 1954; got job with metropolitan health in 1955; moved back to Vancouver so could continue working at the baby clinic; viewpoints of need for family life education; some discussion of what the school board is doing right now; handicapped children's needs; English needed as a second language by 33% of elementary students.

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