Indians--British Columbia--Drama



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Indians--British Columbia--Drama

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Indians--British Columbia--Drama

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Indians--British Columbia--Drama

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Dramatic short. "A short drama examining the racial conflicts that can occur among children when an "outsider" appears in the midst of a dominant culture. Chris, a pre-adolescent, resents the visit of Emma, a Native girl, to his hom...


SUMMARY: "Saturday Evening" was a series of 1.5 hour programs broadcast from 8:30 to 10:00 PM on Saturday nights. The series ran from October 1962 to the spring of 1967. Usually in two parts, the programs feat;ured plays, classical conce...

The Hornby collection : I heard the owl call my name

SUMMARY: "The Hornby Collection" is an anthology of plays, documentaries, interviews and selected fiction for radio -- all written, prepared and produced in British Columbia. A dramatization by David Hutchison of Margaret Craven's ...