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Indigenous dance--British Columbia

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Indigenous dance--British Columbia

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Indigenous dance--British Columbia

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Alberni dance : [from "7 o'clock show" film shoot]

RECORDED: [location unknown], [196-] SUMMARY: TRACK 1: "Alberni Dance" comprises the location sound recorded during the filming of a segment for the CBC television program "The 7 O'clock Show" at the Alberni Indian Community Hall. The recording ;includes narration, songs, dances and speeches. The voice of George Clutesi can be heard. TRACK 2: A continuation of the "Alberni Dance" recording. Includes speeches; an introduction by George Clutesi of Paul Sam from Ahousaht, who makes a traditional welcome speech; and some words from Andy Snider, the CBC producer. Bob (later Imbert) Orchard interviews George Clutesi, who describes the significance of the songs; dances and speeches.

Alberni Indian Residential School : program of songs and dances

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1966-06-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: This recording of the students of the Alberni Indian Residential School was taken during a rehearsal at the PNE Gardens in 1966, possibly under the direction of George Clutesi. An introducto;ry narration is heard, followed by songs, including: a paddle song; an unidentified song; a welcome song; a war song; a private song; a victory dance; a sea-serpent dance song; and a farewell song. [;TRACK 2: blank.];

Alert Bay Indian songs and dances

RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1965-06-18 SUMMARY: "Alert Bay Indian Songs and Dances" comprises field recordings of 1965 performances at Alert Bay, B.C. Second tape reel [labelled?]: "Second part - Fort St.James". These field recordings may have been; used in a 1965 CBC program entitlled "Hamatsa"; see T4365:0201.;

Alert Bay potlatch : [field recordings, 1968]

CALL NUMBER: T4365:0253 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: "Alert Bay Potlatch" is a series of eight tapes comprising field recordings produced by Norman Newton at Alert Bay in 1968. These recordings document the ceremonies commemorating a new building built ;as a Centennial project to house ceremonial dance performances. TAPE 1: Opening announcements (15:00). Mention is made of Chief James Knox (Fort Rupert), Chief Speck, Chief Scow, Bill Holm, and attend;ant Charlie George. Ceremonial background about the Kwakiutl nation is given. Chief Scow is the master of ceremonies.; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0254 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 2: The master of ceremonies provides the audience with descriptions of the dance events and the ceremonial objects. He discusses the history and traditions behind each performance, and its impor;tance to the Kwakiutl nation and Fort Rupert.; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0255 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 3: Continued. The master Of ceremonies mentions the Hunt family song, as well as the dance of Chief Knox, performed by members of his family.; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0256 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 4: Continued. The master of ceremonies mentions the family members of Chief Sewid, Chief Speck and Chief Knox who participated in the dances. Information is also provided about family and dance ;ownership among the Kwakiutl First Nation.; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0257 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 5: The master of ceremonies mentions family members of Chief Knox who perform various dances. Chief James Knox's family is celebrated as a high ranking family within the Kwakiutl First Nation, an;d mention is made of his ancestors' role in the historic 1851 agreement with the Hudson's Bay Company factors. The Transformer Dance is also described.; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0258 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 6: The Seagull Dance and the Red Cedar Bark Dance are mentioned. The master of ceremonies also introduces Bill Holm and Chief Henry Bell's wife.; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0259 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 7: Includes speeches from the Chiefs of the Kwakiutl First Nation, praising the revival and exhibition of these dances and their culture. These traditional performances were historically enjoyed ;by various First Nations for the happiness of their people. The Chief Council is named (12:30), and background information is provided (14:00) about the construction of the building as a project to ma;rk the Centennial of Confederation (1967).; CALL NUMBER: T4365:0260 RECORDED: Alert Bay (B.C.), 1968-05 SUMMARY: TAPE 8: This recording documents dances by the wives of Chief Johnson and Chief Knox at the conclusion of the ceremony, and celebrates the happiness and joy of the attendance of such a large gathering;.;

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