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Translations of Vancouver Island treaties

The series consists of three documents relating to MS-0772 Register of land purchases from Indians. The agreements recorded in the register are referred to as the Vancouver Island treaties (formerly known as the Douglas or Fort Victoria treaties). In February 2017 a conference was held at the Songhees Wellness Centre, inviting Indigenous and non-Indigenous islanders to discuss the treaties, their history, and their present-day impact.

The conference commissioned the first translations of two of the treaties into Lekwungen by Songhees Elder Dr. Elmer George, and a cultural interpretation of the treaties in SENĆOŦEN by STOLȻEŁ, Tsartlip Elder John Elliot Sr. The Lekwungen translations are of the če’q’nein nəč’elŋxʷ- kʷ’ats’ayč iʔ xpeʔ kʷəliq̌a (Chekonein treaty) and the Teechamitsa treaty.

Dr. Elmer George and John Elliot Sr. were awarded the Meritorious Service Award by the Governor General of Canada in recognition of this work.

First Nations, Land, & James Douglas: Indigenous & Treaty Rights in the Colonies of Vancouver Island & BC, 1849-1864 conference

Memorandum of co-operation between the Province of British Columbia and the State of Washington

The item consists of a two page memorandum of co-operation dated July 10 1972. The memorandum is signed by Premier W.A.C. Bennett and Washington State Governor Daniel J. Evans and is an agreement to protect the common water boundary consisting of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound and their adjacent waters from the dangers of oil spills.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Letters from Carol Pearson to Agnes Wilke

The file consists of two letters, February 20, 1963, and March 7, 1963, from Carol Pearson, King City, Ontario to Agnes Wilke in Sidney, B.C. The letters described Pearson's life, Emily Carr, and pets, particularly dogs and monkeys.

The file also contains three photographs; two snapshots of Emily Carr and her dogs, ca. 1933, and one snapshot of Carol Pearson on a horse, October 1951.

Harry Roberts journal

Series consists of a journal written by Harry Roberts to his young daughter, Yolanda, 1933-1949. The journal includes small illustrations and photos and provides daily accounts of life on the Sunshine Coast. It also includes information about the Roberts family, whom Roberts Creek is named, as well as recounting friendships with Mary Connally from Brother XII's Aquarian Foundation in Nanaimo.

Roberts, Louis Harry, 1884-1979

Papers relating to Delegation to Ottawa re claims

The file consists of documentation prepared by the Delegation of Allied Indian Tribes of British Columbia (also referred to as Allied Tribes of British Columbia) and presented to various Government of Canada bodies and individuals, including acting Prime Minister Foster, the Special Committee of the House of Commons considering Bill 14, the Senate Committee, as well as the press. The Delegation representing the Allied Indian Tribes of British Columbia in Ottawa was comprised of Peter Calder of the Nisga'a [Nishga] Tribe, George Matheson of the Tsimshian [Tsimpshean] Tribe, Peter R. Kelly of the Haida Tribe, and Chief Basil David of the Shuswap Tribe, and accompanied by Special Agent J.A. Teit.

The contents of the file provide a response to Bills 13 and 14 (proposed amendments to the Indian Act), and deal largely with land and settlement issues following the McKenna-McBride Royal Commission on Indian Affairs for the Province of British Columbia, 1913-1916 (Bill 13), and enfranchisement (Bill 14). Documents in the file also provide a brief history of the formation of the Allied Indian Tribes of British Columbia.

The file consists primarily of carbon copies of submitted correspondence, however there are also some handwritten notes and 109 cards which include an individual's name and their role (typically either chief of delegate of a tribe).

Allied Indian Tribes of British Columbia

Commemorative album

The file consists of a small homemade commemorative album containing 17 black and white photographs. The album was made to mark a reception for Mr. and Mrs. Gomer P. Jones given by the the staff of the Hedley Gold Mining Co. on September 20, 1915. The occasion was the 50th birthday of Gomer P. Jones and the reception was held at Hedley, B.C.

The album contains a photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Jones and one of Jones and his son, Gomer P. Jones Jr. There are also 15 photographs of the company staff.

Statement of the Interior Indians of British Columbia [...]

Item consists of one letter (copy) addressed to Minister of the Interior, Dr. Roche, prepared by the Indian Rights Association of British Columbia in 1915 at Spences Bridge. The letter is a response to 1914 Order-in-Council (P.C. 0751-1914). Page 5 lists 38 individuals (chiefs and delegates) and their associated tribes who are the signatories, as well as William H. Sanford and J.A. Teit as witnesses.

Indian Rights Association of British Columbia

Journal notes : Kwawkewkth Agency

The item consists of draft notes presumably prepared by a member (not identified) of the Royal Commission on Indian Affairs for the Province of British Columbia (McKenna-McBride Royal Commission). The notes are not dated by year, but are thought to have been written in 1914. The address for C.O. Marston in Alert Bay appears on the first page.

The notes refer to the Kwawkewlth Agency region (northern Vancouver Island) and refer to six tribes, which are not always clearly identified in the notes. Varying information is provided for each tribe and may include the name of the chief, population and demographics information, employment and economic activities, customs, acreage and reserve allotments, land use, and discussions relating to education, medical care, and relations with Indian Agents (primarily William May Halliday).

Vivian Morcom Bray photo scrapbook

Series is a photo scrapbook with ca. 400 black and white photographs. The photographs are detailed/described by the creator (Vivian Morcom Bray) in his own words and depict persons/places including but not limited to Kamloops, Revelstoke, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and Osoyoos, circa 1912-1950.

Photos depict life events of this period including the 1948 flood in and around Kamloops.

Bray, Vivian Morcom

Cowichan petition

Item consists of a petition to authorities in London prepared for Cowichan Tribe regarding Cowichan possession of their land. The petition cites and quotes at length the royal proclamation of King George III of 1763 recognizing title to the land. The petition was likely prepared by Arthur O'Meara and Charles Tate.

Album of Laura Lillian Maynard [copy prints]

The item consists of selected reproductions of images from a Maynard family photograph album containing photographs relating to the Maynard family and the Victoria-based commercial photographic studio Mrs. R. Maynard’s Photographic Gallery (1862-1912). The album is presumed to be created in the late 1890s. The album is attributed to Laura Lillian Maynard (1873-1951), the daughter of George H Maynard and Mary Elizabeth Davies. The photographs are taken by a photographer(s) whose identity is not stated.

The selected images consist of eight photographic prints depicting different portraits and views. Two images illustrate an unidentified photographic studio both occupied and unoccupied. Another photograph consists of a group portrait depicting a gathering of people outdoor, possibly the Maynard family. Three prints showcase scenes of a residence including one exterior view of a residence and surrounding neighbourhood, and two interior views of a domestic residence. There is also a studio portrait of Mrs. Hannah Maynard in the later stages of her career and life. Finally, there is one image of a construction scene featuring a number of workers in view.

Of the two interior views of a domestic residence, one image includes a depiction of Arthur Rappertie and his mother, Elizabeth Rappertie, in their apartment behind the Maynard Studio on Pandora Street circa 1898 (F-06918). The other image includes several framed photographs in the background. These are studio portraits of Hannah and Richard Maynard of Mrs. R. Maynard’s Photographic Gallery of Victoria, B.C.

Account book

Account book containing entries about loans, insurance, exchanges of gold dust and "gold eggs". The keeper of the accounts was acting as an agent and banker for Chinese who wished to send remittances back to China.

Songhees agreement for removal to Cadboro Bay

Item consists of one handwritten document addressed to the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs (I.W. Powell) and signed by members of Songhees First Nation. It is dated February 7, 1881. The signatories are: Chish; Koo-lai-mult; Koo-lai-sa lue; Hul tsai mult; Quoss l sits; Whe-nook; Lipp; Sala-hala-noo; Louis (Noo-noo-wha-nuk); Ai-Whin; Ka-wai-tsim; Qua-mi-ai; Hoo-tihwi-ai; Shoto-hoom; Henry (Sauk); Tomaikh; Tse-al-ton; Tchillack; Hltahulto; Tshenal klum; Teeai[t or l]ou; Se-ol-sut; Shil-uh (Jimmy); Yallelth; Dick (Hai-tsa-kanum).

Photograph album

The series consists of a photograph album, possibly created by either photographer Edward Dossetter or Dr. I.W. Powell (Superintendent of Indian Affairs for British Columbia) in 1881-1882. The album contains 52 photographs, six illustrations apparently cut from a magazine or book and one postcard of an engraving.

The first 35 photographs were taken by Dossetter during the inspection of coastal Indian Reserves by Powell, on their 1881 trip on the HMS Rocket. The photographs are of First Nations people and villages. The album also contains a photograph of the Gorge in Victoria, seven photographs of celebration arches, four photographs of Esquimalt Harbour and two of Lytton, taken in 1882. These photographs may have been taken by Richard Maynard.

In addition there are six illustrations, mostly religious artworks, three photographs of Cornwall, England and a postcard engraving of a cannery.


G.T. Brown and Company, Practical Lithographers (G.T. Brown, W.T. Galloway) of San Francisco. The item is an invoice to Findlay, Durham and Brodie for 2000 labels altering the Loggie label to J.S. Deas.

Findlay, Durham and Brodie (Firm)

Tickets for passage from Hong Kong to Victoria via Barque "Maria"

87 pre-printed tickets in English and Chinese, with name of passengers, age, occupation and native place filled out in English. The tickets also have the name of the passenger written in Chinese. Some of the ticket holders were children. Folder 1 also contains undated hand-written notes which describe the conditions on the voyage re food and space allotted, and state that they were in contravention of the Chinese Passengers Act of 1855. Two Chinese names are listed on the note: A. Quang and Quang Ling.

[Views of British Columbia photograph album]

The album consists of 65 pages, which contain 58 b&w photographs from various creators, and 5 engravings. The photographs primarily depict scenery throughout British Columbia, as well as some photographs of First Nations people and villages. Many of the photographs appear to have been taken by George Mercer Dawson during Geological Survey of Canada expeditions (1878 and 1879), and are complemented by the Survey reports. However, there are also some photographs by Frederick Dally and by Richard Maynard. When known, the photographers and any identifying information are provided (see the attached list of photographs). Many of the unidentified photographs may be Geological Survey of Canada photographs by Dawson as several are numbered in a similar way.

Thomas New correspondence

The file consists of two letters written by Thomas New, on board the ship Daedalus, to his sister, Rebecca Coxen in Kent. The first letter is dated September 16, 1792, on board the Daedalus at Friendly Cove, Nootka Sound. The second letter is dated December 16, 1793, on board the Daedalus at sea. The Daedalus formed part of the Vancouver Expedition.

The first letter, from Nootka Sound, recounts a story of a Spanish boy found murdered on shore, surveying land, and encounters with Indigenous people. The second letter is incomplete, but appears to discuss sailing to Australia, including Sydney, Port Jacks, Lord Howe Island. The letter discusses taking convicts onboard from Australia as well as an Aboriginal man.

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