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[522 Simcoe ; 966 Yates ; street kids (Bastion Square) ; Old Town ; Reid site]

Television stock shots. Includes footage of: house at 522 Simcoe; the area around the Village Auction building at 966 Yates; parking lot at McCall Brothers funeral home; downtown parking, parkades, traffic, etc.; buses at stop on Douglas Street; pedestrians on Government Street; Bastion Square area, and street kids there; stores and street scenes in the Old Town area; the "Reid site".

[Ainslie Helmcken -- City of Victoria archivist -- reel 1/part 1]

News item. In a four-part interview, archivist Ainslie Helmcken reviews events at Victoria City Hall in the 19th century. In part 1, Mr. Helmcken describes the incorporation of the City of Victoria (1862) and the establishment of the first city council.

[Ainslie Helmcken -- City of Victoria archivist -- reel 2/part 2]

News item. In a four-part interview, archivist Ainslie Helmcken reviews events at Victoria City Hall in the 19th century. In part 2, Mr. Helmcken describes how the sherrif was instructed to seize all assets of Victoria City Council for non-payment of a $700 legal bill.

[Ainslie Helmcken -- City of Victoria archivist -- reel 3/part 3]

News item. In a four-part interview, archivist Ainslie Helmcken reviews events at Victoria City Hall in the 19th century. In part 3, Mr. Helmcken explains how the first councils were organized as the new city hall was being completed in the latter part of the 1880's.

[Ainslie Helmcken -- City of Victoria archivist -- reel 4/part 4]

News item. In a four-part interview, archivist Ainslie Helmcken reviews events at Victoria City Hall in the 19th century. In part 4, Mr. Helmcken talks about the construction of the City Hall's final addition, and the clock tower. The clock was made by a Mr. Redfern, a local jeweller (and mayor at the time), who completed it in 1891 at a cost of $5,000. Following this discussion are some close-up shots of the clock's movement.

Helmcken, Ainslie J., 1900-1987

[Air ambulance feature]

News item. Shows operation of B.C.'s jet air ambulance service in conjunction with ground ambulance services.

[Alice -- dikes]

News item. Footage shows damage to homes in Port Alice after heavy rains caused the river to rise. Diversion dikes are being constructed to try and keep water away from low-lying homes. Some good aerial shots from helicopter. Serious erosion problem.

[All-Sooke Day]

News item. Excellent footage of some of the main events. Background sound only.

[Anacortes ferry]

News item. Includes aerial shots which show the ferry on its run through the San Juan Islands. Some commentary by Washington State Ferries spokesman.

[Another Crystal scheme]

News item. Good interior shots of the Crystal Garden before any restoration work had been started. No sound.

[Archaeological dig]

News item. An archaeological dig on a 2000-year-old Indian village site, which is being reconstructed by First Nations high school students. It is both a prehistoric and a historic site. Archaeological spokesman explains how artifacts found on the site will be catalogued and used to trace the evolution of the people who used them. Archaeologist's description of the objects is very good, with close-up shots of the artifacts. No location is given, but dig is probably on one of the Gulf Islands, possibly North Pender or South Pender.

[Art gallery expands]

News item. The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is proceeding with $900,000 expansion, which will provide 50 percent more exhibition space, storage space and work shops. Funding provided by National Museums Corporation, the BC Recreational Facilities Fund, an Intermunicipal Committee Grant and the members and friends of the Gallery. At present, says a spokesman, only 5-8 percent of the Gallery's total collection can be shown. Footage of construction start.

[Bamfield Marine Station]

News item. Researchers are working on methods to make products from algae for human use, and on the effects an island environment has on sea life numbers. Some good shots of the station from the water.

[Barber strikes]

News item. Charles Barber hopes to bring together a group of Victoria business people and union members for a seminar at UVic this fall. The purpose is to find better systems of bargaining than by striking, which Barber terms "obsolete".


News item. Part of MLA Dave Barrett's address on ICBC and the Social Credit government. As of 31-Dec-1976, ICBC had $272 million in the bank, as tabled in the legislature by Health Minister Dennis Cocke. Then the newly-elected Socreds claimed that ICBC was "broke," so they loaned the corporation ". . . $181 million on a Wednesday and then borrowed it back on a Friday." He also talks about B.C. subsidizing the U.S. with cheaper natural gas for them, which will raise the price of it here.

[Barrett -- Stegan -- heroin]

News item. NDP MLA Dave Barrett suggets that all hard-core heroin addicts in North America be registered and put on a maintenance program of methadone. Mr. Stegan disagrees, saying that there are now more heroin users in Great Britain than when the methadone program was stareted there. Barrett says the Great Britain program has not been "a smashing success," but it has done more to help than anything tried in North America. Mr. Stegan is the director of the methadone clinic, and he says methadone has helped many addicts to kick the heroin habit. Both men agree that there is no cure for herion addiction.

[Barrett returns]

News item. Dave Barrett speaks at a dinner. He says he will return to the BC Legislature as NDP leader after June 3rd byelection in Vancouver East. He accuses Kaiser Coal and oil companies of being able to take money out of BC's primary resources without having to pay any taxes, and without returning any of the profits to BC, thanks to the Socred administration. He says: "It's the same old giveaway gang, giving again." On ICBC: "Socred Government loaned ICBC $181 million on Wednesday and borrowed it back on Friday." Barrett hits out hard against Socreds's policy of not raising gas and coal prices "when everything else is going up." Challenges Premier Bennett to call an election.

[Barrett running]

News item. The NDP caucus has met, and Dave Barrett will accept Bob Williams' offer to step down as an MLA so Barrett can run in Vancouver East as NDP leader. Williams has submitted a letter of resignation to the Deputy Provincial Secretary and the Speaker Designate. A By-election will be called.

[Barrett speaks -- special representation]

News item. NDP opposition leader Dave Barrett says that we do not need any "special representation" in government because the B.C. voters have chosen to elect 12 New Democrats and 16 Conservatives. This makes the elected representatives "members of parliament first, party members second." Therefore, he says, we should accept that decision "and get on with the job."

[Basketball -- Vikettes win first Canada West Championship]

News item. Vikettes basketball game. Today's win means that they have won their first Canada West Championship. Some excellent plays; other team not identified. They now go to Halifax to play in the Canada National Championships.

[Bates wins 3rd Canadian]

News item. This is the first time any of the provinces has won the Canadian Softball Championship three times in a row. In the game against Nova Scotia, Bates Construction scored 10 runs in 11 hits. In the seventh inning, Bates had four runs, and there was one home run by Bob Burrows, who had four during the championship, followed by Harry Stevenson with three. Final victory was 10-2. Interview with Joe Patterson about Victoria's softball plays. Joe Patterson is to retire.

[Bathtub race]

News item. Start of the annual bathtub bace from Nanaimo harbour to English Bay, with Mayor Frank Ney as coordinator. Good action footage with background sound.

[Bawlf presentation]

News item. Part 6 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. MLA and cabinet minister Sam Bawlf presents Dr. David Lai with the original deed for the Victoria Chinese Free Mason's building. Its wording indicates the members' support for the Chinese Revolution that overthrew the Manchu government. Dr. Lai has done research with Ray McKenzie and Ray Foster for two years to uncover documents.

[Bawlf sells all]

News item. Sam Bawlf sells four heritage properties to Attica Cities Ltd. (Calgary): the Sussex Hotel, the Law Chambers (Bastion Square), Bank of Montreal building (Government Street) and Market Square. Some good footage of Market Square as it was being constructed and restored.

[B.C. Ferry strike]

News item. B.C. Ferry workers have been without a contract since 01-July-1975. Union spokesman says that the problem is getting the BC Ferries management board back to the bargaining table. He singles out Dan Gallagher who has apparently been to the Labour Relations Board to try to get a strike vote by the Ferries employees declared illegal. Transportation Minister Jack Davis has "buried his head in the sand" over the whole issue, says union spokesman.

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