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Airport expansion meeting, Vancouver

SUMMARY: The speakers are Dr. James Tyhurst, Airport Planning Committee; Harry Rankin, City of Vancouver alderman; and John Allen Fraser, MP for Vancouver South.;

Allan Toop interview : [parts one and two]

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1979-02 & 03 SUMMARY: Allan Toop discusses his life as a dairy farmer in the Fraser Valley. The interview begins on the first tape after five minutes of sound effects, including the sounds of mechanized milking equipment. Excerpts from this interview were used in Marcuse's radio documentary "Vanishing Famers", broadcast on CBC Radio's "Three's Company".

Art is business : the art industry

SUMMARY: Speakers are Nini Baird, local arts co-ordinator and arts representative on the Vancouver Board of Trade's Committee on Business and the Arts; Bob Keyes, chairman of the Vancouver Board of Trade committee and Cominco Group economist.

Art Phillips : [free trade interview]

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1988-03 SUMMARY: Art Phillips, former mayor of Vancouver and former commissioner of critical industries for the B.C. government, dicusses the impact of the energy section of the Free Trade Agreement on using cut-rate ;energy as an inducement for industrial location or a crutch for failing industries. One in a series of freelance interviews by Gary Marcuse on the impact of free trade on B.C.;

B.C. inventors report

SUMMARY: Item about B.C. inventors. Speaker is inventor Don Arney. Off-air dub from CBC Radio "Daybreak" program.;

B.C. Social Credit Party leadership convention, July 1986 : [excerpts]

CALL NUMBER: T4342:0016 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1986-07-28 to -30 SUMMARY: Opening remarks; homage to Premier Bill Bennett from Chester Johnson, Chairman of B.C. Hydro; Jimmy Pattison, head of Expo Corporation; soundtrack of celebratory film featuring Expo music. (40 minutes;); CALL NUMBER: T4342:0016 - 0020 RECORDED: Whistler (B.C.), 1986-07-28 to -30 SUMMARY: Excerpts from the 1986 Social Credit leadership convention won by Bill Vander Zalm.; CALL NUMBER: T4342:0017 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1986-07-28 to -30 SUMMARY: Last several minutes of Bill Bennett speech; presentation of a boat and a car to the retiring premier. (7 minutes); CALL NUMBER: T4342:0018 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1986-07-28 to -30 SUMMARY: Speeches by Jim Nielsen (entire) and Bill Ritchie (partial). (30 minutes); CALL NUMBER: T4342:0019 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1986-07-28 to -30 SUMMARY: Announcement of the 4th ballot results; concession by Brian Smith, Grace McCarthy; welcoming speech by Bill Bennett; pundits speculate on Vander Zalm style. (30 minutes); CALL NUMBER: T4342:0020 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1986-07-28 to -30 SUMMARY: Vander Zalm acceptance speech; post convention commentary by panel of journalists. (25 minutes);

Bill Hobrough and Miko Leung : [free trade interview]

RECORDED: [location unknown], 1988-03-23 SUMMARY: Bill Hobrough, head of the Electronics Manufacturers Association of B.C., and Miko Leung, a businessman who is expanding his operation to take advantage of free trade. One in a series of freelance int;erviews by Gary Marcuse on the impact of free trade on B.C.;

Bonnie Daiken interview

SUMMARY: In an interview on the CBC Radio show "Morningside", New Westminster teacher Bonnie Daiken talks about a teacher's part in the anti-restraint protests.;

Burnaby elections, 1977-11

SUMMARY: Gary Marcuse, freelance broadcaster, discusses the issues in the Burnaby municipal election of 1977. Includes interviews with Lucy Vick and Bob Tarking of the Burnaby Citizen's Roads Committee.;

Canadian Artists Representation profile

SUMMARY: A documentary on the Canadian Artists Representation lobbying association. The speakers include CAR members Nora Blanc and Fred Owen, both of BC; Sylvan Boyer of Edmonton; Bill Lobchuk of Winnipeg; Roger Savage of Halifax; Claude Sabaran of Quebec; and Phyllis Harris of the Urban Art Project. The program was prepared with the assistance of the BC Cultural Fund.

Canadian Farmworkers' Union first anniversary celebration : [parts one to seven]

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B/1 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Press conference by Raj Chouhan with some musical background; press conference talk by Cesar Chavez; Gary Marcuse questions Chavez and Chouhan.;

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B/2 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Continues with Gary Marcuse questioning Raj Chouhan.;

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B/3 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Begins with speeches; crowd noises in background.;

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B/5 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Begins with a talk by Peter Vanderzalm about his berry farm. (This is the man on whose farm a child drowned in a bucket of water.) Continues with talk by a Mr. Singh, a farm worker contractor, who is questioned by an unidentified female. Continues with talk by someone impersonating "Jack Heinrich, Minister of Labour" [ends in mid-sentence].;

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B/6 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Continues talk by "Jack Henrich, Minister of Labour" (impersonator); skit members introduced; three cheers to the CFU by audience; speech by Raj Chouhan.;

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B/7 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Introduction of and speech by Cesar Chavez; announcement that Nishga Indians have won first round in suit against Amax Mining Co.; announcement of Vancouver Status of Women losing funding; further announcements; end of recording with tone.;

CALL NUMBER: T3882:0017B4 RECORDED: Vancouver (B.C.), 1981-04-10 SUMMARY: Begins with introduction of folk dancers performing East Indian dances. Ends with a talk by a mother of a child who drowned in a bucket of water.;

CBC Radio coverage of the province-wide strike and confrontation between unions and the B.C. government, November 1986

SUMMARY: CBC Radio coverage of the province-wide strike and confrontation between unions and the B.C. government during the period November 1-18, 1986. These are dubs from cassette airchecks of items on the th;e CBC's regional public affairs program "Daybreak", hosted by Bob Sharples. Several short excerpts were used by Gary Marcuse in the Ideas documentary series "The New Right in B.C." The original cassettes were returned to the CBC and recycled. Therefore, these dubs are the only known recordings of CBC's coverage of the events during this period. Includes news broadcasts, political analysis, "open-;line" call-in items, etc.;

City hall report, 1979-??-?? : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topic is the proposed downtown remand centre for Vancouver. Rev. Art Griffin, pastor of First United Church, Vancouver, discusses the Downtown Clergy Association's concerns about the project.;

City hall report, 1979-02-08 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Report on a special community meeting regarding the expansion of the Glad Tidings Temple, Vancouver. The speakers are: Pastor Maureen Gaglardi; Bunny McDermid, Riley Park NIP Committee representative; Don Johnson, Kensington NIP committee representative; and Oscar Banfield, chairman of the community meeting.;

City hall report, 1979-04-04 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics discussed are: remand centre; floating homes; public delegations; transportation of the handicapped, Speakers; Mike Harcourt, alderman on remand centre; Stanley Burke, spokesman for floating home community; Mrs. Clyne on floating home community; Harry Rankin, alderman, on handicapped transportation; Warnett Kennedy, alderman, on public delegations.

City hall report, 1979-04-10 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics discussed are: DERA grant application; policeman for city hall. Speakers are: Doug Little, alderman; Marguerite Ford, alderman; Harry Rankin, alderman; Doug Little again.;

City hall report, [1979?]-05-02 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Topics covered are: Sunday closings; library hours; Gypsy moth spraying. Speakers are: Doug Little, George Puil, Anne Diano, speaker for Vancouver Public Library Staff Association; Doug Little, Warnett Kennedy; George Puil; Harry Rankin; Jack Volrich; and Mr. Fleischman, senior assistant deputy minister, Agriculture Canada.

City hall report, 1979-06-07 : [audio clips]

SUMMARY: Gary Marcuse reports an the annual general meeting of TEAM (The Electors Action Movement), a civic party that was "devastated" in the last Vancouver election. Speakers include departing president George Taylor, new president Martin Zlotnick, and May Brown.

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