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A Holiday at Clinton, B.C., 1889

The file consists of one album of 14 photographs containing views of outdoor group portraits of identified members of the Langley and F.W. Foster families and others picnicking and hunting in the area around Clinton.

An image of “A holiday at Clinton, B.C. 1889,” handwritten and framed in lace, has been adhered to the front cover. “Photographs taken by W.H. Langley (son of A.J. Langley) on a visit to the F.W. Fosters at Clinton 1889” is written in blue ink on the inside cover. Pages are made of card, with a thin layer of paper adhered to the front, punched with two holes, and tied (bound) with white string. Photographs have been cut into circles 9.8 cm in diameter and adhered to album pages with unknown adhesive. Each photograph was printed with varying patterned borders 1 cm wide.

A piece of blue paper has been taped to the inside cover, listing members of the “upper ten” (see attached File List). A photograph consisting of a copy of “Looking down the valley,” framed with ribbon, and the words “Near the lake where drooped the willows long time ago” has been adhered to the outside back cover.

Original titles were added by the creator. “These photographs identified by Mr. Fred Foster (F.W. Foster) 1842 Feltham Road, March 31. 1963” is written on verso of the first page and Foster’s notations are written on the verso of a photograph’s preceding page in blue ink.

A pleasant gathering at Craigdarroch

The file consists of one album of 18 photographs, including front and back covers, created to commemorate a gathering at Craigdarroch Castle. Photographs include portraits of friends of the Langley family (including the Dunsmuir, Snowden, Scriven, Pemberton, and Finlayson families) posed on the exterior grounds of the castle. The order of the album follows the order of the events of the day.

Photographs have been cut into circles and adhered to album pages with unknown adhesive. They have been decoratively framed with four hand-drawn concentric circles in blue ink. Additional identifying text possibly added by Archives staff, Craigdarroch staff, or the donor.

Account book

Account book containing entries about loans, insurance, exchanges of gold dust and "gold eggs". The keeper of the accounts was acting as an agent and banker for Chinese who wished to send remittances back to China.


The file consists of two account sheets created at Babine Post in 1888 and 1889.


The file consists of a trading account, 1888 and a balance sheet, 1889 from Connolly Lake

Accounts and private orders of people attached to H.B.C post

The file contains lists of accounts of individuals associated with the post. The pages are mostly loose ledger pages, although some have maintained a semblance of binding. The accounts are written by a number of different hands and the file appears to pull together pages from various different account books. On most pages, the name of the individual is listed at the top of the page.

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