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Education library photographs

  • GR-3268
  • Series
  • [ca. 1872-1971]

The series consists of photographs ca. 1872 to 1971 acquired by the Department of Education library for the purpose of illustrating a special historical supplement to the one hundredth annual report. The supplement was published in 1971 and given the title “one hundred years: education in British Columbia.” The photographs include images of schools in British Columbia, school and education officials, children and classrooms and other education related views. Although some of the photographs were from the department library, many were copies acquired from a number of different sources including the Provincial Archives and the Department of Education's audio-visual services.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Minister of Education press releases

  • GR-0886
  • Series
  • 1963-1972

The series consists of press releases from the office of the Minister of the Dept. of Education from 1963 to 1972. The press releases cover all aspects of provincial education. The ministers during this period were as follows:
1963-1968 L.R. Peterson
1968-1972 Donald L. Brothers
1972 Eileen Dailly.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Assistant Superintendent of Education correspondence

  • GR-0134
  • Series
  • 1965-1968

The series consists of correspondence files created by the Assistant Superintendent of Education between 1965 and 1968.
The files deal with a broad range of topics, including teachers' conferences, data processing, school inspectorates and staff meetings.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

School inspectors' reports

  • GR-0122
  • Series
  • 1918-1957

The series consists of School Inspectors' reports created by the Dept. of Education between 1918 and 1957. The reports are arranged alphabetically, by name of school or community, for the years 1918-1938; thereafter, reports are filed alphabetically by name of teacher.

Evaluations of a number of private schools are included, as well as assessments of manual training and domestic science programmes in various schools. These reports contain evaluations of individual teachers and assessments of education programmes in all types of schools throughout the province. The report forms varied over the years, but in most instances they contain information on teachers' qualifications, teaching methods and classroom discipline, pupils' progress, and the availability and condition of teaching equipment.

Early reports on provincial elementary schools also contain information on the size and condition of the school buildings and grounds. As a rule, the inspectors' reports were arranged alphabetically, by name of school inspected, and filed chronologically under various categories. During the years 1918-1937, the main categories were "Elementary Schools," "High Schools and Superior Schools," and "Manual Training and Domestic Science." There were, however, frequent exceptions and alterations to this filing system. For example, during the years 1929-1931 Vancouver schools (i.e. those administered by the Vancouver School Board) were filed separately from other municipal schools; during the years 1934-1938 the Jericho Hill School for the Deaf and the Blind was accorded a separate file. Between 1928 and 1937 files pertaining to certain "private schools" were also kept separately. "Private schools" in this instance included some independent schools such as Crofton House, Vancouver, several religious colleges, and a number of Indian residential schools. In addition, rural elementary schools were listed separately from other provincial elementary schools during the years 1928-1937. The "Rural Schools" reports were prepared by Miss Lottie Bowron, Rural Teachers' Welfare Officer (Women's). Her reports often contain detailed accounts of the conditions faced by teachers in small, isolated communities.

In many ways these reports complement the School District Information Forms prepared by the Teachers' Bureau in the 1920s [see GR-0461]. The Department of Education adopted a new filing system in 1938. From that year until 1957, when this series ends, all public school inspectors' reports, irrespective of school categories, were filed alphabetically under the names of individual teachers.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Department of Education reports, notes and ministerial speech material

  • GR-0149
  • Series
  • 1951-1969

The series consists of miscellaneous documents gathered together by the Dept. of Education library:
(1) Report, Frontier College - Promoting Citizenship Among Migratory Workers in British Columbia, 1951 (includes photographs)
(2) Receipts, by schools, for B.C. Centennial Commemorative Project, 1958
(3) Centennial Commission Provincial Survey Federal - Provincial Youth Travel Program, 1966
(4) "The History Makers," seventeen films presented to the Hon Leslie Peterson, Minister of Education by the National Film Board of Canada, 1966
(5) Malaspina College - Opening and notes re. background of name, 1969
(6) Speech materials for minister, 1954-1968.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Department of Education correspondence files

  • GR-0151
  • Series
  • 1962-1968

This record series was maintained by the Administrative Services Branch of the Department of Education and relates to almost every facet of the Department's work. It includes correspondence of the Minister and department staff with the public and associations such as the B.C. Parent Teacher Federation, B.C. School Trustee's Association, B.C. Teachers' Federation and Canadian Association for Adult Education as well as correspondence with educational institutions including private schools, colleges and universities.

There are also 12 architectural drawings of schools, removed and given map registration numbers 24231C - 24242C.

The results of school trustee elections in B.C., 1962-1966, are also included in this collection in box 30.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Department of Education executive records

  • GR-0152
  • Series
  • 1960-1963

This record series is composed of the 1960-1963 files of the then Minister of Education, the Hon. Leslie Peterson. The files contain his ministerial correspondence and briefs that he received as a member of the cabinet. The filing system is not consistent over the four years.

The files contain material on almost all types of education activity in the province including home economics, correspondence schools, curriculum, community programs, private schools, technical and vocational education, text books, tests, standards and measurements, religious education, teacher recruitment, the school attendance of Doukhobor children and other subjects. They also contain correspondence with the B.C. Parent Teacher Federation, the B.C. School Trustees Association, the B.C. Teacher's Federation, the Canadian Education Association, the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, Jericho Hill School for the deaf and blind and other interest groups and educational institutions.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Dept. of Education statistics and school assessments

  • GR-2096
  • Series
  • 1953-1970

The series consists of records created by the Dept. of Education between 1953 and 1970. There are two files of collected statistical reports on B.C. schools, 1953-1964 and 1965-1970. The statistics gathered cover the following subjects: adult education, certification of teachers, distribution of pupils, electives, examiners, occupational classes, retention rates, school population, special classes, supervisory personnel and teacher entitlements. The reports are arranged alphabetically and were probably originally held in binders.

In addition, there is a file of compiled inspections of schools offering grade 8 senior matriculation, 1962-1964. The reports contain details of library and lab facilities and assessments of the teaching staff.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Ministry of Education videotapes and sound recordings

  • GR-3362
  • Series
  • 1972-1973; 1979-1980

The series consists of videotapes transferred to the archives from the B.C. Department of Education. The items are educational television programs produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Vancouver) and sponsored by the Department of Education's Audio-Visual Services Branch in 1972 and consist of six episodes of "The world of work".

The series also includes two videos produced by the British Columbia School Trustees Association for the School Boards of British Columbia (1979-1980) and nine audio cassettes recorded in 1979 regarding BC's future in science and research.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Records with regard to teacher training and certification

  • GR-1471
  • Series
  • 1884-1949

The series consists of records pertaining to teacher training and certification. It includes minute books of the Board of Examiners (1884-1949), teachers certificate registers (1892-1947), student registers at provincial Normal schools (1901-1938) high school examination results (1924-1927), and minutes of the Dept. of Education Appointments Board (1937-1945).

Prior to 1901, teachers in British Columbia were drawn either from outside the province or (after 1876) from graduates of provincial high schools. All teachers required teaching certificates, which were awarded by the Superintendent of Education. Teachers from outside the province were required to sit an examination set by the Provincial Board of Examiners. Candidates were awarded different grades or classes of certificates, depending on the results of their exam. High school graduates qualified for certificates in a similar manner, depending on their scores on terminal examinations. Standards of certification changed frequently over the years, as did the questions which appeared on the "Public School Teachers' Examinations." Basically, though, several classes of certificates were available: Academic and First Class (awarded to university graduates and/or to candidates scoring over 70% on the exam); Second class (awarded to candidates scoring over 50% on examinations); and Third class (awarded to candidates scoring 30% and above on a series of exam questions). First class certificates were permanent, 2nd class were valid for 3 years, while 3rd class certificates were generally good for one year, with the possibility of renewal. "Temporary certificates," valid until the annual examinations were held in July, were also issued under certain circumstances.

In 1901 the province's first Normal School for teacher training was opened in Vancouver. (A second school, in Victoria, was opened in 1915.) Thereafter, graduation from the Normal School replaced the "Public School Teachers' Examinations" for those seeking Academic, First, and Second class certificates. Only Third class certificates valid for a limited period of time were still awarded on the basis of candidates' high school examinations.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1112
  • Series
  • 1936-1956

Bulletins of the Provincial Summer School of Education describing faculty, courses available and procedures.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1113
  • Series
  • 1946-1956

Series contains departmental circular notices pertaining to school regulations, curriculum changes, special events, etc. Also 8 pp. brief prepared by the Association of Provincial Government School Inspectors (1947) regarding salaries of inspectors and directors of Educational Divisions.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1116
  • Series
  • 1925-1974

This series contains reports regarding the B.C. school system, as follows: 1) Survey of the School System, by J.H. Putnam and M. Weir (1925); 2) Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Educational Finance, by Maxwell A. Cameron (1945); 3) "Reorganization of School Districts as proposed in Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Educational Finance", by Maxwell A. Cameron (1945); 4) "Brief presented to the Royal Commission on Education" by the B.C. Teachers' Federation (1959); 5) Report of the Royal Commission on Education (1960); 6) A Precis of the Report of the Royal Commission on Education in British Columbia (1960); 7) "The Coffe Report". The Report of the Commission on the Future of the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia (1969); 8)An Interim Report to the Honourable The Minister of Education Mrs. Eileen E. Dailly from the Senior Secondary School Study Committee (1974); 9) Cameron report - miscellaneous; 10) 1960 Royal Commission - miscellaneous.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Various reports from Department of Municipal Affairs

  • GR-0395
  • Series
  • 1936-1954

This series consists of various reports from Department of Municipal Affairs, including, a report of the Board of Arbitration established under the Residence and Responsibility Act (1936), including correspondence of the Board pertaining to cases arbitrated; report of the Commission of Inquiry into Educational Financing (Cameron Report, 1945) and correspondence of the Minister and Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs relating to educational costs in various municipalities; correspondence, minutes of meetings, and draft legislation respecting airport zoning, correspondence and reports on annual proceedings (1949-1953) of the B.C. Aviation Council.

British Columbia. Dept. of Municipal Affairs. Office of the Minister

H.B. King correspondence outward

  • GR-0452
  • Series
  • 1938-1939

This series consists of correspondence outward from Dr. H.B. King in his capacity as Technical Adviser, May, 1938 - Aug. 1939, and later as Chief Inspector of Schools, Sep to Oct 1939.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education. Technical Adviser

Rural district assessment forms and account books

  • GR-0453
  • Series
  • 1894-1897; 1906-1909; 1916-1919

The series consists of records created by the Dept. of Education and includes rural district assessment forms from 1906-1909. The series also contains various account books, including two from the Belgian Children's Relief Fund, 1916-1919, and one from the Education Office, 1894-1897.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Department of Education contracts and other material

  • GR-0454
  • Series
  • 1923-1925; 1941

This series consists of Department of Education records. Records include contracts and bonds with text-book companies; and bequests, including a trust deed between Alumni Association of the University of British Columbia and Toronto General Trusts Corporation regarding Norah Elizabeth Coy and between Canadian Teachers' Federation and Mary Louise McLennan. Also includes a copy of Memories, 1923-1930 (Stratford, Ontario, 1941) by M.L. McLennan.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Department of Education records from inquiries

  • GR-0464
  • Series
  • 1903-1913

The series includes records relating to three inquiries into various educational matters, and include correspondence, transcripts of evidence and reports on:
Commission on the Board of School Trustees of Vancouver, 1913
Commission Re Board of School Trustees of the City of Nelson, 1912
Commission to investigate the charges brought by Miss [Agnes] Gertrude Donovan of Victoria against the Department of Education, 1903-1908

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Blank school register

  • GR-0468
  • Series
  • 1865

Blank school register for Summary of Attendance and Payments.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1202
  • Series
  • 1951-1958

This series contains a circular entitled "Departmental Circular for Inspectors, Directors, and other Officials."

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1200
  • Series
  • 1954-1965

This series contains a circular entitled "Teaching Aid Circular for the use of inspectors, principals and teachers.".

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1201
  • Series
  • 1957-1964

This series contains circular entitled "Announcements Circular containing miscellaneous information of interest to educational personnel."

British Columbia. Dept. of Education


  • GR-1199
  • Series
  • 1955-1968

This series consists of the Chief Inspector's Circular containing suggestions for improvement of instruction from many sources.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Correspondence of the Organizer of Technical Education

  • GR-0457
  • Series
  • 1915-1922

This series consists of correspondence of the Organizer of Technical Education. This officer dealt with night school, summer school, domestic science and manual training, in addition to technical education. The letterbooks of correspondence outward include the Director of Elementary Agricultural Education.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Department of Education newspaper clipping books

  • GR-0467
  • Series
  • 1903-1938

This series consists of Department of Education newspaper clipping books, 1903-1919; 1920-1931; and 1932-1938.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Dept. of Education general files

  • GR-0451
  • Series
  • 1921, 1938-1939

The series consists of records created by the Dept. of Education in 1939. It includes correspondence, inward and outward, of all branches and formed the department's Central Registry. Records include correspondence re text books, curricula, appointments, and special education programs. School inspectors' reports and files re individual rural schools also included. The series also includes eight maps and plans and one photograph of the gymnasium of Brooks School at Powell River under construction.

Maps and plans transferred to the map collection, map accession M867053, registration numbers 22550C-22551C, 22552A-22553A

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Elementary Agricultural Education records

  • GR-0458
  • Series
  • 1914-1930

This series consists of correspondence, circulars, and other records from the Director of Elementary Agricultural Education (J.W. Gibson). Records include correspondence regarding Gibsons' appointment, home and school gardens, and students' wartime agricultural work. Also included are minutes of meetings of Provincial Committee on Food Production, Conservation and Control; correspondence regarding Returned Soldiers' Aid Commission (1915-1916); and register of summer school pupils (1914-1923). There are also circulars describing soil conditions, landscaping, and general appearance of school grounds in primarily rural schools, 1915. Scale drawings on circulars show school buildings, outbuildings, wells, paths, position of trees, rocks, flagpoles etc. on school playgrounds.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education

Curriculum outlines and other material

  • GR-1316
  • Series
  • 1946-1980

This series contains the records of the Correspondence Education Branch. The records mainly consist of curriculum outlines, instruction books, and examination papers for courses offered through provincial correspondence education programmes.

British Columbia. Dept. of Education. Correspondence Branch

Course material

  • GR-1362
  • Series
  • 1936-1964

This series contains materials for a high school vocational correspondence course in forestry designed in cooperation with the Dept. of Education. File 1 contains the original 1936 course with Paper 20 (Protection) revised as in 1940; Files 2-4 contains the course as revised in 1953; Files 5-8 contains the course as revised in 1964.

British Columbia. Forest Service

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