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Carr, Emily
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This item was originally bound as one page in sketchbook PDP08918 which includes
PDP08919 through PDP08962.

Indian Designs from Boas

One sketchbook with 30 drawings by Emily Carr. The drawings are of First Nations designs and landscapes including Alert Bay dating from 1930 to 1939. The drawings are copied from illustrations in Franz Boas, Primitive Art, published in Oslo, Norway, 1927. Carr copied them as a means of familiarizing herself with the forms and artistic conventions of First Nations monumental art of the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. Information matching each sketch to a page in Primitive Art was provided by Carr scholar Dr Gerta Moray and is filed in the documentation file for PDP05647.


This item was originally bound as one page in sketchbook PDP05755 which includes PDP05756 to PDP05809.

The White Sow of Tregenna Woods, St. Ives

Item consists of a three-panel folded booklet with two watercolours and a poem (in two pieces) by Emily Carr, dating from ca. 1902. The booklet describes an adventure she had while sketching in Tregenna Wood at St Ives, Cornwall, England and the images include self portraits. Each aspect of this artwork has been described separately, see: PDP10255; PDP10256; and PDP10257.

Blank Ontario Drawing Book No. 1

One sketchbook PDP08791 originally containing PDP08792 through PDP08820 containing still lifes, geometric studies, coastal and forest, landscapes, monumental poles and canoes.

The White Sow of Tregenna Woods, St. Ives [panel 2]

Item consists of one handwritten poem in two pieces. The poem is affixed to the centre panel of a three-panel booklet (PDP10254), with two paintings on either side which illustrate the contents of the poem. Transcript of original text:

*I am a Colonial and have heard the English say

  • "Colonials have no manners," your advice then lend me pray
  • One day my pathway led me into a lonely wood
  • T'was far away but fine the day and good
  • And yet your English climate is full of whims and so
  • Down poured the rain and I must into shelter go
  • I meet another student in the same plight as I
  • The nearest refuge that we find is but an old pigsty
  • A placid Sow lies sleeping upon the scattered straw
  • We enter, and take shelter within the open door
  • She shares with us her little pen, hospitable and kind
  • For full an hour while lasts the shower
  • We warmth and shelter find
  • Once more into that wood I wend my lonely way
  • Once more comes on a heavy shower from the sty I'm far away
  • But today I need not flee my umbrella is with me
  • Now while I shelter thus enjoy I hear a grunt close by
  • Good Mrs. Sow is waddling past the owner of the sty
  • The rain is pouring down her back and dropping from her ears
    *And rolling down her fatted cheeks like showers of briny tears
  • And this is now my question answear Englishman whilt thow?
  • "Should I share my umbrella with that fat and soaking sow?"

The White Sow of Tregenna Woods, St. Ives [panel 3]

Item consists of one watercolour painting affixed to the third panel of a three-panel booklet (PDP10254). The painting depicts one person (Emily Carr) and a sow walking under an umbrella in the rain, and corresponds to the text of the adjacent poem (PDP10256).

Black-bound sketchbook "B"

One sketchbook with 33 drawings by Emily Carr within. The images include cartoons with verse, posed models. Pages of poetry includes "The Olsson Student" which refers to a separate series of images (PDP06117 to PDP06124) created by Carr, presumably also in 1904 depicting Carr's life in St Ives 1901-1902. Sketches and cartoons set in both Vancouver and Victoria are also included here.

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