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CHEK (Television Station : Victoria, B.C.) Chinatown (Victoria, B.C.)
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News item. This film opens with shots of the neon signs in Victoria's Chinatown. These are followed by archival photograghs which show the history of Chinatown -- the people, the stores, the buildings and the streets. Continues with shots of modern-day business activity in Chinatown. No sound.

[Chinese Benevolent Club]

News item. A Chinese-Canadian spokesman discusses the Benevolent Association, which is actually an off-shoot of a higher Masonic order. The club has existed in mainland China for a long time. The Victoria Branch was established in 1915. The shrine inside the building, made of precious and semi-precious materials, was carved in Canton and shipped from that city.

[Chinese New Year celebrations]

News item. The last part of this film may have been made in February 1978 to show the Chinese New Year celebrations. There is some duplication here with the "Chinatown" item dated 1977-12-09, but this one has better high elevation shots of the dragon dance and musicians. Short footage of shrine ceremony.

[CHEK-TV news film -- December 1979 and January-August 1980]

Stock shots. 1. Flood scenes - houses awash, roads washed out, etc. 2. Seaspan's Santa in the Inner Harbour. 3. More floods and washouts. 4. CUPE Local 727 on strike in a flood. 5. Snowstorm - car wrecks and toboggans. 6. Small oil spill? Divers. 7. Premier Bill Bennett and unidentified woman [Bella Abzug?]. 8. More flood footage. 9. CPR train wreck. 10. Flotsam and jetsam on the beach. Clean-up. 11. Burst pipes in Chinatown. 12. Nuns demonstrating. 13. Fire - good action shots. 14. BC Hydro pickets. 15. Glenshiel Hotel - seniors demonstrating. 16. Student rally against tuition increase. 17. Demonstration in front of the Legislature. 18. Royal visit - [given the date, probably Princess Alexandra]. 19. Lambrick Park Secondary - vandalism. 20. Sooke Forest Products. 21. Reception - Prince Charles and Grace McCarthy. 22. Damaged aircraft - light planes. 23. Airport arrival [of ?]. 24. Satellite dish at Legislature. 25. Fernwood News. 26. Fire at the British Columbia Provincial Museum. 27. Village Green Inn in Duncan. Police artist sketches. 28. Airport arrival - [state visit?]. 29. "The Daily Colonist" shuts down. 1858-1980. The last issue. 30. Moving a house through city streets. Saanichton School. 31. A satellite dish or telescope [?] on the Legislature lawn.


News footage. News feature about Victoria's Chinatown, including footage of: historic buildings; shop windows; parade with dragon dance and martial arts (Chinese New Year?); Fan Tan Alley; gambling table; interviews with merchants; archival photos; etc.

[Bawlf presentation]

News item. Part 6 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. MLA and cabinet minister Sam Bawlf presents Dr. David Lai with the original deed for the Victoria Chinese Free Mason's building. Its wording indicates the members' support for the Chinese Revolution that overthrew the Manchu government. Dr. Lai has done research with Ray McKenzie and Ray Foster for two years to uncover documents.

[Fan Tan Alley]

News item. Part 5 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. Footage of Fan Tan Alley, Chinatown backyards and old Chinese hospital. No sound.

[Victoria's Chinatown -- Chinese culture]

News item. Part 3 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. Representatives from Chinatown explain some aspects of Chinese culture, both here and in China. A meeting of these men would probably be equivalent to our Chamber of Commerce or city council, except that all members are Chinese. This "council" has very firm roots and it is responsible for a smooth-running Chinese community.

[Chinese New Year parade, dragon dance, etc.]

News item. Part 2 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. Interior of Chinese temple with part of a service in Chinese. Good shots (some from elevation) of Chinese New Year's parade with dragon dance, other interpretive dances, fireworks, etc., on Fisgard Street. Inside a Chinese recreation centre, a Chinese game (mah jong?) is being played by four people with white blocks which carry inscriptions. Shows Victoria's Tam Kung temple.

[Chinatown buildings]

News item. Part 7 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. Footage shows some Chinatown buildings. These include the Yen-Wo Society, the Chinese hospital, the Chinese school, the Gee Tuck Tong Benevolent Association (1903), and the Hook Sin Tong charity. Good close-ups; no sound.

[Chinese Temple in Victoria's Chinatown]

News item. Part 1 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. Interior views of ornate Chinese temple; no sound. Shows Victoria's Tam Kung Temple.

[Chinese parade]

News item. Part 4 of a 7-part consecutive series on Victoria's Chinatown. Footage shows more dragon dancing (in close-up) and other Fisgard Street festivities, with flags to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Some good high-elevation shots.

[CHEK-TV news film -- Victoria construction #1]

Stock shots. 1. Synagogue; church steeple; church exteriors. 2. Beaconville Apartments. 3. Congregation Emanuel Temple (Canada's oldest synagogue) being restored. 4. Unidentified interview [Rabbi or architect?]. 5. Metropolitan Store; street scenes. 6. Oak Bay Village. 7. Johnson Street Bridge. 8. Chinese hospital. 9. Coastal scenes. 10. E&N Railway 90th anniversary (1888-1978); train, station, engineer, conductor, etc. 11. Airport -- Air Canada counter. 12. Old Carnegie Library building. 13. Church interior -- Stations of the Cross. 14. St. Anne's Academy -- development plans. 15. Chinatown scenes. 16. Artist's drawing of gate; chart on wall, ending at June 28, 1981. 17. Undeveloped city land [ at St. Anne's?]. 18. Construction site. 19. Sewage outfall; protest banner; Clover Point. 20. Wrecking ball on the waterfront. 21. Office building and mall nearing completion. 22. Refinishing plaster work and gilt finish. Crystal Garden renovation. 23. Construction site. 24. Old building being renovated -- construction scenes.