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Speech from the Throne

  • GR-3346
  • Collection
  • 1872-1876; 1905; 1960-2024

The collection consists of an incomplete set of copies of the Speech from the Throne, created between 1872 and 2024. The collection was made by the BC Archives using copies of the speeches, including red-ribbon copies, drawn together from various government office sources.

The Speech from the Throne is given by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia who addresses the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia at its opening and/or closing sessions. The speech outlines the executive government's plans at the start of each session of the Legislative Assembly and reviews the accomplishments of the government at the end of each session.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor


  • GR-1306
  • Series
  • 1881

This series contains correspondence between Amor De Cosmos, as Special Agent to London, and others, respecting the Petition of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, to the Queen, on the subject of the Canadian Pacific Railway from March 22nd 1881 to August 31st 1881. The series includes a printed copy of B.C. legislature's petition to the Queen, along with a manuscript copy of the Canadian Pacific Railway memorandum on "Vancouver Island Railway," December 1881. De Cosmos' map showing CPR terminus at Port Moody, alienated railway land on Vancouver Island, proposed ferry routes, etc. were transferred to PABC Library & Maps Division under accession M889117.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor


  • GR-1305
  • Series
  • 1879-1896

This series comprises a volume of letter-book copies of correspondence from Lieutenant Governor A.N. Richards to the Senior Naval Officer, Esquimalt (3 January 1879 - 2 June 1881), along with schedule of despatches received by Lieutenant Governor Edgar Dewdney from the Senior Naval Officer (1893-1896). Volume to be used in conjunction with GR-0443, vol. 66.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Engagement sheets and itineraries

  • GR-1294
  • Series
  • 1970-1973

This series contains copies of official engagement sheets and itineraries of His Honour Lieutenant Governor J.R. Nicholson from the period 1970-1973.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor's records

  • GR-0443
  • Series
  • 1871-1936

This series consists of papers of the Lieutenant-Governors of British Columbia. Includes transcripts of telegrams between Victoria and Ottawa, letterbook copies of official despatches outward (1871-1881), despatches inward from Governor General, Secretary of State, and Senior Naval Officer, Esquimalt (1871-1918), along with official correspondence from British Columbia government ministries and departments (1874-1919). Also includes miscellaneous, general, and semi- official correspondence inward, addresses, petitions, and memorials, (1872-1936). Records have been organized into five sub-series:

Letterbook copies of official correspondence outward (1896-1919) are on microfilm. Volume 5 (Feb - Dec 1902) and Volume 17 (1915) were missing at the time of filming. Date ranges correspond to the microfilm box labels.

Correspondence Inward: Despatches from the Canadian Government Secretary of State for the Provinces. Official correspondence from the Dominion of Canada to the Province of British Columbia. Files include minutes and reports of Privy Council, memoranda from the Colonial Secretary (London), and other government correspondence relating to British Columbia.

Miscellaneous correspondence inward. Variously entitled "All & Sundry", and "Tout le Monde", files include communications from Colonial Secretary (London) federal and provincial government officials, British consulates and embassies, and Lieutenant Governors of other provinces. Correspondence also includes petitions, memorials, and addresses, letters from private persons and circulars.

General Correspondence inward (I): Unlike volumes 58-65 above, general correspondence files include official despatches from Secretary of State, Ottawa, with official communications from BC government ministries and departments. Files include replies to correspondents.

General Correspondence (II) - Subject Files

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Circular letters

  • GR-0050
  • Series
  • 1887-1896

The series consists of circular letters to the Lieutenant Governors of British Columbia from 1887 to 1896, from the Under Secretary of State, Ottawa.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant-Governor letters inward and speeches

  • GR-0049
  • Series
  • 1872-1878

The series consists of letters inward to the lieutenant governors of British Columbia from 1872 to 1878, enclosing copies of speeches made by the lieutenant governors of diverse provinces re: opening or closing legislative assemblies, or acknowledging receipt of same.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor