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British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor
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Commission correspondence

This series consists of Joint Indian Reserve Commission records, 1877-1878. Records include correspondence inward and outward and memoranda between Commissioners G.M. Sproat, A. McKinlay and A.C. Anderson and the Provincial Secretary and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Joint Reserve Commission

Clarence Wallace interview

CALL NUMBER: T3333:0001 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Education, training and military experience of Clarence Wallace PERIOD COVERED: 1900-1918 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-05-31 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Clarence Wallace remembers his personal and family background, growing up in the West End of Vancouver, and his education. Working in his father's shipyards. History of his father's shipyards, Burrard Dry Dock. Wallace's efforts to secure the federal government approval to build a drydock in North Vancouver. TRACK 2: Further aspects of the history of Burrard Drydocks. Life in Vancouver prior to World War I. Joining the cavalry in Vancouver, military training and service overseas. Anecdote about experience on a freighter as a youngster. Military experience overseas. CALL NUMBER: T3333:0002 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Clarence Wallace : family and business PERIOD COVERED: 1918-1945 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-05-31 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Clarence Wallace discusses further aspects of his military experience overseas. Return to Vancouver and work for the family business. The effect of the war on the family shipbuilding business. The Burrard Dry Dock Company through the 1920s and 1930s. The Second World War and its effect on the shipbuilding industry. Anecdote about receiving federal government shipbuilding contracts through H.R. MacMillan. TRACK 2: Shipbuilding during the Second World War. Changes in working conditions during the period of expansion of the family business. Attitudes towards organized labour. Comments on Clarence Wallace's family. Anecdote about growing up with his sons. Military experience of his sons in the Second World War. Comments on travels abroad. Personal reminiscence of Queen Elizabeth II. Wallace describes himself as a royalist. The role of the Lieutenant-Governor. CALL NUMBER: T3333:0003 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): The election of 1952 : a constitutional controversy in British Columbia PERIOD COVERED: 1950-1953 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-06-28 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Clarence Wallace discusses the circumstances leading up to his appointment as Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, 1950. Comments on his predecessor, Charles Banks. Attitudes towards the monarchy. Anecdotes about life as Lieutenant-Governor. Impressions of politics and political figures in B.C. The 1952 election. TRACK 2: Clarence Wallace discusses the constitutional controversy which was the result of the 1952 provincial election. Explanation of why he called on W.A.C. Bennett to form the government, and the problems involved in making that decision. Swearing in British Columbia's first Social Credit government. Renovating Government House. The 1953 dissolution of the Legislature. Comments on Harold Winch. Social aspects of life as Lieutenant-Governor.

Scenes around the Parliament Buildings of British Columbia

The item is a reel of b&w documentary film from 1929. "Opening ceremony of the Seventeenth Parliament of British Columbia. Shot of War Memorial and Empress Hotel from west wing. Highlanders march past, band, soldiers in front of buildings. Dignitaries arriving. Lieutenant-Governor [R.R. Bruce] inspects Guard of Honour. Group of Cabinet Ministers in top hats. The Premier, Dr. S. F. Tolmie. Minister of Agriculture, Hon. William Atkinson. Children celebrate 24th of May at Parliament Buildings. Parliament Buildings greenhouse. Head gardener checking plants in greenhouse. Plants in cold frames. Bedding summer plants. Grooming beds. Sprinklers on lawns. Mowing back lawns of Parliament Buildings. Correct way of packing tulips for market demonstrated." (Colin Browne)

Speech from the Throne

  • GR-3346
  • Collection
  • 1872-1876; 1905; 1960-2021

The collection consists of an incomplete set of copies of the Speech from the Throne, created between 1872 and 2021. The collection was made by the BC Archives using copies of the speeches, including red-ribbon copies, drawn together from various government office sources.

The Speech from the Throne is given by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia who addresses the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia at its opening and/or closing sessions. The speech outlines the executive government's plans at the start of each session of the Legislative Assembly and reviews the accomplishments of the government at the end of each session.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

The Centennial show

The item consists of two kinescope reels of a variety show of a BC centennial broadcast for New Year's Day, 1958 (replacing Kraft Television Theatre). The show combines official presentations by BC's Lieutenant-Governor, a speech by Premier W.A.C. Bennett, musical entertainment, skits, tourist promotions (Bing Crosby), and illustrations including cartoon strip of Mr. Magoo.

Indexes to Orders in Council

  • GR-1955
  • Series
  • 1872-1984

The series consists of volumes of indexes to orders-in-council, created between 1872 and 1984. The large oversize volumes were maintained by the Provincial Secretary's office prior to the introduction of an automated indexing system in 1985. In most instances, orders-in-council are indexed under the names of the statutes to which they relate. These records are also available on microfilm [Reels B1459 - B1467]. These are indexes to GR-0113 Orders-in-Council. The series also consists of ledgers recording documents issued under the Great Seal. The ledgers are arranged by Act name, and list the relevant order-in-council, name and address of the appointee mentioned in the order-in-council.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Lieutenant Governor records

  • GR-1731
  • Series
  • 1958-1978

This series consists of subject files maintained by the Lieutenant Governor's office. The files contain correspondence, pamphlets, brochures, and reports pertaining to service clubs and community groups patronized by the Lieutenant Governors. Also included are files dealing with official receptions and tours, protocol, and visiting dignitaries. Unlike GR-0443, this series contains few documents on political or constitutional matters.

The records were accumulated during the tenure of the Hon. Frank Mackenzie Ross (1955-1960), Major General the Hon. George R. Pearkes, V.C. (1960-1968), the Hon. John R. Nicholson (1968-1973), and the Hon. Walter S. Owen (1973-1978).

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Oversize attachments for Orders-in-council

  • GR-1664
  • Series
  • 1874-1994

Records include oversize attachments to Orders-in-Council (OIC) that were removed from GR-0113. Some oversize maps and plans from 1896-1979 were microfilmed and are available on reels B07080 to B07085. Other items, which were too large to be microfilmed, or were created after 1979, are only available as originals. These are listed in this finding aid. Additional oversize items may also be found in GR-0113 (1887-1933) and 91-0472-740 to 91-0472-751 (1993-1994). A container list for the latter can be found at the end of the attached finding aid..

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Centennial '71 : New Year's Day program, 1971

SUMMARY: Half-hour radio program featuring a historical review of how British Columbia joined Canada in 1871, and an introduction to Centennial '71 Committee projects for the year. Includes New Year's message from B.C. Lieutenant-Governor John Robert Nicholson.


  • GR-1306
  • Series
  • 1881

This series contains correspondence between Amor De Cosmos, as Special Agent to London, and others, respecting the Petition of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, to the Queen, on the subject of the Canadian Pacific Railway from March 22nd 1881 to August 31st 1881. The series includes a printed copy of B.C. legislature's petition to the Queen, along with a manuscript copy of the Canadian Pacific Railway memorandum on "Vancouver Island Railway," December 1881. De Cosmos' map showing CPR terminus at Port Moody, alienated railway land on Vancouver Island, proposed ferry routes, etc. were transferred to PABC Library & Maps Division under accession M889117.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor


  • GR-1305
  • Series
  • 1879-1896

This series comprises a volume of letter-book copies of correspondence from Lieutenant Governor A.N. Richards to the Senior Naval Officer, Esquimalt (3 January 1879 - 2 June 1881), along with schedule of despatches received by Lieutenant Governor Edgar Dewdney from the Senior Naval Officer (1893-1896). Volume to be used in conjunction with GR-0443, vol. 66.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Engagement sheets and itineraries

  • GR-1294
  • Series
  • 1970-1973

This series contains copies of official engagement sheets and itineraries of His Honour Lieutenant Governor J.R. Nicholson from the period 1970-1973.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Correspondence and other material

  • GR-1177
  • Series
  • 1929

This series contains the correspondence of the Minister and Deputy Minister relating to applications for the position of private secretary to the Lieutenant Governor. It includes letters from applicants.

British Columbia. Dept. of Public Works

Militia district 11 (B.C.) correspondence

  • GR-0979
  • Series
  • 1874-1896

The series consists of two volumes of correspondence created or collected by the Militia stationed at Victoria. The first volume, 1874-1876, contains correspondence regarding payment and accounting procedures from the Dept. of Militia and Defense in Ottawa to Captain Edward Mallandaine, paymaster for Militia district 11. The second volume, 1875-1896 (with gaps) contains correspondence from various militia officers stationed at Work Point barracks to the private secretary of the Lieutenant-Governor, most of it social or ceremonial in nature.

Canada. Department of Militia and Defence

Oath of Allegiance and other material

  • GR-0642
  • Series
  • [1952-1960?]

Oath of Allegiance and Oaths of Office, Instructions, and Commission.

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor

Correspondence inward

  • GR-0613
  • Series
  • 1908-1909

This series consists of correspondence inward, 1908-1909.

British Columbia. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary

Lieutenant Governor's records

  • GR-0443
  • Series
  • 1871-1936

This series consists of papers of the Lieutenant-Governors of British Columbia. Includes transcripts of telegrams between Victoria and Ottawa, letterbook copies of official despatches outward (1871-1881), despatches inward from Governor General, Secretary of State, and Senior Naval Officer, Esquimalt (1871-1918), along with official correspondence from British Columbia government ministries and departments (1874-1919). Also includes miscellaneous, general, and semi- official correspondence inward, addresses, petitions, and memorials, (1872-1936). Records have been organized into five sub-series:

Letterbook copies of official correspondence outward (1896-1919) are on microfilm. Volume 5 (Feb - Dec 1902) and Volume 17 (1915) were missing at the time of filming. Date ranges correspond to the microfilm box labels.

Correspondence Inward: Despatches from the Canadian Government Secretary of State for the Provinces. Official correspondence from the Dominion of Canada to the Province of British Columbia. Files include minutes and reports of Privy Council, memoranda from the Colonial Secretary (London), and other government correspondence relating to British Columbia.

Miscellaneous correspondence inward. Variously entitled "All & Sundry", and "Tout le Monde", files include communications from Colonial Secretary (London) federal and provincial government officials, British consulates and embassies, and Lieutenant Governors of other provinces. Correspondence also includes petitions, memorials, and addresses, letters from private persons and circulars.

General Correspondence inward (I): Unlike volumes 58-65 above, general correspondence files include official despatches from Secretary of State, Ottawa, with official communications from BC government ministries and departments. Files include replies to correspondents.

General Correspondence (II) - Subject Files

British Columbia. Lieutenant Governor