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Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force World War, 1914-1918--Campaigns--France
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Dr. Norman MacKenzie interview : [Specht, 1974]

CALL NUMBER: T0507:0001 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1974-05-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Dr. Norman A.M. MacKenzie discusses his family background. Education. Pictou County, N.S. Schools -- Nova Scotia. Joins O.T.C. Dalhousie 1914. Enlists. Training period. Overseas in France -- "Plug Street", Ypes. TRACK 2: Somme. Arras. Catches flu and convalescence England. Passchendaele. 1918 -- Arras front. Amieus. Actions as a scout. Military medals. Cambrai-Bourlon. CALL NUMBER: T0507:0002 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1974-05-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Dr. Norman MacKenzie discusses his discharge. Education plans. Post-war attitude to war. International affairs 1920s. Versailles Treaty. Visit to Russian OTC. University of Toronto. Anti-military training on campus. TRACK 2: University of Toronto and UBC compared re: military. Military in Canada inter-war years. Opinion of value of OTC. Sections of society supporting military. Effect of Depression on international stability. Becomes president U.N.B.C.S.A. incident, 1940. CALL NUMBER: T0507:0003 RECORDED: [location unknown], 1974-05-03 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Dr. Norman MacKenzie describes the Canadian Officers' Training Corps, UBC. Dr. Shrum. Armoury. President's house. Opinion on value of OTC. Discussion of commanding officers at UBC. Pipe Band. TRACK 2: UBC commanding officers of COTC, Reserve University Squadron, University Naval Training Division. Reasons commanding officers served in units. Opinion of quotas and phasing out of units. Political parties and their attitudes. Integration [of the Armed Forces]. Efforts to resist disbandment.