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Canadian Pacific Railway Company Fisheries--British Columbia
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Bill Bennett : [press conferences, interviews, speeches, etc., November 1977 - April 1978]

CALL NUMBER: T1707:0083 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Interviewed by Ed Ogle of Time Magazine RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-01-11 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In an interview with Ed Ogle of Time Magazine, Premier Bill Bennett discusses confederation, the western provinces' position on federalism and certain economic issues, and Rene Levesque and separatism. Bennett proposes limiting government growth, comments on the self-centered attitudes of politicians, French language rights, and Canadian multiculturalism. TRACK 2: Bennett claims Canadian federalism holds more flexibility than the American system, and claims his government will do everything possible to maintain national unity. He also speculates about the possible consequences of the break-up of confederation. 11 January 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0084 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Announces electoral reform commission and E&N Railway decision RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-01-12 & 19 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In a news conference, Premier Bill Bennett announces the appointment of Judge Lawrence Smith Eckardt as a commissioner under the Public Enquiries Act to make an enquiry into electoral reform. Bennett also answers questions on international fishing boundaries and gives the BC position on fishing limits. He discusses Claude Ryan's five region concept and various aspects of Canadian federalism. 12 January 1978. TRACK 2: In a press conference, Bennett announces the CTC decision to grant BC's request for a stay in the CPR order to suspend passenger services on the E & N Railway. The stay is valid for five months, during which the CPR will continue to provide passenger service. In the meantime, BC is to appeal the CPR decision in the courts. Bennett also discusses the importance of this service, and answers questions concerning the BCR and BC Tel. 19 January 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0085 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: State of the province address message and Saanich Chambers of Commerce address RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-01-25 & 1978-02-02 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In a news conference, Premier Bill Bennett presents his economic and financial quarterly report (termed the "state of the province address"). Things are looking up in BC, Bennett states, and he relates how labour relations, industrial growth and the general economy have improved over the past year. He comments on legislation which has been passed and on the state of dominion/provincial relations, alluding to BC strategies and proposals to be adopted at an upcoming federal/provincial conference. He also calls for freer trade to bolster the economy. 25 January 1978. TRACK 2: In an address to the combined Chambers of Commerce in Saanich, Bennett speaks about the effort necessary to improve public access to government, and about the role of legislators. He relates how the province's economy has grown over the past two years, and suggests it is time for (realistic) optimism. Bennett also comments on provincial job creation efforts and federal/provincial resource development plans, 2 February 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0086 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Remarks at First Ministers' Conference RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-02-13 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In his opening remarks to the First Ministers' Conference, Premier Bill Bennett discusses inflation, the economy, unemployment, finance, industry, natural resources and strategies to deal with problems in these areas, 13 February 1978. TRACK 2: During the afternoon sitting of the First Ministers' Conference, Bennett comments on the growth of the public sector in Canada, urging all governments to adopt a policy a policy of spending restraint, and proposes several methods of cutting government costs, 13 February 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0087 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Press conference on throne speech, and sworn in as minister RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-03-30 & 1978-04-04 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In a press conference, Premier Bill Bennett discusses the throne speech. He announces that Harvey Wilfred Schroeder will be the new Speaker of the House, and Steven Rogers will be the deputy speaker. The throne speech deals with job creation, with an emphasis on small business and individual enterprise. Jobs are to be created in the private sector, aided by government efforts and deregulation. 30 March 1978. TRACK 2: Bennett is sworn in as Minister of Energy, Transport and Communications the day after Jack Davis's resignation, and conducts a press conference afterwards. Bennett asks his colleagues to endorse Evan Wolfe as the new director of BC Hydro and Sam Bawlf as the director of the BC Harbour Board. Bennett refuses to comment further on Davis's resignation. 4 April 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0088 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Discusses Jack Davis's resignation and economic plans RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-04-06 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In a press conference, Premier Bill Bennett states that the investigation into the Jack Davis affair was instigated by a private individual, and claims that any minister must resign under similar circumstances. Davis would be restored to the premier's confidence if he is cleared. 6 April 1978. TRACK 2: In a news conference, Bennett discusses his economic plans for BC. He comments on the federal budget and sales tax reductions, and answers questions concerning unemployment and job creation efforts. 11 April 1978. NOTE: Unedited transcript is available for this track only. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0089 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Premier's post-Yorkton news conference RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-04-17 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In a news conference, Premier Bill Bennett comments on the viability of the Fort Nelson extension of the BCR, Cyril Shelford's proposed resignation, the upcoming federal election, and federal;/provincial financial arrangements. 17 April 1978. TRACK 2: Bennett announces that regular economic meetings between the provinces and Ottawa will commence. 17 April 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0090 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Meets northern mayors about BCR extension RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-04-20 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: Mayors from northeastern BC meet with Premier Bill Bennett to persuade his government to extend the BC Railway to Fort Nelson. They present various economic and political arguments to further their case. 20 April 1978. TRACK 2: Bennett responds by stating that the matter will have to be studied further before any decision is made. 20 April 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0091 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Post-Trudeau visit press conference RECORDED: [location unknown], 1977-11-01 SUMMARY: TRACK 1: In a press conference, Premier Bill Bennett discusses the results of his meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau. The discussion touched on aspects of the national economy, the teaching of the French language, national unity, the constitution, and the five regions concept of Canadian federalism. 1 November 1977. [TRACK 2: blank.] CALL NUMBER: T1707:0092 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Interview with Gary Bannerman (part 1) RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-01-25 SUMMARY: TRACK 1 and 2: In a radio hot line program interview with Gary Bannerman on CKNW Vancouver, Premier Bill Bennett discusses northern development through the extension of the BC Railway, government plans to stimulate the economy, and the employment situation in BC. 25 January 1978. CALL NUMBER: T1707:0093 SUPPLIED TITLE OF TAPE(S): Bill Bennett: Interview with Gary Bannerman (part 2) RECORDED: [location unknown], 1978-01-25 SUMMARY: TRACK 1 & 2: In a radio hot line program interview with Gary Bannerman on CKNW Vancouver, Premier Bill Bennett answers questions from listeners across the province. He discusses liquor legislation, the distribution of government information, the role of government, and various government services. 25 January 1978.

Cornelius Kelleher interview

The item is a recorded interview with Mr. Cornelius "Corny" Kelleher. Tape 1: Kelleher recalls his father, Mortimer Kelleher, Mortimer's early days in British Columbia, and his settlement in Mission City in 1868. He speaks about the mills in Mission City; the Oblates of Mary Immaculate Mission [OMI] settlement of the mission in 1862; First Nations people at the mission; construction and location of the mission buildings; the Sisters of St. Ann convent; his father's work for the mission; the Kelleher family farm; Passmore family; other settlers in the Mission area; childhood at Mission school, surveying for the CPR in 1882; clearing and construction for the CPR; first passenger trains in 1886; steamboats.

Tape 2: Mr. Kelleher discusses steamboat service; construction and maintenance of the dikes at Matsqui Prairie; Matsqui Land Company; the Maclure family; early settlers in Matsqui; the Purver family, discusses farming incidents; naming Abbotsford; CPR link to the U.S.; Huntington; Mission City; roads, railways; [period of silence on tape]; remittance men; Bellevue Hotel, Matsqui Hotel; railway bridge; shipping fish; sturgeon fishing; First Nations methods of fishing.

Tape 3: Mr. Kelleher continues with his recollections of fishing on the Fraser River; salmon fishing; Indigenous place names; other place names; Joe DeRoche; childhood adventures; First Nations stories about ;Hatzic Island; First Nations hunting methods and doctors; Sam McDonald and Frank Wade, Maclure, "Supple Jack" from the Matsqui reserve; Mount Baker; Jim Trethewey and family; ;saw and grist mills; description of the O.M.I. Mission; early settlers; subdivision of lots in Mission City; Riverside; C.B. Sword.;

Tape 4: Mr. Kelleher talks about Mr. Barnes, Mr. Sword, the Matsqui dike and other incidents.